Table of Contents (Volume 12, Number 01) (Download in PDF )

Investigation of Students' Contribution of Basic Design Course in Interior Architecture Education to Academic Achievement
Ebru Düzgün

Impacts of Visualization Tools on Mathematical Learning in Teacher Education: a Critical Evaluation
Said Hadjerrouit

The Performance of Élisabeth-Claude Jacquet de la Guerre (1665-1729): Problems for the Interpreter and Analyst alike
Lise K. Meling

The Desolation of the Humorous: the Driving Force of Italo Calvino's Novel Plot, Taking “theft in a Pastry Shop “and "Black Sheep" as Examples
Yu Lung Kit

The Problem of Pragmatic Adaptation in Translating Interactive Films: The Case of "Detroit: Become Human"
Elizaveta Turkina

The Role of Organizational Culture in Creating Sustainable Competitiveness
Cenk Lacin Arikan

Corporate Governance Code Comparison and Compliance for South Asian Economies
Usha Mistry, Asif Sadiq and Mubashir Qurashi

Learning to Teach Science for Conceptual Change: Reflections of Pre-Service Teachers at a University of Technology
Motshidisi Lekhu

Survey Based Study on Attitudes of Preservice Teachers Towards Value Education
Aynur Pala

The Role of the Fathers in Parenting their Children Born in Illegitimate Unions: Case of Rwanda
Innocent Iyakaremye

Social Media Usage Patterns of Turkish Maritime Businesses: a Study on Facebook
Özge Baruönü and Özlem Sanrı

Artificial Neural Networks in Cyber Security
Dezdemona Gjylapi, Eljona Proko and Sokol Gjylapi

For a Sociohistorical Epistemology in the Education of Social Scientists
Sergio Lorenzo Sandoval Aragón

Comparing the Degree of Authorial Presence: Students vs. Academics
Veronika Stanislavová

Understanding Why Students Struggle to Show what they know in their own Words
Mary Hatakka

The Effects of vmd Congruity Perception on Consumer Behavior in Eco-friendly Apparel Stores
Min Kyung Moon, Jong-Kuk Shin and Jea Hun Kim

The Effect of Intrapreneurship on Business Performance - The Moderating Effect of Perceived Organizational Support
Hong Peng Zhang, Huan Huan Wang and Jong Kwan Kim

Reviewing the state of the Art CSR Research in Marketing Context
Anirban Chakraborty

The Role of Ict in Women Entrepreneurship
Jenny Pange

Effects of an English Instructional Model to Enhance Reading Ability for Undergraduate Students
Phananoi Rotchu

Questioning the DSM-5 Proposal for the NSSI Diagnostic Criteria
Slavka Demuthova and Andrej Demuth

On the Concept of Self-Harm
Andrej Demuth and Slavka Demuthova

Factors in the School and Family Environment Affecting Delinquent Behaviour with Respect to the Severity of Delinquency and Gender
Slavka Demuthova

The issue of Earth Motion and a 20 th Critique of Copernican Astronomy by the last Astronomer of Maragha movement, Imam Ahmed Raza Khan
Naseeb Ahmed Siddiqui

Effect of Prunus Spinosa on MCF-7 Cells
Rana Eyit and Zumra Idil Sener

A Reflection OF Flexibility Implementation in Working hours: Compensatory Work In Turkish Labour Law
Sevgi Dursun Ateş

Post-Traumatic Slave Syndrome Effects on Africans and African Americans
Deborah Obi

Application of Flipped Class to Improve the Interactivity of Nursing Student in the Theoretical Course of Medical and Surgical Nursing
Hong Xia Dai

The Future of BilateraL Investment Treaties in Europe in the Context of ACHMEA Case
Ivan Puškár

Domestic Versus Foreign Banks' Efficiency in South Africa Using Data Envelopment Analysis Method (DEA)
Pelontle Phildolia Lekomanyane and Gisele Mah

The Curious Case of Sherlock Holmes and Competitive Intelligence: Applying Abductive Reasoning to Competitive Analysis
Janina van der Westhuizen and Andrea Potgieter-Richardson

Technology in our Blood: User Preferred Features for a Mobile Donation App
Andrea Potgieter and Chris Rensleigh

Diasporic Cascade in the Unhomely Home: Hong Kong in Face of Coercive Re-Sinicisation
Anita Chi-Kwan Lee

Path Loss Modelling of Wlan Infrastructure Using Fuzzy Logic
Etebong Isong and Imeh J. Umoren

“Classic” German Literary Works and Their “Classic” Adaptations
Edward C. Smith III

Engendering Justice for Migrant Women Fleeing Domestic Violence in the Canadian Refugee Determination System
Jennifer Prashad

Internal & External Audit and Production Patrol Applications on Production Efficiency and Costs at Automotive Industry
Ahmet Feyzioğlu

Leadership Development Experiences of Department Chairs at a Postsecondary Institution in Western in Canada: A Case Study
Leda Stawnychko

Land Allocation Management under the Philosophy of Sufficiency Economy: A Lesson Learned from “Rai Thon Tham”in Huaykwang Subdistrict, Kampangsan District, Nakhon Pathom
Somsak Amornsiriphong and Walailuck Amornsiriphong

life and Education Based on Positive Thought
Esra Akdogan

Redefining the Concept of Self-Harm in Adolescence
Slávka Démuthová