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Assessing the Historian Michael Kritovoulus as a Historical Figure Through Analysis of Michael Kritovoulus’ History of Mehmed the Conqueror
Hunter Koski

There and Back Again: A Short History of Health Service Reform in England From 1909-2012
David Sturgeon

The Relationship Between Age and Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation in Workers in a Maltese Cultural Context
Gottfried Catania and Raymond Randall

The Relationship of “Tongue” to “Hand” in Shakespeare’s Five Roman Plays: Tracing the Author’s Evolving Views on Human Nature
Ann Dunn

A Heuristic Approach to Reminiscence: Using a Memory Tree Model to Access Childhood Memories. (Based on Accessing Memories of Childhood in Post-War Merseyside, England, UK)
Hayley Elizabeth Wilson

Coping Experiences When Caring for a Person with Severe Mental Illnesses: A Qualitative Study
Michelle Fenech and Josianne Scerri

Networks, Clusters and Innovation in Romanian Tourism
Valentin Toader, Marius Bota, Adina Negrusa, Marius Gavriletea and Mihaela Tutunea

Using Learning Strategy Instruction to Promote English Language Students’ Academic Success
Ronald L. Brown

Cultural “Pogroms” and Vanished Communities: The Modern Exodus in Selected Jewish-Egyptian Memoirs
Sonia Farid

Does Offshoring Affect Enrollment in Science and Engineering Programs in the United States?
Emilia Barbu

Education, Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurial Activation: A Challenge for All
Athina A. Sipitanou and George D. Papagiannis

Humanistic Vision of Man: Hope for Success, Emotional Intelligence and Pro-Social Engagement
Anna Horodecka and Katarzyna Martowska

Oh Brother, What Art Thou? Beauty versus Cruelty in Cain and Abel
Christopher R. Marshall

The Power of One – The Role of ‘Workplace Coaching’ in Engaging Salient Stakeholders in Yalumba’s ‘Commitment to Sustainable Winemaking’ Programme
Cecil Stephen Camilleri

Credit Market Imperfection, Income Inequality, and Individual Happiness
George Vachadze

Adolescent’s Concept of a Personal Future: A Criteria for the Differentiation of Developmental and Pathological Anxiety
Helen Kurtz

Evaluating Residents’ Housing and Neighbourhood Preferences in Nigeria: Providing a Feedback for Public Housing Delivery
A. D. Jiboye and S. S. Omoniyi

The Metaphysics of Nature in 17th Century Chemistry, or, Explaining and Explaining Away the Occult
Thomas Sukopp

Transposing Information theory on the Calcutta Chromosome: A Critique of Ghosh’s Transhuman Futurological Vision
Sarbani Sen Vengadasalam

The Interdependence Between Globalisation, the Knowledge-Based Economy and the Information Society at the XXI Century in European Area
Agnieszka Rzepka

Wave of Revolution in North Africa: Can It Spread to Nigeria?
Cornelius Ofobuisi Okorie

The Impact of Financial Leadership on the Succes of Smes in the Management of Crisis
Stefan Trappl, Robert Pichler and Karl Zehetner

Official Corruption and Poverty Reduction in Nigeria: A Critical Assessment (2003-2010)
Rose Nkechi Nwankwo

Communication and Emotions – Emotional Expressiveness or Emotional Restraint?
Longina Strumska-Cylwik

How do Gods Interfere in Your Behavior?
Marisa Vaz, Joaquim Coimbra and Gabriel Maria Sala

Is Mutual Violent Combat (MVC) a Gender Neutral Conceptualization of Intimate Partner Violence?
Chiquita D. Howard-Bostic

Emotional Intelligence and Demographic Profile Variables as Predictors of Job Performance Among Bank Managers in the Middle East
Rommel Pilapil Sergio and Evelyn Ramos Marcano

A Causal Model of Ethical Business Practices and Firm Competitiveness of Small and Medium Enterprises in Thailand
Sakda Siriphattrasophon and Sintawee Piriyatanarak

Questioning the Effects of Dynamics that Influence Social Awareness of the Status of Women in Turkey
Seher Cesur-Kiliçaslan and Toprak Isik (Erdal Kiliçaslan)

The Association Between Time Spent in Daycare and Preschool Attachment to Fathers and Mothers: An Exploration of Disorganization
Jeffry Quan, Jean-François Bureau, Kim Yurkowski, Ellen Moss and Dominique Pallanca

Arabesques: An Arabic Tale in Hebrew Letters Posing a Challenge for a Dialogue and Mutual Recognition in Honor of Peace
Ibrahim A. El-Hussari

Metaphors and the Construction of a Hallucinatory Realistic Story World: A Case Study of Mo Yan’s Autumn Water and Its Translation
Zhuang Yingyi

Composer Perspectives on Creating Educational Music for Winds
B. W. Andrews and M. Giesbrecht

Virtual Organization: A Strategic Management Option for Business in Developing Countries
Solomon Nyaanga, Chris Ehiobuche and Kwaku Ampadu-Nyarkoh

Healthcare and Culture Clash: The Case of Caribbean Female Immigrants in the United States
Gloria M. Davy and Chris Ehiobuche

How Well Do Project Management Reports Reduce Risks? a Comparison Between the World Bank and Government of Malaysia Project Management Reporting in the Educational Sector Support Project (ESSP)
Sulaiman Aris

BMW and Brazilian Federal Government: Enhancing the Automotive Industry Regulatory Environment
Rodrigo Navarro, Murillo Dias and André Valle

A Need to Motivate Hotels in Innovative Water Management
Azilah Kasim, Hisham Dzakiria, Dogan Gursoy and Fevzi Okumus

A Structural Equation Modelling Development of Relationship Marketing Orientation and Business Strategies Affecting Banking Performance Effectiveness
Jedsada Wongsansukcharoen, Jirasek Trimetsoontorn and Wanno Fongsuwan

Zeolite Adsorbents of Selected Diesel Types
Malgorzata Franus, Lidia Bandura, Rafal Panek, Agnieszka Woszuk and Magdalena Wdowin

Compassion Fatigue in Family Members of Individuals with Addictions: A Path to Renewed Meaning
Mary J. Didelot and Lisa A. Hollingsworth

Management and Programs of Intellectual Property Rights for Small Medium Enterprises in Indonesia
Selvie Sinaga

A Phenomenological Study of Non-Muslim Nurses Experiences of Caring for Muslim Patients in Saudi Arabia
D. Alosaimi, S. Dyson and D. Anthony

Kierkegaard’s Concept of Neighbor Love as a Paradigm for an Emancipation of Caste System in India Today: A Christian Response
Arulanandam Kabiriyal

Francisco Nieva and Paris
Komla Aggor

Writing and the Rhetorical Insufficiency of the Word: Juan Manuel De Prada’s El Silencio Del Patinador
Yaw Agawu-Kakraba

Flight of the Tiki
Judy Robinson

Fashion as a Cultural Sign of Change – A Study of Wilkie Collins’ the Woman in White and Gail Carriger’s Soulless and Changeless
Aleksandra Tryniecka

The Representation of Women on TV News
Gulcin Ipek Emeksiz

The State of American Public Education
Jean Richard Severin

Recruitment Strategy and Employee Retention in Indian Banking and Insurance Sector
Swati Vispute

How Agricultural Value Chain Development Can Empower Women in Developing Countries: Evidence From Nigeria and the Philippines
Murtala S. Sagagi and John Octavious S. Palina

Bioventure Growth and Interorganizational Relationships
Fumihiko Isada and Yuriko Isada

Spiritual Leadership: Investigating the Effects of Altruistic Love on Organizational Commitment
G. Wade Zachary