Table of Contents (Volume 04, Number 01) (Download in PDF )

Mass Media’s Influence on Society: A Case Study
Viola Gjylbegaj

The Latin American Indigenous Perspective in Three Recent Court Cases: Environmental Rights are Human Rights
Faith Mishina

Nigerianism in English Language Video Films: A Sociolinguistic Analysis of Blood Sisters and Widow
Folasade Justinah Adegbembo

Criminal Justice System in Nigeria: For the Rich or the Poor?
Sunday Abraham Ogunode

The Role of Financial Inclusiveness in Eradicating Poverty
Subhash Anton D’souza

Hero Characters in John Fowles’s Work
Anna Jioshvili

A Study to Identify the Impact of Organizational Culture on Organizational Silence
Erkan Taşkıran, Nursel Çetinkaya and Canan Çetin

Socio-Economic Freedom and Empowerment: Case of Zimbabwe Women Who are Informal Retail Traders in Bulawayo
Mandla Nyathi and Thokozani Khupe

PR and Media Relations: Public Relations and Journalism Educators’ Perceptions in Turkey
Cisil Sohodol Bir, Idıl Karademirlidag Suher and H. Kemal Suher

European Social Charter and Occupational Fatalities in Turkey
GözdeYirmibeşoğlu and AycanDemir

The Role of Culture in Translating the Sermons of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)
Heba Farag

“Testaments” and Colophons of the Gulani-Type Manuscript as a Historical Source
Okropir Jikuri

What is the Point of us Talking? Ethnic Language and Ethnic Identity in Northern Borneo, Malaysia
Roselind Wan, Sumathi Renganathan and Bromeley Phillip

The “Talker,” “Doer,” “Thinker,” and “Watcher” : Analysis of the Four Temperaments in Relation to Public Speaking Performances
Rosario Mahusay-Baria

The Challenges of Building Regional Security Architecture: An Appraisal of Ecowas Early Warning System
Bashir Malam

Social Network Sites as Educational Tools Among University Students
Yasmeen G. Elsantiel

The Juridical Relations with Foreign Countries in Fight of Organized Crime in Albania as a New Democratic Country which aims to be part of EU
Ermira Tafani

Organized Crime and Politics: Symbiosis or Struggle?
Tanja Milosevska

Music Technology and National Development in Nigeria: The Functionalist Approach
Babatunji Oluseyi Dada and Omolabake Adejoke Dada

Elections in Africa and the Legitimacy of Democratic Regimes -A Nigerian Scenario
Khadijah Sanusi Gumbi

The Emergence of Culinary Tourism in Malaysia Tourism and Hospitality Industry: The Role of Chefs
Nornazira Suhairom, Aede Hatib Musta’amal, Nor Fadila Mohd Amin and Noor Khairul Anuar Johari

Pragmatic Approach to Communicative Failures
Tsira Chkonia

Socio-Pragmatic Analysis of Compliment Response Strategies in Georgian Language
Zeinab Gvarishvili

From Liberal-Human Orientation to Existentialist Human Conduct: The Transcendence of the Woman’s Self
Mohammed Seghir Halimi

The Dynamics of British Colonial Culture on Nigerian Women, 1900-1960: North-Eastern Yoruba Example
Daniels Oluwasola Ibitayo

Exploring Courtroom Discourse: The Role of Metadiscourse and Its Indicators in Counsels Questions Within English and Georgian Languages
Elena Tsatsua

Similar Models in Ancient and Contemporary Sacral Architecture
Adriana Sarbova

Good Local Governance and Sustainable Development in Nigeria
Francis Oluyemi Fagbohun and Olusola Esther Akanmu

Reusing Historical Sites as an Added Value to Tourist’Sattraction in Algeria
Malika Hocine and Naima Chabbi-Chemrouk

Between Art History and Medieval Christian Literature: A Case of Simon Magus as “STONES” in Forum Romanum
Rei Ito

Submerging Identity and the Labyrinth of Fear: A Study of Don Delillo’S White Noise
Sherin Abdel Ghaffar Mohammed Ahmed

Writing as a Means of Handling Trauma in Ian Mcewan’s Atonement
Il-Yeong Kim and Yoon Jung Cho

Courtly Love in Iris Murdoch’s The Sea, The Sea, Zizekian Approach
Il-Yeong Kim and Narie Jung

The Effectiveness of Employees from Romanian Local Public Administration Organizations
Andreea-Mihaela Niță

Exegetical and Doctrinal Perspectives on Punishment
Cristina Ilie Goga

Space as an Identity Struggle and Intervention Symbol at Urban Areas: Djemevis in Turkey
Cemal Salman

“When the Sun Goes Down”: The Life, Work and Tragic End of Dagny Juel
Kakhaber Loria

Transition From Drama to Home Video: A Survey of the Changing Phases in the Development of Hausa Drama
Saidu Dauda

The Relationship Between Woman Education and Health
Ibrahim GuranYumusak, DurmusÇagriYildirim and Ali Yildiz

The British Empire and the Portrayal of Race Relations in Literature
Carla Larouco Gomes

Including the Elderly in the Built Environment: Challenges in Indian Cities
Ashok Grover

The Unity of Diversity in Conflict Resolution: A Study of the Nigerian Society
Umenilorah Chukwukelue Uzodinma

Movement and Access of Persons with Special Needs to All Facilities Within the Environment in Nigeria
Philip O. Oluokun

The Socio-Political Significance of Literary Expression in the Poetry of Christopher okigbo
Norah Hadi Q. Alsaeed

“Some Women are More Equal Than Others”: Sisterhood Revisited in A Passage to India and Burmese Days
Rahime Çokay

New Englishes and Mother Tongue: The Double Bind Dilemma of African Literature
Caleb Momoh and Iyela Ajayi

Emotional Intelligence in Basketball Players: A Predictor of Sport Performance
Jaswinder Singh

Opinion Leaders’ Perspective Of fighting against Corruption: A Study In The Jordanian Society
Arrfudi Badr Sulaiman

The Application of Buddhist Humanity and Education in General Education of University — Take Nalanda University in Ancient India as Example
Hsiu-O Chien and Shih-Ching Shiu

Ethics of Development: An Ecocritical Reading of The Strange Case of Billy Biswas and Gift in Green
Arun Soule

Exploring Teachers’ Professional Identity in the Context of War: A Case Study From Palestine
Bihan Qaimari

Augustus, Founder of Cultural Ideology
Nino Devidze and Vera Tsereteli

Turkey as a Model for the Middle Eastern States: A Psychological Perspective
Betül Özyilmaz and Sami Kiraz

The Interpersonal Relations Between Teachers and Between Principals and Teachers: Factor in the All-Around Development of the Students’ Personality
Vasiliki Koula

Cognitive Structure of Intellectual Competence in Late Adolescence
Yana Sipovskaya

Impact of Taxation as a Contribution Towards a Healthy Society
Remzi Smajli

Negligence as Contributory Factor to Unemployment in Nigeria: Causes and Consequential Effect on National Development
Chima B. Ukwuije

French Language: Panacea for Unemployment and Insecurity in Nigeria
Oladeji Olayiwola Nureni

Environmental Risk Sensitivity of Mothers of Kindergarten Students and Its Relationship with Characteristics of Mothers
Hatice Bekir, Hande Şahin and Sibel Erkal