Table of Contents (Volume 08, Number 01) (Download in PDF )

Animation as a Fictional World not only for Kids
Asadul Islam

Whistle Blowing-way to Curb Corruption in Balkan Eu Candidate Countries
Tanja Miloshevska and Oliver Bakreski

World Literatures in the Perspective of ‘Thinai’ (Poetic Mode)
P. Rajkumar

“Instagram Mothers” and Reality
Senem Gungor

The Examiner - Candidate Viva voce Discourse: A Study of Face Threatening Acts and Politeness Theory in a Bilingual Situation
Geraldine Ifesinachi Nnamdi-Eruchalu

Motivational Factors Leading to Academic Success: An Analysis Conducted on the Female Campus at PMU University in Khobar, Saudi Arabia
Diana-Adela Dinu and Siddiqua Aamir

The Effect of a Training Program for the Mothers of Children with Learning Disabilities to Modify their Behaviors
Nadia Tazi

Understanding the Socio-Cultural Context of Postpartum Nursing Care in Rural Kenya using a Critical Theory Lens
Janet Kemei and Josephine Etowa

Epigraphy in Arab Muslim Context: Practices and Contents
Mohamed Hirreche Baghdad

Attitudes toward Violence: Relationship between Age, Gender, and Aggression in a Turkish University Sample
H. Andac Demirtas-Madran

The Essence of Human Rights and Humanitarian Affairs Division of the Foreign Policy in Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Japan and Human Rights Violation Abroad
Machiko Sato

Scientific Modles and Representation of the Objects: A Critical Attempt to Examine the Trustfulness of Michael Weisberg’s Philosophical Account on Models
Mohamed Sayed Hassan

Learning from a Graphic Novel: A Psychoanalytic Analysis of Fun Home by Alison Bechdel
Uilani Dasalla and Leomanaolamaikalani Peleiholani-Blankenfeld

Fighting for Justice or Creating Chaos: An Analysis of V for Vendetta and Watchmen
Tynsl Kailimai and Ciarra-Lynn Parinas

The Night of’s Post 9/11 Reality
Senem Gungor

Second World War and Georgian Paradigms of the Soviet Intellectual Terror
Miranda Tkeshelashvili and Manana Shamilishvili

Impaired Verbality in Multimodal News Items
Marek Zasempa

Kinship Terminology in Civil Law: On the Material of German and Georgian Familiy Law, Matrimonial law and Inheritance Law
Nunu Kapanadze and Tamar Chakhnashvili

Psychological Adjustment among Pupils of Primary Schools in the City of Baghdad
Raghad Ibrahim and Mohammed Baqir

Meditations on Mercy and Forgiveness in Contemporary Philosophy and Art
Ewa Bobrowska

The Fauna Realm between Animal Fables and Quranic Narrations
Khalida Madoui

Gothic Horrors and the Double in Frankenstein
Kohil Mouna

New Aspect of the Relationship between War and Strategy: Strategic Narrative
Kivilcim Romya Bilgin

Frame-Breaking and God-Like Heroes Versus Society in Memed, My Hawk and the Iliad
Tülay Dağoğlu

Popupulation Education: A Necessary tool for the Survival of the Universal basic Education Programme in Nigeria
Rose Mba Ikyo

Against the Myth of the Self-Created Entrepreneur: A Study in Economic Anthropology
Sergio Lorenzo Sandoval Aragón

The Roles of Higher Institutions of Learning towards the Success of Knowledgetransfer Programme in Malaysia
P. Yukthamarani Permarupan, Roselina Ahmad Saufi and Riwan Ramli

Chains and Release through Memory in Alice Munro’s “Dimensions”
Robin Fetherston

Media Manipulation in the Mass Society and the Role of Critical Thinking
Marián Ambrozy and Dominika Sokolovská