Table of Contents (Volume 06, Number 01) (Download in PDF )

Using Wiksi in Teacher Education: Pedagogical Implications for Collaborative Learning and Writing
Said Hadjerrouit

Virtual Ambient for E-Learning in Engineering Sciences<
Veljko Potkonjak, Kosta Jovanović, Vladimir M. Petrović, Owen Holland and James Uhomoibhi

Understanding and Using English Phrasal Verbs
Farida Abderrahim

Principals’ Decision-Making in an Online Professional Learning Community
Stephanie Chitpin

Stakeholders in Disaster Management and Subsequent Long-Term Development. What are the Stakes? Who are the Holders? Pipers, Tunes and Power Analysis
Keith Akiva Lehrer

Organizational Silence and Knowledge Sharing
Narges Hasanmoradi

Inventory Classification Using with ABC Analysis for a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
Serap Akcan

A Study of the Effect of 8-Week Aerobic and Anaerobic Training on a Number of Cardiovascular Risk Factors of Male Students of Shahid Chamran University
Iraj Ahmadi and Hadis Ghajari

Efficiency and Stock Market Performance of Islamic Banks in GCC Countries
Samir Srairi and Imen Kouki

Effect of Cooling Regimes on Compressive Strength of Concrete with Lightweight Aggregate
Mehmet Burhan Karakoç

Development of the Electronic Book on Principles and Technique of Wound Care and Learning Outcomes in Boromarajonnani College of Nursing, Ratchaburi (BCNR),Thailand
Orapin Swangwatanasade, Wanee Srivilai and Kanchana Lersthavorntham

Health Behavior and Health Status of Nursing Students in Boromarajonnani College of Nursing, Ratchaburi, Thailand
Jarintron Sompoo

The Possible Rivalry Between Technical Skills and Creativity
Bruce Edward Watson

Ideology and Conceptual Metaphor
Bahman Shahri

The Correlation Between Household Socioeconomics and a Self-Sufficiency Economy of Rural Community’s Households in Northeastern, Thailand
Mongkon Donkwa

The Tourists’ Perceptions Toward Service Performance and Economic Effects of Agro Tourism in Northeastern Thailand
Kwunkamol Donkwa and Natcha Limpasirisuwan

The Relationship Between High-K Calcalkaline and Shoshonitic Volcanic Rocks in the Sinop Area, Central Pontides, Turkey
Kürşad Asan, Hüseyin Kurt, Don Francis and Ganerød Morgan

The Dredging of Wetlands and its Impact on Tourism Development
Mana Khoshkam and Azizan Marzuki

Comparison of Tax Basis, Saling-Buying and Market Values in Real Estate Valuation, Example of Konya
Sukran Yalpir and Asli Bozdag

Hydro-Volcanic Structures and Their Hydrogeological Features, Karapinar, Konya, Turkey
Ali Ferat Bayram

Privacy Concern and Privacy Protection Behavior in Online Environment: Based on Privacy Paradox Perspective
Jongki Kim and Sanghee Kim

Selectable Associations and Operations
Turan Şahin

Representation of the 100 ThAnniversary of International Women’s Day on Turkish Newspapers
Gözde Yirmibeşoğlu

Actus Reus
Murat Aydin

Actions for Protection of Personality
Mehmet Akçaal and Alper Uyumaz

Website of the University: A Face or a Mask?
Anzhela V. Dolzhikova and Anna S. Yepifantseva

The Use of Mass and Social Media to Advocate for Persons with Cerebral Palsy: Narratives from the Philippines
Diana R. Agbayani

Eu Membership and the Impact on the Image and Attractiveness on Tourism Destinations
Jorge Umbelino, Éricka Amorim, José Miguel Rodríguez Anton,
Maria de la Soledad Celemín Pedroche and Sotiroula Liasidou

The Duties of Turkish Capital Markets Board
Mucahit Unal, Ibrahim Ercan and S. Serhat Kirtiloglu

The Significance of Digital Health Care Organizations in the Knowledge-Based Society
Mustafa Tahir Demirsel, Adem Öğüt and Mehmet Mucuk

Alternative Tourism Activities and Opportunities in Turkey
Ovunc Ozkan

A Comparative Study of Visual Graphic on Japanese Matchbox Labels: Focusing on Techniques and Expression
Chitchai Kuandachakupt

Alternative Dispute Settlement Methods in Terms of the Freedom to Seek Legal Remedies
S. Serhat Kirtiloglu, Recep Akcan and Mucahit Unal

Land Using Efficiency and Poverty in the Republic of Armenia
Hovhannes Harutyunyan

