Table of Contents (Volume 06, Number 01) (Download in PDF )

Using Corporate Advertising to Enhance the Image of Companies
Muhamad Sham S. Ali and Viola Gjylbegaj

Elements of Turkish School Counselors’ “Street Working Children” Narratives: A Qualitative Analysis
Nagihan Oğuz-Duran

Shakespeare for the Contemporary Reader? Psychosocial and Cultural Re-Enactments
Elisabeta Zelinka

Being a Woman in Afghanistan – Culture and Gender Issues then and Now, as Seen Through the Lens of Khaled Hosseini in “A Thousand Splendid Suns”
Dragana Čurović

A Kolb’s LSI Based Adaptive e-Training Environment Design for Kuwaiti Female Teachers’ Professional Development: Is There any Effect on Developing Their Competencies for Designing Digital Storytelling?
Sheikha Mohammad Alfoudari, Abdellatif Elsafy Elgazzar and Ahmed Mohamed Nouby

Unique Quantification: Beyond Russell and Kripke Islamic Philosophy of Naming
Mashhad Al-Allaf

Bella Swan: Revisiting the Eve Myth
Işıl Öteyaka and Meryem Ayan

Cossack Liberation Movement in the Interpretation of Ukraine Artists of the 19 th – Early 21 st Century
Andrii Korniev and Svitlana Rybalko

Pearl Industry of Sri Lanka: From Ancient Times to the 15 th C.E.
J. M. Sudharmawathie

Designing e-Content Based on Learning Objects and Its Effect on the Development of Mathematical Concepts Among Kindergarten Children in the State of Kuwait
Fatema Y. A. S. Alhasawi and Ahmed Mohamed Nouby

Means of Communicating an Image of Being “Engaged” and “A Realist” in Newspaper Columns: Results of Empirical Research
Anna Barańska-Szmitko

Words and Music in James Joyce’s ‘Sirens’
Maria Frendo

The Internal Communication Strategy in Public Institutions
Dominik Hryszkiewic

Anatomizing Post-Columbian “Contaminated Communities” Represented in Contemporary American and Australian Poetry
Susan Alexander

So Near Yet So Far: Influence of Spousal Communication on Marriage and Perceived Causes of Divorce
Masrur A. Khan

Solid Waste Management in Nigeria: Contributions to Sustainable Development: A Study of Eswama, Enugu State of Nigeria
Josephine Ivoma Orga and Anulika Virginia Obi

Fixedness and Variation in the Structure of Idiomatic Expressions in Modern Standard Arabic: An Analysis of the Saudi Newspaper Al-Riyadh
Hijab Alqahtani

The Employment Potential of People Taking Care of Their Elderly Family Members in Poland
Lukasz Jurek

Wig or No Wig? – When the Early American Diplomats Met with European Court Protocol
Lukrecija Maljkovic Atanasovska

Dissatisfied Response Behaviour, Negative Emotion, and Dissatisfied Service Experience: A Structural Model
Nor Irvoni Mohd Ishar and Rosmimah Mohd Roslin

The Service Quality Development of Local Administrative Organizations in Northeast, Thailand
Kwunkamol Donkwa

Reflecting on the Morality of David Hume in Today’s World
Benedict Chika Ibolekwu

Reflections of Tactics of Women in Everyday Life: Analysis of the Movie “Mustang”
Gaye Gökalp Yılmaz

The Skepticism on the Notion of African Time, a Fact or Fancy?
Abba Joebarth Chiemeka

Ethnic and Religious Peculiarities of Aging of the Population of Georgia
Mzia Shelia

Youth Unemployment Among University Graduates: Guar Municipality – Portugal
Amândio Baía and Helga Viveiros

Rossetti’s “Proserpine” as the Representation of Repressed Women in the Victorian Period
Zehra Aydın

Conrad’s Reclaiming the Colonized in Heart of Darkness (1899)
Zöhre Baş

Conceptualising Naxalite Movement as Social Movement
Mrudul Nile

The Effectiveness of Teacher Leadership and the Development of the Soft Skills Among Secondary School Students in Malaysia
Yahya Don , Arumugam Raman , Siti Noor Ismail and Kamarudin Kasim

Colour in Architecture: Examples of Stained Glass
Hacer Mutlu Danaci

Critical Factors that Impact College Success
Lynne M. Celli and Nicholas D. Young

The Relationship Between Facebook Jealousy, Gender, and Self-Esteem in a Sample of University Students
H. Andaç Demirtaş-Madran

Syntactic Analysis of the Image Buildings Within the Context of Facade in Adana – Turkey
Özlem Şenyiğit and Gamze Atay

Semiotic and Visual Representation of Lotus Flowers in Thai Contemporary Culture and Society
Rattapol Chaiyarat

“Places of Memory” in Contrast to Their form of Commemoration: A Modern Biblia Pauperum (Paupers’ Bible)
Katarzyna Radecka

Online Pornography on Smartphones Amongst the Teenage Juvenile
Norhawanirwana Habidin, Mohd Yusof Abdullah and Mohd Azul Mohamad Salleh

Mythologies Woven Around the Religious Cults of Goa
Padmaja Kamat

The Progress in Developmental Processes of Minarets in Iran and Islamic Architecture
Mahyar Zargar and Roxana Abdollahi

Why Do So Many People Move to Bangkok?
Polpat Kotrajaras and Sutida Plyngam

Hidden Meanings Given to Old Age and Aging in the Context of Analysis of Chosen Verbal and Non-Verbal Messages
Longina Strumska-Cylwik and Małgorzata Lewartowska-Zychowicz

Landmarks and Values of Literary Poetics of Exile Within European Cultural Space
Doinita Milea

Norman Manea in Dialogue with Edward Kanterian – On Hybrid Identity
Simona Antofi

Impacts of the Internship Program on Clients of a Hospice Facility Including Psychotherapeutic Care
Monika Ulrichová

Formation of a Counter Society as a Consequence of Modern Impositions
Mesut Hazır

The Portrayal of the Female Protagonists in Anna Karenina, Madame Bovary and Aşk_I Memnu (Forbidden Love): Questioning Gender Roles
Berna Köseoşlu

A Discussion About Contemporary Art in the Society of the Spectacle
Micaela Lüdke Rossetti

Ideology and Literature
Gülrah Moramollu