Table of Contents (Volume 01, Number 01) (Download in PDF )

Characterization of Power Leds for use in Lighting Systems with Applications in Electric and Hybrid Vehicles
Gerardo Mino Aguilar, Carlos Alberto Pérez Roque, Nicolás Quiroz Hernández, Rodrigo Maya Ramírez, Selene Maya, Ana. María Rodríguez, Francisco Portillo, Ricardo Alvarez, Liliana Cortez, Fermi Guerrero, Gerardo Villegas and Eduardo Espinosa

Detection of Cicada Parasitic Fungus (Isaria Sinclairii) in the Forest Soil
Ahmed Imtiaj, Shun Hosoda, Katsuhiro Takano, Zhu Sun and Shoji Ohga

Plant Sex Change with Biotrophic Fungus Revealed by the Advanced Light and Sem Combining Microscopy
Naoko Fujita, Wataru Aonuma, Yuji Shimizu and Shigeyuki Kawano

Comprehensive Evaluation Methods in Practical Applications
Jun Yun and Sikang Wu

Strengthening of Reinforced Concrete Frames of Insufficient Earthquake Resistance by Applying External Shear Wall with Coupling Beam
M.Yasar Kaltakci and Murat Ozturk

An Experimental Study on Hollow Precast Stairs used in Turkey
Hasan Husnu Korkmaz and Alptug Unal

Rainfall Intensity-Duration-Frequency Relationship for Some Regions in Saudi Arabia
Ibrahim H. Elsebaie

Modelling of Bending Moment Value Calculated by Pushover Analysis Method in a Frame System with Artificial Neural Network
Furkan Birdal and Fatih Altun

Mushroom Cultivation of Hed-Cone-Noi (Coprinopsis Cinerea), Hed-Fang (Volvariella Volvacea) were Grown on Natural Pots Made from Water Hyyacinths and Rice Straw Residues Adding Wood Vinegar to Promote Fruiting Bodies in Thailand
Wassana Chaisaena, Rerngnaporn Mopoung, Pornwipa Sanawong, Kodcharat Thongfak and Sujitra Rauengdechawiwat

Appearance of Gases in Mines
Gzim Ibishi and Ismet Ibishi