Table of Contents (Volume 08, Number 02) (Download in PDF )

Influence of Voltage in Electrodialysis Process on Treatment of Copper, Lead and Nickel Containing Solutions
Ersin Aytaç and Süreyya Altin

Critical Review of the Classial Techniques for Repair and Strengthening of Reinforced Concrete Beam-column Framed Structures
Mohamed Chemrouk

Geological and Mineralogical Properties of Coal-Bearing Neogene Sedimentary Units Between Karahalli (UŞAK) and Çivril Towns (DENIZLI), Western Turkey
Tülay Altay, Ali Korkmaz, Fuzuli Yağmurlu, Murat Şentürk and Abdurrahman Murat

Effect of Shaking Table at the Removal of Clay Minerals from Low-grade Colemanite Concentrate
Sibel Bada and Zehra Ebru Sayin

Bentonite Doped Khorasan Mortar
C. Betul Emrullahoglu Abi and Erdinc Abi

Durability of Hydraulic Structures Exposed to Ground Water
Kadhim Naief Kadhim and Noor Sabah Abbas

Case Study: Performance Evaluation of Airfoil RAF-48
Nagy Mohamed Hussein

Identification of Dynamics of Electric Power Transmission System of Underwater Vehicle
Jerzy Garus and Bogdan Zak

Analysis on the Establishment status of the National Research Facilities and Equipment in Korea: Focusing on ZEUS Online System
Woohyun Kim and Lee Eun Ju

Law Enforcement Technology Integration: A Case Study in Perceptions of Police Body-Worn Cameras in New Jersey
Brian P. Kelly

Adding a Graphical user Interface in Java to an Interpreter program for a Programming Language
Octavian Nicolio

Self-Warning Method and Evacuation Plan to Escape from Post-fire Debris Flows
Ping Xu

Agrilink: An On-Line Marketplace System for Farmers and Consumers
Joey M. Suba

Remediation of Hard Water Metal Ions in Drinking Waters by POA Pratensis, Kentucky Bluegrass
Peter R. Pascucci

Association Between Micro Albuminuria and Hypertension in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
Ali Mohammed Fadhil and Abdulhamed al-Qaseer

Effect of Catalyst on Claisen Rearrangement of 2-Allyloxy 3-Methyl Acetophenone and Photo Physical Properties of Rearranged Products
P. Mangaveni and Y.L.N. Murthy

Hiding Patient Information into Magnetic Resonance Images Using DNA Based Wavelet Transform
Rukiye Karakis, Kali Gurkahraman, Burhanettin Cigdem, Ibrahim Oztoprak and A. Suat Topaktas

Experimental Investigation on an Automobile Radiator with Copper Oxide (CuO) based Nanofluid as Coolant
M.B. Maisuria, F. Bodiwala, M. K. Rathod and M.K. Bhatt

Graduating Pre-service Teachers' use of Learner-centered Instructional Approaches During Their Final Teaching Practicum
Ronald L. Brown

Estimaciones apriorísticas aplicadas a la solución ecuaciones elípticas de mediante el método del elemento finito
Víctor Hugo Jacobo Armendáriz, Armando Ortiz Prado, Beatriz Dolores Guardian Soto and Abel Camacho Galván

Evaluation of the Citadel of Oran After the Earthquake of 1790
Zatir Amira and Foufa Amina

Voices from the Field of Aboriginal Special Education in Canada - 2005
Ron Phillips

Determination of Annual Dose Rates Associated with Natural Radioactivity in Afyonkarahİsar
Ayla Gümüş and Hüseyin Ali Yalim

A Note on Almost Alpha Kenmotsu Manifolds
Hakan Öztürk, Sermin Öztürk and S.K. Yadav

Is Existence a Predicate?: Abū NASR AL-Fārābī on Predicate and Necessary Being
Mashhad Al-Allaf

Investigation of the Experimental Characterization of the different inorganic Light Emitting diodes (LEDS) and the Photovoltaic effect on these LEDs
K. Remidi, A. Cheknane and M. Haddadi

Creatively and Innovatively Planning, Implementing, and Evaluating Teaching and Learning for Academic Success for All Students
Lynne M. Celli and Nicholas D. Young

N*C* -Smarandache Curves of Involute-Evolute Curves According to Frenet Frame In R13
Özgür Boyacioğlu Kalkan, Hakan Öztürk and Damla Zeybek

WWW: What e-Wastes Worth
Afolabi Olaitan O.

A Practical Framework for Implementing E-Commerce in Smes in Developing Countries: A Case from Bangladesh
Shakir Karim, Ergun Gide and Raj Sandu

The Journey to People the Planet: Following Continental Coasts
Barry Wood

Consumer Protection of Phishing Scam in Cyber Jurisdiction
Edy Santoso and Sukendar

Efficacy of Edible Composite Film Coating on the Storage Quality of Dried NATA DE COCO
Sirilak Namwong and Jiraporn Nuwongsri

Complications of Late Pregnancy
Rute Tavares, Maria João Nascimento, Cláudia Rodrigues, Humberto Tomé, Cristina Albuquerque and Carlos Albuquerque