Table of Contents (Volume 01, Number 03) (Download in PDF )

Tax Burden on Mobile Phone and Internet Usage: Turkey Sample
Hatice Yurtsever

The Effects of Self-Esteem and Locus of Control on Work Productivity
Teuta Zogaj and Toni Didona

HRM in Public Administration: Effects of the Public Administration Reform in the Republic of Macedonia
Jadranka Denkova and Margarita Matlieva

A Research on Lobbying and Methods and Techniques Used by Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Kemal Kiliçdaroğlu Throughout 2011 Turkey General Elections
Yeşim Güçdemir and Esra Demir

Rural Eco Museums: Sustainable Tourism Development
P. Miryousefi

Financial Performance Analysis of Al Rajhi Bank, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Vijayesh Kumar

Municipal Bonds in Serbia
Ana Miladinovic

Competency Factors and Related Experience Indicators for ERP Functional Consultants in India
J. Jagatheesh Jayanand and Muthusami Senthil

Is Konya Ready for Branding?
Nur Gorkemli

Warranty Certificates in the Field of European Union and Turkish Law
Ahmet Alpaslan Göçer and Alper Uyumaz

A Study on Stress Coping Methods Applied by Department Managers of Hotels
Murat Kizanlikli and Burhan Şener

Credit Risk Management in Commercial Banks in Kosovo
Jehona Shkodra, Hysen Ismajli, Visar Beqiri and Drini Salko

Creating First-Class Services
N. Fukushima

Analysis of Factors Affecting the Economic Growth in Albania
Eleni Vangjeli and Pmarinela Teneqexhi

Theory of Planned Behavior, Economic Value, Trust and Perceived Risk in E-commerce: An Integrated Model
Afshan Azam and Fu Qiang

Designing Products for Bottom Billion: Approach and Consideration
Amir Yazid Ali

The Relationship Between the Share of Renewables, Electricity Prices and GDP in the Czech Republic
Vladimír Hajko

Welfare Effects of Turkey Complying with European Union Wheat Common Market Organization
Hasan Arsoy

Profit and Loss Account or Comprehensive Income Statement: Which is the Best?
Ionel Jianu, Iulia Jianu and Ionela Gusatu

Organizational Cynicism and Organizational Trust: The Case of Süleyman Demirel University
Şerife Durmaz, E. Türkan Arslan and Esra Sincer

Directly Insolvency Procedures in Turkish Law
Aziz Serkan Arslan

An Empirical Analysis on Customer Retention in the Indian Banking Industry
Sandeep Kumar

A Study of Agrarian-Distress in a Drought-Prone Region
Vinayak B. Bhise and Shivaji S. Ambhore

Emerging Markets of Sub Saharan Region: A Validating Study of Entry Modes
Chris Ehiobuche and Lawrence Froelich

Saving Mobilization and Its Impact on Economic Growth: A Case Study on Bangladesh
Mohammad Mafizur Rahman and Mohammad Taslim Uddin

Innovation: Imperative for an Enhanced Process of Small and Medium -- scale Construction Enterprise Management, Economic Growth and Development in Emerging Economies
Napoleon Y. D. Kurantin

Synthesis and Accumulation Knowledge From Happy Workplace Management
Sirinthorn Sinjindawong, Kwanmuang Kaeodumkoeng and Pattrawadee Makmee

Renaissance in Perspectives of Total Quality Manegement and Quality Control Tools
Chris Ehiobuche and Solomon Nyaanga

An Application of Kite Model for National Development Strategy: The Case of India
Yu-Jen Chung and Hsiao-Fong Chung

The Joint Venture in Mexico
Rogelio Rivera and Lizette Rivera

The Key Success Determinants of MNEs for Foreign Direct Investment
Yu-Jen Chung and Lee-Fong Chung

Critical Analysis of Service Quality Gaps from Customer Perspective in the Emerging Market of Indian Fashion Retailing
Oindrila Chakraborty

Individual Perception of Job Performance Based on Coworker Interaction
Jr. Carlos Jimenez

Cross-Cultural Management of a Multinational Enterprise: A Case Study of Thailand and Vietnam
Sakda Siriphattrasophon

Competitiveness: Top Five Nations Last Decade and Next Decade
Mark Kam-Loon Loo

Visual and Verbal Rhetoric in Advertising: Impact on Emotions and Attitudes
Nabil Mzoughi and Samar Abdelhak

The Economic-Political Relations of Post-Soviet Russia in Eurasia Region
Ercan Sancak and Nurettin Can

How to Improve Customer Retention Ratio of Japanese Mobile Phone Market
Yosikazu Sakamaki

Entrepreneurial Attitudes in Post Communist Countries (Case of Georgia)
Ia Natsvlishvili

Impact of Economic Determinants on the Production of New Works of Art Music
Stefanija Leshkova-Zelenkovska and Aida Islam

Financial Markets and Economic Growth
Farshid Namamian and Seyed Dadvash Hashemi

The Roles of Employee Learning, Employee Creativity on Job Satisfaction: Evidence from the Airline Industry
Chanin Yoopetch

Risk Management of Business in Dynamic Environment
Desti Kannaiah

Media Usage of Five Star Hotels in Advertisement Activities
Safak Unuvar

Two Case Studies on How to Deal Effectively with Fixed Plus Variable Costs Contracts
Murillo de Oliveira Dias

The Improvement of Retail Banking in Participation Banks in Turkey and a Participation Bank Application
Mete Sezgin and Ali Semih Aladağ

The Effect of Executive Role on Total Quality Management and Successful Logistics Management on Organization Effectiveness in the Thai Manufacturing Industry
Supapong Pinveha and Prapaporn Chubsuwan

The Effects of Internet Banking Satisfaction, Trust and Switching Cost on Behavioral Intentions
Faruk Anl Konuk and Filiz Konuk

Economic Integration in the GCC: A Long Run Perspective
Ikhlaas Gurrib