Table of Contents (Volume 04, Number 02) (Download in PDF )

Flowers: Between Art and Practice
Ileana Mihaela Chiriţescu

Corporate Poison and the Sins of the Powerful
Charu Mathur

An Examination of the Behaviour of Political Superintendents on the Improvement of the Niger-Delta Region of Nigeria
Charles Osahon Imaru and Francis Ilenloa Igberaese

Vindication in Mansfield Park: A Wise Mouse Among Imprudent Lions
Fatemeh Gholipour Fereydouni

The Lexical Analyses on “Qianhuo” and “Lu Zhu” in Hong Mai (1123-1202)’s Miscellaneous Notes
Yiu Kay Tse

Student’s Attitude towards the Conflict in the Family
Mzia Shelia

Comparative Comparison of Mantegoltair of Attar, Iranian Poet and Divine Comedy of Dante, Italian Poet
Latifeh Salamat Bavil

From Kosovo to Syria the Issue of “Humanitarian” Intervention
Umut Kedikli and Nurgül Ünal

Aesop’s Fables: Issues around its Publication and it Being Banned in China during mid Qing Dynasty (1644-1911)
Chi Hung Chan

A Consumption School: Study of Kidzania Istanbul
Ayse Duygu Urak

Rethinking the Relationship between Humor and Politics after the Uprising of Gezi
Özge Mumcu Aybars

From “Revelation” to “Libration:”A Study of H}asan H}anafi> ’s Controversial Position on Islamic Cultural Heritage (Tura>th)
Nadia M. Wardeh

Inherent Dignity of Human in Mysticism of Ibne Arabi
Maryam Bakhtyar

The Bush’s Doctrine of Pre-Emption and its Effects on World Peace and Security
Nyor Gabriel Aza

A Culturally Responsive Framework of Multimedia Tool for English Language Learners with Dyslexia in Malaysia
Balamuralithara Balakrishnan and Hor Beng Chong

Socio-Cultural Aspects of Kazakh-English Translation
Baglan Mizamkhan

The Development of Holistic Creative Learning Skills on Cultural Dimension for Aged People in Rural Areas of Thailand
Panpat Plungsricharoensuk, Kiriboon Jongwutiwes and Jittra Makapol

The Model of Holistic Creative Learning Skills Development for Aged People in Rural Area of Thailand
Kiriboon Jongwutiwes, Maream Nillapun and Wannapa Sangwattanakul

Active Approach to Form the Text of Journalism Students in Learning a Language
Tulebike Kulgildinova

The Spiral of Silence Theory: Societal Examples from Turkish Cinema
Rengin Ozan

Electronic Media and Television: The Historical Influence of Art Forms on the Transference of Knowledge and Information on Society
Claudine Perreault

Expression of gender in Urban Spaces, through Street Art: A Study of Cosmopolitan study in Delhi, India
Reena Merin Cherian and Jessica Singh

Local Authorities and Heritage Management: A Case Study of Solo, Indonesia
Putu Agustiananda

Constitutional Theocracy in Context: The Paradigm of Georgia
Karlo Godoladze

A Comparative Analysis: The Impact of Awareness Campaigns on Students’ Concerns at University Level
Rola Jadayel, Amal Iaaly, Florence Tawk and Mariam Adra

Objectivism versus Subjectivism in the Process of the Interpretation of the Contract
Pavlína Janečková

Guarantees of the Right to a Fair Trial in Contracting States to the European Convention: Strasbourg Court Findings
Senada Reçi and Brixhilda Gjoka

Culture and Rural Entrepreneurship in Northern Ghana
Akanganngang Joseph Asitik

Exploring Architecture for Tourism Development in Nigeria
Dorcas A. Ayeni

Dietary and Lifestyle Behavior of Female Adolescents in India
N. Rajani

Muslim and Non-Muslim Relationships: A Survey of Popular West African Muslim Preachers’ Positions
Bamba Adama and Abdulai M. Kaba

Environmental Education: A Panacea to Land Degradation in Nigeria
Etah E. Etah, Awhen Charles and Ignatius Ngwu

An Overview of Hand Embellished Textiles of South Punjab, Pakistan
Aisha Asim Imdad

The Semantic Structure of Words Denoting Color in English and Georgian Proverbs
Natela Mosiashvili

Mortality Revisited in Saul Bellow’s Ravelstein
Rosalind Buckton-Tucker

Tourism Potential of Mudanya
Muharrem Aydin and Necdet Incedayi

Violation of Human Rights: A Study of Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act, 1958 (Afspa) With Special Reference to Nagaland
J. Nukshimenla Lemtur

Creating Awareness of an Evidence-Based Approach to Humanistic-Transit Spaces
Anil Kumar Chilakapati, Kavita Daryani Rao, Ayon Kumar Tarafdar and Uma Sankar Basina

The Misuse of Social Media in Order to Exploit “Generation Y” and Precautions for Terrorist Organization
Ali Riza Perçin and Eser Bingül

Winning The Hearts and Minds of Local Populations in Fragile States After War
Ahmet Sahinkayasi

Scientific Element in Al-Quran Interpretation: An Introduction for Al-Sha‘Rawi Method in Tafsir Al-Sha‘Rawi
Selamat Bin Amir, Monika Munirah Abd Razzak and Mohd Yakub Zulkifli Mohd Yusoff

Possessive Constructions in Some Arabic Dialects with Reference to English: A Cognitive Grammatical Study
Abbas Fadhil Lutfi

Worn-Off Archetypes: Rotten Potatoes in the Mind and Society
Onur Ekler

Soviet Union: from brotherhood to the icon of Enemy(Case Georgia after August 2008)
Nino Tabeshadze

The Death and Revival Myth in Modern Arabic Poetry
Yousef Abu Addous

Ambiguous Ideologies: Visual Representations in the Novels of Cary, Forster and Achebe
Neena Gandhi

Communicating through Symbolisms in Anthropological Medicine with Reference to Traditional Healing Performances of Wayang Kulit, Main Puteri and Kuda Kepang
Mohamed Ghouse Nasuruddin

La Syrie Dans La Politique Etrangere De La Turquie : Une Analyse Socio- Constructiviste
Neziha Musaoğlu

Government as a Driver to Agricultural Land use Change in Indonesia
Nina Novira

Factors Contributing to Young Nigerians Attitude towards the Elderly: Lagos State’s Perspective
Elizabeth Aanuoluwapo Ajayi

The Reflection of Reality in the Literary Works of Agatha Christie: Harley Quin and Parker Pyne
Youngmi Kim

Aspects of the European Elite in the First Half of the 20th Century
Crisanta Moldovan