Table of Contents (Volume 01, Number 03) (Download in PDF )

Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo in the Georgian Cultural Space
Tamar Gogoladze

Political Text Categorization
Daniela Gîfu

Popularizing Dormant Civilizational Traits Through Culture and Literature
Vineeta Kaur Saluja and Kirti Diddi Pandey

From Rituals to Contemporary Design Solutions: Examples of Feng Shui Applied to Contemporary Buildings
Afet Celiker

Gender-Play in Digital Zombie Gaming: Representations of Sex, Gore, and Postcolonial Violence in Lollipop Chainsaw
Vinamarata Kaur

On the Philosophical and Historical Legitimacy of Booker Washington’s Policy of Accommodation in the Jim Crow Era
Sabrina Zerar and Bouteldja Riche

Bride Preparation
Kulkanya Napompech

Eco-Criticism and Eastern Philosophy
Samidha Shikha

Linguistic and Cultures Parameters of Humour (Using the Examples of the One-Liners and Riddles)
Meri Giorgadze

French Traveller Jacques François Gamba on Russia-Georgia Relations in the 1st Quarter of the XIX Century
Giorgi Sosiashvili

“Person” Without Borders and as a Sacrifice for Dignity by Prosper Mérimée and Goderdzi Chokheli
Giorgi Khorbaladze

Royal Tattoo of Orang Ulu Indigenous Women in Borneo: An Art Preservation
Silverina Anabelle Kibat, Johanna Adlin Ahmad, Patricia Melvin Jussem and Sylvester Jussem

Introducing Mizo Folktales
Rini Tochhawng

Preserving Wayang Kulit: Piece of Art to Malaysian Traditional Theatre
Suhaida Halamy and Silverina Anabelle Kibat

The Ritual Practices of the Naqshbandiyya-Khālidiyya Order in Contemporary Malaysia
Syed Hadzrullathfi bin Syed Omar and Mohd Shahril bin Othman

Leading Actors of the Brand Story: Brand Characters
Duygu Aydın

Unhappiness in the Kingdom of Heaven; TV Audience and His Life Satisfaction
Aşina Gülerarslan and Mete Kazaz

Classification of Facebook’s Users in a Thai University
Wornchanok Chaiyasoonthorn and Watanyoo Suksa-Ngiam

Improvement of Reliability and Predictive Value of Measurements of Ethnic Attitudes
Elena Ozola, Marija Bambulyak, Andris Ozols, Irina Plotka and Nina Blumenau

Reporting Terror in the Turkish Media and Ethical Problems in the Newsmaking Process
Ibrahim Toruk and Cengiz Apaydin

The Role of Election Campaigns at Voter Preference Formation in Turkey: A Research on Konya Voters Before 2011 General Elections
Süleyman Karaçor and Perihan Gözüm

Globalizing Poverty and Policies for Preventing Poverty from the Perspectives of Transition Economies
M. Okan Taşar, Zeynep Karaçor and Savaş Çevik

An Essay on the Concept of “Women Friendly City” Based on the Turkish Case
Esra Banu Sipahi and Erhan Örselli

Hogarth and the Black Poor in 18th-Century Britain
Paula Rama da Silva

Touring Route Maps on Vernacular Architecture in Koh Yor Area Sub-District, Muang District, Songkhla Province, Thailand
Pantathep Marangkun, Yongyuth Nuniem and Somjai Meunjorn

On the Religious Tolerance and Its Necessity in a Changing World
Gelu Călina

Human Capital and Poverty in the Poorest Province of the Philippines
Bernadette M. Gavino-Gumba

Art and Inspiration as Approached by Interuniversal Mysticism (Erfan – e Halghe)
Mohammad Ali Taheri and Anahita Ghanaei Miyandoab

The Divine Message and the Religious Experience
Hosseinreza Taheri

Sustainable Development and Tourism in the Context of Cultural and Rural Tourism: A Project of an Authentic Nomad Culture and Art Village
Zeki Akinci and Hakan Elinç

Cohesion and Adaptability in Heterosexual and Homossexual Men and Women: A Comparative Study
Clarisse Pereira Mosmann, Eduardo Lomando and Adriana Wagner

New Media Technologies and Social Life
Rengin Ozan

The Aspects of Femininity in the ‘Mahabharata’
Ralla Guha Niyogi

Absence of Legal Empowerment of Women as a Key Constraint of Women’s Participation in Administrative Development
Raya AlKharousi

Gender, Race and Ethnicity in Indo English Fiction
Taniya Chakraborty and Joydeep Banerjee

The Reconstruction of Amazon Community: Media Interference Changing Senses and Points of View in the Brazilian Amazon
Klondy Lúcia de Oliveira Agra

Demystifying Development: The Indigenous Perspective of India and Canada
Charu Mathur

Effective Communication Instrumenting Composite Synthesis of Cross-Cultural Civilization
Gurpreet Dua and Jalaj Goantiya

Freedom Runs: The Underground Railroad for Shelter Animals
Irene Fiala

Remodeling of the American Other: The Representation of Homosexuality on The Oprah Winfrey Show in the Years 1986-2009
Magdalena Piotrowicz

2011/2012 Canadian Forces Recreation and Leisure Programs Survey: Descriptive Results
Samantha Urban

Cash Transfer Scheme for Protecting the Survival of Girl Child in India: A Critique
Ruchi Gaur and Sarita Anand

Cyber-Democracy and Its Impact on Politics
Joan Tirwyn Fajemisin

Changes in the Cuban Religious Field Since the Last Decade of the 20th Century
Sonia Jiménez Berrios

Happiness and Relational Harmony: The Confucian Perspective
Jianglong Wang

The Myth of the Elongated Vagina in Alice Walker
Gulab Singh

Values and Travel Motivation of French, Spanish and German Tourists
Acheraporn Plangamrn, Bahaudin G. Mujtaba and Mohamed Pirani

Reinventing Traditional Technologies for the Sustainability of Built Environment in Tropical Areas of India
Nagaraju Kaja

Cellphone Based Early Warning System for Disaster Risk Reduction in India
Anil Kumar Pundir and Vikas Kumar

Is There Any Place for Truth in the Genesis and Analysis of an Architectural Space?
Setareh Kiumarsi

Language Politics and Construction of Identities
Khatuna Beridze