Table of Contents (Volume 01, Number 04) (Download in PDF )

Augmented Body
Stefano Di Tore and Francesca D’elia

The Paradoxical Phenomena in the Force of Imagery
Mustafa Özodaşık

Lin Hsin-I

The Effectiveness of Suinn Program to Reduce the Anxiety for Athletes From Special Needs
Aziz Al-Rahamneh

Population Growth, Structure and Distribution in Saudi Arabia
Majed Sultan Abu Ashwan, Asharaf Abdul Salam and Mohamed A. Mouselhy

The Anaylsis of News in Turkish Press Concerning Violence Against Women
Başak Solmaz and H. Nur Görkemli

Face-Threatening Acts in the British and Georgian Parliamentary Debates
Nana Gilauri

Of DuBois the Historicist and Cultural Critic of the Progressive Age
Zerar Sabrina and Riche Bouteldja

On the Power of Belief in Treating Addiction
Candice L. Shelby

The Legacy of the Lascaux Man in the Well
Marie-Thérèse Killiam

Code-Switching in Kurdish SMS Text Messages
Mohammed Hussein Ahmed and Ayad Hameed Mahmood

India and the European Union: Multiculturalism and Contested Identities. Cultures of Governance and Conflict Resolution
Gautam Murthy

Public vs. Private Ownership Revisited: The Monmouth Park Racetrack Case
Wayne Smeltz

A Study of Everyday Communications of Isan Workers in Bangkok City
Wirat Wongpiununwatana

The Plausible Proof in Turkish and German Civil Law
Hakan Albayrak

Comparative Analysis of Ski Trail Rating in Serra da Estrela (Portugal) and Sierra Nevada (Spain)
Raul Ressano Garcia

Being Gay in Mexico in the Early Years of the 21 st Century: Style Relationship of Gay Men Belonging to Three Different Generations Living in Mexico in the Early Years of the 21 st Century
Edgar Rodríguez Sánchez, Julio A. Valencia Maldonado and Tania I. Hernández Mondragón

Positive Aspects of Disasters
Keith Lehrer

The Relationship Between Positive Mental Health and Psycho-Social Variables
Hyunjung Kim, Seoyoon Lee and Young-Gun Ko

The Impact of (Mis)Anchoring in Creating a Difference In/Different Meaning(s)
Yasser K. R. Aman

The Need for a New Testament
Barrie Wilson

Female Eroticism and the Social (Re)Development of Identity
Sarah Dayanna Lacerda Martins Lima and Kadma Marques Rodrigues

Religion and Democracy in Nigeria
Emeka C. Ekeke

Pilot Study of a Translation and Cultural Adaptation of the Anger Disorders Scale: Short Version
Aída Mencía-Ripley, Juan E. Fernández Melo, Louis Mora, Wilson McDermutt, Bonnie Thurston-Snoha and Patricio Romero

Can Human Beings Remain “Uncontaminated” by the Invasion of Rhinoceros?
Ileana Mihaela Chiriţescu

The Role of Subway in the Urban Life: Case Study in Hong Kong Mass Transit Railway
Tianjiao Zhao and Kin Wai Michael Siu

Measuring Social Vulnerability from Risk Perception Case Study: The Nonoalco-Tlatelolco Housing Complex Damaged During the Mexican 1985 Major Earthquake
David A. Novelo-Casanova, Yadhira A. Antonio-Nakamura, Verónica Valdés-Pérez and Gustavo Pineda-Loperena

The Architecture, Fashion and Modernity
Seyedehmaryam Tavasoli and Leila Ahghari

Factors on Local Wisdoms on Agricultural Knowledge Transfer of Farmers: A Study in Thailand
Pakkapong Poungsuk, Nawarat Pourpan and Phaitoon Thongsuk

The Philosophy of Postmodernism and Modernism: The Parallels
Roida Rzayeva Oktay

Epic Expression in Modern Turkish Painting
Neslihan Öztürk

Arab Women: No Longer Silent, But Can they Guarantee Rights for Themselves?
Sana Sayed

Kubad Abad Palace Tiles Decorated with the Peacock Figure
Mine Erdem

Possible Effects of the Leaders on Voter’s Preferences
Orhan Gökce and Yasin Bulduklu

Outlook of Society to Turkish Armed Force (TAF) in Turkey: An Emprical Study
Gülise Gökce

The Eradication of Drug Trafficing in the EU Throuh the Countries of the Western Balkans
Sofka Hadjijevska, Stefan Budjakoski and Natasha Todorovska

Cognitive Effects of the Use of Television and Internet
Paulo Duarte Branco and Maria Barbas

Organized Crime as a Threat to Sustainable Development and Human Security
Lucia Ovidia Vreja

Postmodernism and Islam: Epistemological Challenges and Sociopolitical Perils
Emad Bazzi

Cosmopolitan Perspectives on Globalization Phenomenon
Mihai Valentin Vladimirescu

Bioethical Issues within a Social Document of the Romanian Orthodox Church
Mihai Ciurea

Corruption in Central Asian Countries: Challenges to Security and Effective Governance
Sharofiddin Soliev

‘Our Sole Weapons… are our Children’: Bourgeois Greek Feminists and the Inter-War Vision of a Peaceful ‘Balkan Family’
Maria Kyriakidou

Political Affiliation and Tax Compliance in Malaysia
Mohd Rizal Palil, Nor Hazila Mohd Zain and Sellywati Mohd Faizal

Professionalism of the Public Procurement Practitioners from the Perspective of Fight Against Corruption
Anatoly Krivinsh

Wildlife Assessment in the ARS and UDG of Kuwait
Ouhoud Al-Ragam and Afaf Al-Nasser

Dialects and Paradigms of Social Construction of Knowledge
Ahu Tunçel and Güncel Önkal

Chances and Risks of Cycle Infrastructure Development in Wroclaw Based on the Solutions of Selected European Cycle City - Copenhagen
Aleksandra Lukaszewicz

State of the Development Agencies in Turkey: The Challenge of Capacity Building at the Regional Level
Can Umut Çiner

Stickiness of Local Government Transfer Revenues in Slovenia
Primož Pevcin

(Re)Defining New Audience Message Absorbs Via Audio Visual Technology Meaning Making Components
Mohd. Nor Shahizan Ali, Hasrul Hashim and Novel Lyndon

Public Relations in Hospitals: A Study on the Organizational Structures and Functions of Public Relations Units of Private Hospitals in Konya Province
Mehmet Erhan Summak

Push Factors Affecting Allocations of Excess Profit in the Community
Mongkon Donkwa

Recipes for Migrants: A Cultural Analysis of the Fujian Spring Cake
Yiu Chung Soo

The Construction of Minority Identities in Interwar Romania: The Case of Hungarians
Luminiţa Ignat-Coman