Table of Contents (Volume 05, Number 05) (Download in PDF )

Using Identity as a Tool for Investigation: A Methodological Option in the Researcher’s Toolbox
Jenny Johnston

Optimising Reading Development in ESL Learners: Positive Outcomes of a South African Literacy Pilot Project
Annalene van Staden

Underprepared Students: How Best Can They Be Creatively Supported?
Mamolahluwa Mokoena and Ellen Materechera

The Relationship Between Learning Motivation and Innovative Behavior in the University Students: From the Perspective of Creative Self-Efficacy
Shih-Ching Shiu, Hsiu-O Chien and Shy-Yi Lin

The Application of Buddhism Art in General Education of University in Taiwan—Take Sanchi Stupa as Example
Hsiu-O Chien and Shih-Ching Shiu

Comparing Public Vocational Training Policies in Taiwan and Japan
Farn Shing Chen, Chia Yu Chuang and Hui Shin Chang

The Socratic Method of Teaching in a Multidisciplinary Educational Setting
Demetra Fr. Sorvatzioti

The Role of Peer Feedback, Teacher Written and Taped Commentary in Enhancing Revision and Improving Text Quality
Malika Haoucha

The American Study Abroad Industry in Italy
René M. Du Terroil and Michael D. Santonino III

Types, Techniques and Procedures of Assessment in the Teacher Training Degree in the European Higher Education Area
Rebeca Soler Costa and Javier Sarsa Garrido

Tendencies and Perspectives of Ideally Educated and Creative Individuals; Comparing Artistic and Scientific Thinking Processes
Kenneth R. Austin

Through the Looking Glass: The Power of Community Immersion Experiences for Student Leaning in One Bachelor of Arts Drama Program.
Tracey Sanders

Principal Candidates Use Wikis to Create Collaborative Technology Plans
Harvey R. Allen

Education, Assessment and the Construction of the New Swedish School System
Nils Vasara-Hammare, Eva Alerby and Krister Hertting

Strategic Competence in the L2 Classroom: An Introduction
Joseph Wood

The Ruins of Retention
C. S. Schreiner

The Transferability of Learning: Writing Strategies in an Omani EFL Context
Al-Bulushi Yasmin

Two-Four Group Educational Reserch Designs: Pretest-Posttest Interaction, Switching Replication and Treatment Effect
Maria Corazon S. Huelar

Using Computer-Based Programs for Teaching English Writing in Princess Alia University College in Jordan
Sereen Mousa Jubran

Unconventional Approach to Re-Qualify Existing Public Basic Schools in Developing Countries – Egypt: A Case Study
Soheir Mohamed Hegazy

Innovation and Creativity in Teaching Islamic Religious Knowledge (IRK) at Secondary Schools in Brunei Darussalam
Gamal Abdul Nasir Zakaria and Salwa Mahalle

Applying Constructivist Instruction Method to Basic Design Course
Sevinc Kurt

First-Time Graduate Enrollment: Feminine Gender Scenario at University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez
Carmen Figueroa, Betsy Morales and Anand D. Sharma

Occupational Stress and Job Satisfaction: A Case Study of Expatriate Lecturers of IIUM
Abdulai Kaba

The Relationship Between Approaches to Learning and Academic Achievement Among Kindergarten Students: An Analysis Using Early Childhood Longitudianl Study Kindergarten Students (ECLS-K)
Eunjin Lee

Reading for Pleasure: Effects of Using an Online Animated Book on Young ELLs’ Reading Proficiency
Tecnam Yoon

Integrating Electronic Instructional and Assessment Tools into Teacher Education Programs
Izabella Petriashvili

Financing Higher Education in Selected European Countries and Croatia
Vlado Leko, Alen Stojanovic and Danijel Mlinaric

Motivation Factors Influencing People to Further Their Education: A Survey Study of a Graduate Diploma Program in English in Bangkok, Thailand
Sucharat Rimkeeratikul

Understanding How Arts Integration Contribute to Disadvantaged Students’ Success: A Theoretical Framework
A. Helene Robinson

Reading in Malaysia: University Students’ Interaction with Print and Technology
Vivien Chee Pei Wei and Ambigapathy Pandian

Dilemma of Malaysian University Effeminate Students: An Assessment on Their Daily Psychosocial Struggles
Azlinda Azman and Jamalludin Sulaiman

Teaching American Compliment Responses to Thai Undergraduate Students
Lars Cedar

Teaching Business Writing Using Wiki: Online Collaborative Writing
S. H. Chan, A. Pandian, A. S. Joseph and A. H. Ghazali

Rich Video Lectures: The Teacher “Uncanned”
Javier Sarsa Garrido and Rebeca Soler Costa

The Efficacy of Electronic Peer Feedback: From Taiwanese EFL Students’ Perspectives
Mei-Ching Ho

Developing Competency of Pre-Service Teachers in doing Action Research: Outcome and Issues
Lew Moi Mooi and Munira Mohsin

False Image: Education in Canada and UNESCO
Ron Phillips

Roles of Educational Leaders in inducing Change in Public Schools: Al Ain as a Case Study
Ahmed Mohamed Mohamed Ibrahim and Ahmed A. Al-Mashhadany

Teaching Reading to Struggling Learners
Toh Chwee Hiang, Ambigapathy Pandian, Shaik Abdul Malik Mohamed Ismail, Kelana Ahmad and Azril Ali

Structure of Black Male Students’ Science Academic Performance
Barbara Rascoe and Catherine Lange

Universal Accessibility in the University Environment and its Perception by Students with Disabilities in Spain
Pilar Dotras, Daniel Guasch, Jordi Riera and Maria Alvarez

Music Teaching as Cultural Struggle: Implications for Music Education
Leonid Sprikut

Professionalizing the Humanities: Creating Meaningful Links Between Liberal and Technical Education
Gail Gibson Sheffield and Phillip A. Taylor III

Re-Conceptualizing English Language Teaching Teacher Education and Development in the Gulf Cooperation Council Countries: Addressing Transformations and Challenges
Ali Al-Issa

Students Perceptions of Accountability in Today’s Modern Classroom
Jennifer McLeod

The Effects of Personalized Instruction on the Academic Achievement of Students in Physics
Romiro G. Bautista

Teaching Jazz Improvisation via the Internet
Tracy Heavner

Going Virtual: Trials and Triumphs in Graduate Education
Amy S. Ackerman