Table of Contents (Volume 02, Number 01) (Download in PDF )

Behavioral Finance and Financial Decision: A Case Study in Turkey
Mercan Hatipoglu and Nurullah Uckun

Efficiency of Melon Market in Aba Area of Abia State, Nigeria: Implications for Poverty Reduction
Obasi Igwe and Oscarand Okoronkwo

Tax Planning of Large Enterprises in Chiang Mai, Thailand
Patcharin Saramath

Land Use Change and the Economic Value of Water Quality
Daniel Ngugi, Jeff Mullen and John Bergstrom

Learning in Community: A Case of Successful Community Enterprise in the Northeast of Thailand
Usa Sutthisakorn

Perspective of Executives Toward Dividend Policies of Thai Listed Companies
Kulkanya Napompech

The Spatial Aspects of Optimal Goods Technology Production
Yuri Stadnicki, Viktoriya Voytsekhovska and Anastasiya Symak

Turkish Female and Male Consumers’ Shopping Attitudes and Behaviors
Serra Inci Çelebi

Problems Faced by Entrepreneurs When Borrowing From the Financial Institutions: A Regional Resarch in Turkey
Mikail Altan and Ali Antepli

Determination Criteria Which Are Affecting Real Estate Value by the Survey Methodology
Asli Bozdag, Sukran Yalpir and Saban Inam

A Review of Bankruptcy Prediction Models and Bankruptcy Prediction Studies in Turkey
Ali Akgün

Kazakhstan: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in Practice
Bakhytnur Otarbayeva

Evaluation of the Notation Languages Used for Business Process Modeling
Cristina Venera Geambaşu

The Effect of External Borrowing on Economic Growth: The Case of Turkey
I. Erem Şahin, Mehmet Mucuk and Aydan Yüceler

Sample Company Practices in the Context of Marketing Trends
Esen Sahin, Aydan Yüceler and Ibrahim Erem Şahin

Local Content Policy and the Wto Rules of Traderelated Investment Measures (Trims): The Pros and Cons
Rabiu Ado

Critical Success Factors for a Customer Relationship Management Strategy
Mahmut Tekin and Muammer Zerenler

Features of Russian Retail Market
Tatiana Mironova

Assessment of Net Inflows of Foreign Direct Investments in Saudi Arabia
Said Malki

Investigating the Performance of Agricultural Production Cooperatives in Iran
Sevil Hatamifard

Prophetic Leadership and Financial Decision Making Quality: Partial Least Square (PLS) Path Modeling Analysis
Nik Maheran Nik Muhammad and Shahram Akbarzadeh

Does Financial Globalization Promote Economic Growth for Developing Countries: Case of Albania as an Economy in Transition
Pranvera Resulaj

Innovation Management in the Construction Supply Chain
Anna Sobotka, Danie Wałach and Agata Czarnigowska

Role of Qualitative Research Methodology in Radical Researches
Vinay Sharma, Rajat Agrawal, Ritika Mahajan and Anita Sengar

The Relationship Between Perceived Values, Trust, Satisfaction and Loyalty of Mobile Commerce Customers in Thailand
Supapong Pinveha

Securities Regulation Laws – Their Aims and How to Achieve Them
Paul Latimer

Progressive Interpretation of Changing Issues in Transport Planning
Ylber Limani and Bujar Piraj

Money Laundering and Abuse of the Financial System
Hasmet Sarigul

Intellectual Capital: A Synthesis of Current Research with Special Reference to Islamic Banking and Finance
Tasawar Nawaz and Teresa Goj

Review of Consumers’ Preference for Private Label Brands and Empirical Methods in Food Marketing Research
Yating Tian

Globalization and Higher Education in Japan: Developing Global Human Resources
Toshifumi Nagamatsu

What Determines the Working Capital Size of Thai Small Construction Firms?
Kulkanya Napompech

Human-Centric Innovation of Private Cloud Services in Knowledge-Intensive Organizations
Peter Géczy, Noriaki Izumi and Kôiti Hasida

Problematic Issues Associated with Improving the Efficiency of the Public Sector in the Uk: The Client’s Perspective
Aseel Al Khalaf

Gender Stereotypes in Teaching Materials for Future Entrepreneurs
Maja Kolega, Iva Jandric and Ozana Ramljak

Economic Growth Vs Economic Efficiency – Net Investments in Romania
Nicolae Moroianu and Daniel Belingher

The Need for an Extended Marketing Mix: A Game Ranching Example
Marlé van Eyk and Laetitia Radder

A Research for the Opinions of Consumers About Design Adequacy of Children Clothing Designs
Nilay Ertürk, Esra Varol and Duygu Özgül Dursun

The Correlation Mechanism of Interactive Development in the Mice and Gaming Industry: The Perspective of Stakeholders
Aliana Leong Man Wai and Jacky Li Xi

Small and Mediun Enterprises Owner-Managers/Entrepreneurs and Their Risk Perception in Songkhla Province, Thailand
Patraporn Kaewkhanitarak and Weerawan Marangkun

Future-, Outside- and Inside-Focused Development Paths
Zoltán Bartha and Andrea S. Gubik

Attractiveness Factors of Different Cities and Towns of Latvia
Viktorija Zaluksne and Baiba Rivza

Applying Lean Management to Improve Productivity
Mikko Mäntyneva

Impact of Financial Reforms on Efficiency and Productivity of Private-Owned, State-Owned and Foreign-Owned Banks in Yemen
Mohammed Ali Maram and Bany Ariffin Nordin

The Role of the Securitization in Economic Crisis of 2008: Overview on Turkey
Ayşe Durgun, Burcu Aslantaş Ateş and Serpil Senal

The Reasons of Mobbing Among Nurses
Aygen Oksay, Kamuran Cerit and Ilker H. Çarikçi

Gender Differences in Impulse Buying
Didar Büyüker Işler and Gaye Atilla

Public Expenditures and Economic Growth in Turkey: 1960-2011
Adil Oğuzhan and Ayhan Gençler

The Impact of the Global Economic Crisis on the Human Resources in the Banking Sector: The Case of Romania
Mihaela Tălpău

Utilization of Strategic Management Methods in Slovakia in the Service Sector
Katarína Štofková and Zuzana Štofková

The Relationship Between Intellectual Capital and Innovation: A Review
Mohammad Rahmani Karchegani, Saudah Sofian and Salmiah Mohd Amin

Job Design in Software Sector – an Empirical Analysis
S. Saraswathi