Table of Contents (Volume 05, Number 03) (Download in PDF )

The Use of Mobile Learning at Arabian Gulf University Gifted Education Program and IITS Effect on Developing Students’ Higher Order Thinking Skills
Aisha M. D. Alfoudari, Alajab Mohammed Alajab, Ahamed Mohamed Noby z and Huda Soud Alhindal

The Historical Evolution and Present Usage of the Guard Stones in Ancient Sri Lanka
D.K. Manatunga

Culture and Women’s Progress
Okolo Obiageli Eucharia

Islamic Feminism and Concept of Hijab: A Study of Leila Aboulela’s Minaret
Ashraf Ibrahim Zidan

The Experiencies and Search for Meaning in a Povertystricken Community in Cavite: Basis for a Life Enhancement Program
Ernesita Pareja-Corpuz

Appraisal of the Impact of Some Organisational and Administrative Paradigm on the Performance of Nigerian Football Clubs in Continental Championship
James Oladele Ojo

The Alignment of Alliances in the Eastern Mediterranean Regarding the Energy/Maritime Security Issues During the Cold War, and Turkey’s Emerging Role in Today’s Power Game
Kağan Ilter

Media Situation in Georgia and Leverages of Political Pressure (Georgias Case)
Rusudan Vashakidze

Gender Role Examples in Turkish Films
Rengin Ozan

“Freedom of Expression” or “Political Support for Violence”? The Survival Test for Political Parties in Pluralist Democracies
Olgun Akbulut

Cultural Economy as Strategic for Regional Development: The Case of Puerto Vallarta
Camilo Patiño Garcia, Gloria Angelica Hernandez Obledo and Alicia Paola Partida Hernandez

The Return of the Property a Condition for the Integration of the Ex- Socialist Countries in European Union
Mimoza Mehilli

Cultural Diversities and Historical Memory
Tatiana Tarabanova and Alexander Khapikov

Détente and the Challenges to the Bipolar European Model in the 1960s
Penka Peeva

Tackling Joseonjok’s Cultural Identity Represented in the Korean Film, Dancing Princess
Yoo Ri

Allusions to William Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar in James Joyce’s Finnegans Wake
Tamar Gelashvili

Translations of Shakespeare’s Works into Georgian
Manana Gelashvili and Sopio Totibadze

Shakespeare Studies in Georgia
David Maziashvili and Tamar Kakhniashvili

Blacksea Naval Co-Operation Task Force (Blackseafor) and Role in the Black Sea Security
Buket Önal

History and Historiography in Selected African-American Texts
Besma Ben Khalifa

Ellipsis in the Macedonian Verb Phrase
Blagojka Zdravkovska-Adamova

Hemispheric Lateralization of Emotion Words: An Experimental Study in Turkish-English Bilinguals and Turkish Monolinguals
Gulmira Kuruoglu and Filiz Mergen

The Reality of the Third Sex in Aimee Duc’s Are These Women?
Merve Gürel

A Machiavellian Critique of the South Korean Government Responses to Mers with Focus on the Notion of Virtù
Dahye Jung

Gender Studies and Stories of Alice Munro
Mateti Prabhakar

Contextualising History, Myth, Mystery and Fiction: A Paradigmatic Study of M. M. Kay’s The Far Pavilions
Vivekanand Arjunrao Rankhambe

Love in the Works of Amrita Pritam: Concept, Story, Significance
Mini Gill

Consumer Protection of Telecommunications Crime on Misuse of Mobile Phone Through Biometric Technology Application
Edy Santoso

Albanian Chronicles of the Frenchman Traveler Justin Godart on Albania and Albanians in The First Half of 20 th Century
Elda Talka and Marsida Dedja

A Political Analysis of Bediuzzaman Said Nursi’s Damascus Sermon
Kamil Fadel and Eren Tatari

The Political Economy of Insurgency in Nigeria: A Threat to Fourth Republic
Abdullahi Dan’asbe Jibrin

Farmers’ Involvement in the Prevention and Control of Environmental Degradation in Oye Local Government Area of Ekiti State, Nigeria
Adedayo Rasheed Olumuyiwa

On the Metaphysics and Methodology of Pragmatism
Pat Agboro

A Novel Approach to Promoting an Interfaith Dialogue Among Children Through Religious Glocalism
Mounir Ben Zid

Early Intervention in Child Development at a Hospital Setting: An Example From Turkey
Pınar Bayhan, Semra Şahin and Hülya Tercan

Improving Science Communication Through a University Professional Development and K-12 Immersion Program: An Examination in Advising and Mentoring Skill
Lihua Yang and Ronna Turner

The Physical Abuse of Women in the Home: A Nigerian Perspective
Udo Chikezie Osisiogu

U. S. Presidential Campaign 2016: Issues, Images and the Costly Road to the White House
Marie D. Natoli

Big Walls, Failed Laogai. The Aesthetics of Resistance and Survival in Malika Oufkir and Michele Fitoussi’s Stolen Lives, a Prison Memoir
Nabila Ali Marzouk Ahmed

Nihilistic Perspectives in Saul Bellow’s The Dean’s December
Rosalind Buckton-Tucker

‘Spatial Experience’: Consumer Behaviour Analysis and Eye Tracking Research in an Art Exhibition Space
Nóra Géczy, Marcell Kondics, Orsolya Süle, Sándor Tóth, Édua Vági and Gábor László Vizúr

Historicising Boko Haram: A Critique of Reductive Representation in Reports on African Conflicts
Somila Mjekula

Formal Semantics as an Alternative Approach to Meaning Representation
Natalie Lavrova

Happy on Streets: Presentation of the Self, the Culture, and the City
Nihan Gider Isikman

From Victorian Normativity to Modern Individualism
Aleksandra Tryniecka

The Issue of Infantilizing Old Age in the Contemporary World in the Context of Analysis of Selected Advertising Messages and Meanings “Hidden” in Them
Małgorzata Lewartowska-Zychowicz and Longina Strumska-Cylwik

An Architectural Examination of Early Bank Buildings in Turkey
Duygu Saban Ökesli, Rukiye Töter and Nur Yılmaz

Contemporary Educational Challenge: The Ecological Education
Leszek Pyra

‘Leave, You Bother US!’ - Virgil Tănase, from Memory to (Post) Exile
Nicoleta Ifrim

Fantasy and Secondary Worlds in Fantasy Films
Viorica Isaia