CD-ROM ISSN: 1944-6934

The International Journal of Arts & Sciences (IJAS) is America’s pre-eminent multidisciplinary publication, requiring an awareness of relevant outstanding problems and ongoing activities outside of one’s comfort zone. In 2008, IJAS switched from hardcopy issues to CD-ROM and online formats that have made this journal a truly global forum for the advancement of multidisciplinary research. Like all journals listed below, it provides refereed sources of information.


CD-ROM ISSN: 2165-6266

The Journal of Teaching and Education (JTE) explores themes in e-learning, higher education, lifelong learning, and teaching by bringing together national and international experts from a range of clinical and research disciplines together with policy makers in education. The journal seeks bold articles dealing with pressing problems ranging from higher tuition rates to budgetary threats to unionization of faculty, as well as other issues in the highly evolving field of education.


CD-ROM ISSN: 2165-6282

The Academic Journal of Science (AJS) publishes original contributions on all aspects of science from the academic perspective. It includes papers in physical and life sciences, engineering, technology, mathematics, health and medicine.


CD-ROM ISSN: 2165-6258

The Humanities and Social Sciences Review (HSSR) offers a link between academics who seek to publish peer reviewed articles for the study of human experience, thought and action – from psychology, sociology, and anthropology, to religion, sports, world history, and literature. The review keeps readers up-to-date with innovative solutions and new findings.


CD-ROM ISSN: 2156-6992

The International Journal of Multidisciplinary Thought (IJMT) is reknowned for its commitment to the exploration of new ideas and themes in scientific research. It introduces readers to the latest concepts espoused by academic researchers. The journal is ideal for doctoral program administrators who would like to introduce their graduate students to current viewpoints worthy of further exploration, filtering and analyses through doctoral theses.


CD-ROM ISSN: 2158-1479

The International Journal of Business and Management Studies (IJBMS) is a multi-functional and multi-contextual journal that offers a broad range of topics in economics and business while welcoming insights from other functions such as law, public policy and information technology in a dynamic marketplace. It welcomes the latest research from all over the world with special preference given to insights from leading edge business-oriented countries. The purpose is to introduce to the journalís readers, especially its main readership base in American academia, the latest international developments relatively free of specialist jargon. IJBMS is a unique meeting place where academics with a practical bent seek to improve the human condition by matching their insights to the business reality around them.