The Effects of Participation in Study-Abroad and International Service-Learning Opportunities on the Personal and Professional Lives of College Students
Therese Wehman and Michael Savage

Comparison Between the Online Homework and Pencil-Paper Based Homework in Teaching of Matehematics, a Case Study
Jaishree Malhotra and Mahmoud Syam

Postcolonialism and Achebe’s Anthills of the Savannah
Fatma Kalpakli

MNC as Network Organization: Conceptual Framework
Marcin Komańda

Causes of Faltering in Construction Projects
Mamdouh Mohamed and Mamdouh Alresheidat

Cognitive Factors of Ethnic Tension
Ksenia A. Shkvarilo and Natalia Yu. Protopopova

Analysis Performance of a Web Server Using Query Cache
Eljona Proko and Ilia Ninka

A Change in Perception – Addressing Revisions to Teaching Approaches Within a Graphic Design Setting at a University of Technology
K. Chmela-Jones

The Roles and Operation Problems of Irrigation Cooperatives in Turkey Irrigation Management: A Konya Case Study
Nizamettin Çiftçi, Nurcan Çivicioğlu and Duran Yavuz

The New Migration Movements in Turkish Cinema
Özlem Özgür

The Recommandations on Improvement of Utilizing Center Pivot Irrigation Systems in Turkey
Nurcan Çivicioğlu, Nizamettin Çiftçi, Sinan Süheri and Duran Yavuz

Teaching Tomorrow – Today: Integration Teachinglearning -Research Through Ict with Management and Corporate Relations
Ruizan Mekvabidze

Commodity Derivative Market in India – Potentials, Challenges and Reforms
Bedanta Bora, Anindita Adhikary (Bora) and Ajeya Jha

High Education in Iran: An Analytical History
Mohsen Modir Shanechi

Which is the Best Predictor of the Middle School Students’ Science Achievement in Turkey Sample?
Esme Hacieminoglu, Ozgul Yilmaz-Tuzun and Hamide Ertepinar

Exploring the Concept of Thai Students Bonding to School
Siritorn Yingrengreung

Impact of an E-Book on English Language Learning
Araya Vithsupalert

The Effets of School Identification and Achievement on Alcohol Expectancies, Alcohol Consumption, and Drinking Intention of Thai Adolescents in Saraburi
Siritorn Yingrengreung

The Effects of Genetically Modified Plants on Natural Enemies
Ekrem Ögürand Celal Tuncer

Interactive Simulated Based Questions Evaluated Online Using Blackboard Learning Management System
Noran A. Emara

Transient Conjugated Forced Convection Heat Transfer in Pipes
Havva Demirpolat and Süleyman Orkun Demirpolat

Using Liquefied Natural Gas Cold Energy for Power Generation with Study Rankine Cycle for Lng Receiving Terminal
Süleyman Orkun Demirpolat and Havva Demirpolat

The Effect of Pilates Exercise Program and Detraining on Postural Stability in Sedentary Obese and Overweightwomen
Fatma Arslan, Nurtekin Erkmen, Evrim Çakmakçi, Halil Taşkin and Oktay Çakmakçi

Nutritional Habits of Male Basketball Athletes Aged 12-14 Years
Özen Özboy Özbaş, İbrahim Şahİn, Fatma Arslan and Emin Süel

Religious Orientation: A Research on University Students in Turkey
Özlem Altunsu Sönmez

Tax Revenues and Economic Growth in Turkey: 1960-2011
Özlem Özkivrak and Dilek Altaş

Employee Motivation and Rewards: Important Factors in Organizational Success
Marinela Teneqexhi, Elda Dollija and Sonela Stillo

The Implications of the Governance Process in the Provision of Local Facilities for Neighbourhood Sustainability: Case Studies in Aleppo, Syria
Iman Hajjar

Text as an Authentic Mean of Cultural Identity in Tourist Communication
Ledina Merkaj

Channels of Technology Transfer at Intra-Firm Level in Turkish Automotive Industry
Alper Sönmez

Utopianism and Ideal Construction in Plato’s The Republic
Vlad-Mihai Moldovan

Feed-In Tariffs for Promoting Solar PV: Progressing from Dynamic to Allocative Efficiency
William Paul Bell and John Foster

An Analysis of Efl Under-Graduate Students’ Virtual Classroom Discourse
Naji M. I. AlQbailat

The Effect of Using an Intel- Teach to the Future Program on the Seven Grade Students’ Achievement in the Geography Subject in Jordan
Zaid Suleiman AL-Edwan