Table of Contents (Volume 02, Number 01) (Download in PDF )

Experimental Investigation of the Effect of Drying Air Relative Humidity in Drying Kinetics of Kiwi
Soner Şen and Selçuk Darici

An Experimental Investigation of Effect on Engine Emission of Addition at Dual Fuel Mode of Hydrogen
H. Köse and M. Ciniviz

Evaluation of the Cyanogenetic Potential of Selected Plants: I. Legumes
Juliana Janet R. Martin-Puzon and Maria Socorro M. Mendoza

Determination of the Effects of Safflower Biodiesel and Its Blends with Eurodiesel on Engine Emissions in a Single Cylinder Diesel Engine
Abdullah Engin Özçelik, Hüseyin Öğüt, Ergün Çitil and Seda Şahin

The Usability of Abs/Pc Composit Materials as Gear Material and the Effect of the Heat Accumulated on the Tooth Surface
Rifat Yakut and Hayrettin Düzcükoğlu

Transient Conjugated Heat Transfer in a Circular Pipe
Ali Ateş and Şefik Bilir

Leaching of Chalcopyrite Concentrate (CuFes2) in Nitric Acid (HNO3) Solution
Tevfik Ağaçayak and Ali Aras

Determination of Leaching Conditions of Galena Concentrate in Acid Medium with Chloride Ions
Ali Aras and Tevfik Ağaçayak

The Usage of Miscanthus (Giganteus) as Vegetable Fiber in the Production of Reinforced Concrete Beams
Hicran Açikel, Necati Yalçin and Durmuş Ali Açike

Anthropometric Measures of Student Athletes in Selected Malaysian State Sports Schools
Ong Kuan Boon, Hishamuddin Ahmad, Sanmuganathan Jegathesan and Lee Ai Choo

Space Vector Pwm Controlled Single Phase Line Interactive Ups
Hüseyin Doğan and Ramazan Akkaya

Effect of Chopped Kevlar to Wear and Braking Performance
Mahmut Ünaldi and Recai Kuş

Coconut Shell Activated Carbon as an Alternative Sedimentation Agent in Water Purification System
Suparno and Fina Mutiara Besty

Fatty Acid Composition of Muscle Lipids of Five Sheep Breeds
Ali Karabacak, Saim Boztepe, Gökalp Ozmen. Guler and Abdurrahman Aktumsek

Application of Traditional Architectural Structure as Sustainable Approach to Mitigation of Shortage Water Supply in Desert Regions
Hossein Ghasemi, Ehsan Valipour, Diler Haji Morad and Samira Tayyebisoudkolaei

Performance Evaluation of an Ofdma System
O. M. Sabino-Moxo, J. Castañeda-Camacho, M. A. D. Vargas-Treviño, S. Vergara-Limon, G. Mino-Aguilar, R. L. Maya-Ramírez and J. A. Ortega-Redondo

Modeling of Fluid Flow in Francis Turbine Draft Tube
Aydin Haci Dönmez, Zehra Yumurtaci and Levent Kavurmacioğlu

Project Cost Estimating Methods: A Comparison of Tools and Techniques Used in Construction Projects
I. A. Alrashed, M. R. Phillips, I. MacRae and T. Francis

Intrusion Detection with Snort
Renalda Kushe and Adrian Shehu

Investigation of Lagoon Clays in Konyaalti (Antalya)
Ali Ulvi Uzer

A Content-Based Image Retrieval System Using Anfis Learning
Mana Tarjoman

Positively Expansive in Quasiperiodically Forced Map
Iftichar M. T. AL-Shara'a, May Alaa, Abdul-Khaleq and AL-Yaseen

Impact of Time Resolution on Wind Farm Estimated Energy Output
Önder Güler, Seyit Ahmet Akdağ and Serap Talayoğlu

Selecting Roadworks Equipment Fleets Using Simulation Technique
Piotr Jaskowski, Agata Czarnigowska and Zbigniew Tokarski

Effect of Higher Order Shear Deformation on the Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis of Laminated Composite Plate Under Transverse Dynamic Loading
Nabil Hassan Ali and Haider K. Ammash

Effect of Using Corrosion Inhibitors on Concrete Properties and Their Activity
Falah Kaifee Matlob, Abeer Mohammed and Abdul Amir

Multi- and Interdisciplinary Aspects in Structural Health Monitoring
Nicolae Constantin

Determining The Measurement Uncertainties to Fulfill the Demands on Product Quality
Anil Akdogan and Asli Günay

Discovering the Consequences of Global Climate Change in Georgia'S Regions, Results and Adaptive Measures
Dali Mikautadze, Tsitsino Davituliani, Ia Iashvili and Magda Kvabziridze

Influence of Reducing the Amount of Na2O By Washing Process On The Densification
C. Betül Abi and Feyyaz Gumus

Preliminary Mineralogic and Geologic Evaluations on Clays From Coal Deposits in Dinar (Afyon) and Çivril, Baklan (Denizli) Region, Western Turkey
Tülay Altay and Ibrahim Dumlupunar

Is It Ethically Fair to Risk the Future of Human Health for Genetically Modified (Gm) Crops?
Sudip Debnath and Elisabeth Brikeland

Rapid Detection of Bacteria Using Nano-Electronic Devices as Biosensor
Soohyun Woo, Yeonsuk Kim, Ji Won Kim, Seung Yeon Choi, Woojae Park and Sung-Jae Chung

The Heat Pumps Foundation Design Calculation Aspects
Bohdan V. Morklyanyk

Peculiarities of the Development of Deep Foundation Settlements
A.V. Shapoval and B. V. Morklyanyk

Investigation of Reduction of the Cyanide Consumption at the Gold Production
Zehra Ebru Sayin and Sertac Cetin

Sewing Thread and Seam Tensile Properties Analysis Using Finite Element Method
D. Samuel Wesley and R. S. Rengasamy