Table of Contents (Volume 03, Number 03) (Download in PDF )

Tourists’ Knowledge and Perceptions Toward Food Safety in Chiang Mai, Thailand
Thanchanok Khamkaew, Lihsien Chien and Siwarat Kuson

Impact of the Economic Crisis on Employment
Katarína Štofková, Ivan Stríček and Jana Štofková

The Diffusion of Activity-Based Costing (ABC) in the Institutions of Higher Education (IHE): A Note from Malaysia
Jamalludin Helmi Hashim

Innovative Mixed-Residential Waterfront Development Proposals for Sustainable Livelihood in Urban Kuantan, Malaysia
Aida Kesuma Azmin and Tahirah Zahirah Azman

Paradigm Evolution: The Nurse Experts Analyses of the Needs and Issues of Advanced Clinical Nursing Practice
Marica G. Estrada and Crestita B. Tan

The Foundation of Knowledge Management: A Review from Conventional and Islamic Perspectives
Muhamadul Bakir Yaakub and Khatijah Othman

The Hittite Contribution to the Formation of the Current Anatolian Cultural Mosaic with its Multiple Facets
Özlem Sir Gavaz

Pollution of Social Opposition: “Chapulling” Coined by Turkish Media as a Scapegoat within the Scope of Istanbul Gezi Occupy
Hüseyin Köse and Ömer Alanka

Uses and Gratification from the Perspective of the Aborigines
Muhamad Sham Shahkat Ali

The Detention of the Argentinian Frigate ara Libertad and the Order of the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea
Murat Malkoçoğlu

Domestic Response to Terrorism in Nigeria
Oketokun Olalekan, Babalola B. T. A. and Salako M. A.

How Can We Determine Our Ethical Values? – The Universality and the Particularity Dilemma
Ferit Uslu

Comparative Study in a Stress Management Training Project, Which Aimed to Promote the Mental Health of Public Health Volunteers: Wang Thong District, Pitsanulok
Aurapin Phianrungrueang, Sudarut Poomsalut, Tawatchai Satayasomboon,

Caricature as a Social Opposition Tool: Caricatures of Gezi Park
Tahsin Emre Firat

Influences on Voting Behaviour
Anahit Gharibyan

A Sacred Landscape: An Enquiry of the “CUBAS” From the South of Portugal
Luís Ferro

Buddhist Socialization in Heauy Nam Rin Community
Sanya Sasong

A Review of Turkey’s “New Metropolitan Municipality Law” in Terms of the Subsidiarity Principle
Nazlı Nalci Aribaş, Nazlı Selma Karatepe and Özgür Kilinç

A Critical Overview of the Principles and Characteristics of Islamic Literature
Lateef Onireti Ibraheem and Aliy Abdulwahid Adebisi

Antecedents and Consequences of Youths’ Psychological Immunity
Oraphin Choochom

Language Death: What are its Causes, Should We Care, and How Can it be Prevented?
Moshe Roth

The Mistress of Spices and Stories: Chitra Divakaruni and Feminist Narratology
Maninder Kapoor and Seema Singh

Fashion as a Non-Verbal Language: The Nigerian Experience
Kate Ndukauba

Current Perspectives on Integration of Internationally Educated Nurses into the Healthcare Workforce
Zubeida Ramji and Josephine Etowa

Rhythm or Rhythmic Incentive? An African Justification of a Common Responsive Musical Behaviour
Madimabe Geoff Mapaya

Theater as Representational Art: The Study of Akpmobe Masquerade of Idoma
Anyebe Ted

Animal Rights Extremism in the USA and UK
Marija Djoric

Us Intervention in Iran: The Overthrow of Mohammed Mossadegh, A Cold War Casualty
Michael R. Hall

Music in Igbo Culture: A Must Have for Social Relationship
Esimone Chinyere Celestina and Ojukwu Ebele Veronica

An Examination of the Replica Journey in Travel Literature
Rosalind Buckton-Tucker

Timeless London Through Pictures – Hogarth, Gillray and Bell
Paula Rama da Silva

Persuasion Strategies in Public Speech: Lexical Means and Stylistic Devices
Nataliya Karelina

Winter Tourism in Portugal - Encouraging Its Increase
Raul Ressano Garcia

Language Choice and use in Interactions Among Foreign Workers in Brunei Darussalam
Fatimah Awang Chuchu and James McLellan

Participated Social Intervention and the Promotion of Social Determinants of Health
Carminda Morais, Daniela Gomes and Miguel Ängelo Valério

A Study on the Urban Form of Erbil City (The Capital of Kurdistan Region) As an Example of Historical and Fast Growing City
Chwas A. Sabr

Factors Influencing Environmental Attitude to Environmentally Friendly Food Products in Thailand
Pornpirat Kantatasiri, Pensri Jaroenwanit and Rudolph Brown

Agrarianism in Romania: Political Evolution and Doctrine of Ploughmen’s Front (1933 - 1953)
Sorin Radu

A Pragmastylistic Analysis of Chinua Achebe’s Arrow of God
Akinkurolere Susan Olajoke

“The Merchant of Venice” by W. Shakespeare in Georgian Translations and Theatrical Performances
Tamar Gogoladze and Lela Khubuluri

International Politics and Trade in the East Asia: Dichotomy?
Jae-Dong Han and Murshed Chowdhury

Tackling Some Uncertainties of Communication as Academic Discipline in the Virtual Environment
Alina Tenescu

Forced Migration in Georgia and its Social and Demographic Consequences
Tamaz Zubiashvili

Expected Changes in the Post-Soviet Country’s Migration: Case of Georgia
Mirian Tukhashvili

Intergenerational Family Relationships Against the Background of Intensive Aging in Georgia
Mzia Shelia

Orientalism in the Modern Art of Ukraine
Alla Maslovska

Nude Genre in Japanese Art of the Late XIXth – First Half of the XXth Centuries
Svitlana Rybalko

Ukrainian Historic Genre Painting in the Late XIX Century: Quest of National Identity
Andrii Korniev

Architectural Design Practices in Nigeria: What Role for a Design Guide?
Evelyn L. A. Allu