Table of Contents (Volume 06, Number 02) (Download in PDF )

A Study of the Legislations Affecting Property Rights in Gombe State, Nigeria
Daniel Ibrahim Dabara, Ankeli Ikpeme Anthony, Akinjogbin Olujoba Isreal, Omotehinshe Joseph Olusegun and Omoyosi Gabriel Adeyemi

Partnership Bond Modifies the Preferences for Attractive Male Faces in Women
Slavka Demuthova and Andrej Demuth

Cultural Challenge of Implementing Social Media Journalism in Indonesia: A Study on the use of Social Media at
Dandi Supriadi

Sloping Plucked Instruments Used in the 15th Century and in Comparison with Today
Seda Tufekcioglu

Female Face Beauty is Strongly Stereotyped with the Main Emphasis on Femininity and Extraversion
Andrej Demuth and Slavka Demuthova

THE Destruction and Reconstruction of Aleppine `Ajami Rooms of Jdaydeh's Houses
Rami Alafandi and Asiah Abdul Rahim

Gas Pipeline Deal Between Turkey and Russia
Gözde Yirmibeşoğlu

Sentence Length of Turkish Patients with Early and Late-Onset Alzheimer's Disease
Eda Can, Gulmira Kuruoglu, Gorsev Yener and A. Sumru Özsoy

The Balkans as a Prominent Point for Human Smuggling Networks
Tanja Miloshevska and Oliver Bakreski

The Adjustment of First Year Undergraduate Students of the Faculty of Education at Mahasarakham University
Wantana Amatariyakul

Who Really LED China into Modernity: Perspectives From Inside China
William R. Gruver

The Recent Abundance of Fairy Tale Rewrites: A Reflection of Massive Social Changes
Shira Koren

IS Cognitive Stylistics Feasible? Shifting the Perspective in the Studies of Style and Stylization
Karolina Dobrosz-Michiewicz

Land Policy, Authorities and Their Interplays in Iraq
Laith Hady Al-Ossmi,Vian Ahmed and Aqeel Qusay Al-Mosawi

Persuasive Acts in Medical Communication: A Case of Medical Posters in Nigerian Context
Victoria O. Faleke

The Architectural Perspective of Illustrator Federico Babina
Ozge Gundem

Fight Club Movie: Emasculination and Feminization Themes in Masculinity in Terms of Feminist Theory
Zeliha Kuruducu

Barbary Captives and English Protestant Heroism in the Age of Elizabeth I
Sabrina Zerar and Rezzik Mohand Akli

Comedy and Poverty: Renato Castellani's Due Soldi di Speranza
Betul Balaban

Conceptual Metaphor ``Race is Color'' and Political Correctness
Natia Vasadze

Invisible Metaphors
Tamar Kekelidze and Guranda Kukuladze

Transformation of the DolnÍ VÍtkovice
Martina Peřinková, Lenka Kolarčíková and Markéta Twrdá

Freedom of Religion and Criminal Liability for the Religious Insults
Adam Makharadze and Omar Makharadze

Frantz Fanon's Revolutionary Intellectualism `Fanonism' and Its Relevance to the Algerian/African Post-Colonial Intellectual Discourse
Hemza Boudersa

Effective Political Participation of Women for Gender Equality
Ohazurike Eudora U. and Nwosu Donald I.

The Ethics of Best-Practices in Real World Social Work
Vaughn A. DeCoster and Kathy Elpers

Chinese Belief-Related Vocabulary Concerning the Vegetarian Festival Celebrated by Chinese Thais in Trang Province, Thailand
Katematu Duangmanee and Usa Ratthanapan

An Appraisal of the Essence of Citizen Journalism in Nigeria: A Case Study of the 2015 Fuel Scarcity and the Proposed Media Bill
Olabola Taye Omisore

Narcoepics Domain in an Ethically Paradoxical Society; Case Study: Egyptian T.V. Series Under Control by Tamer Mohsen and the Scale by Ahmed Khaled Mosa
Rabab Ahmed Amn Abdel Fattah

Intertextual Perspectives on Contemporary Retellings of ``Cinderella'' and ``Beauty and the Beast''
Kirsten Møllegaard and Kylee Sullivan

Japanism in Ukrainian Art of the Late XX- Early XXI Century: Sculpture and Plastic Objects
Svitlana Rybalko and Alla Ozhoha-Maslovska

Engaging with Modernity: Revisiting the Ontology of the Self as a Meaning Giving Being
Anoop George

National Subjects in Ukrainian Art of the MID 20 TH Early 21 TH Century
Andrii Korniev, Natalia Usenko and Tetiana Kutsenko

The Effect of Quality Leadership on Nigeria's International Image
Adewale Oladipo Oyekanmi

The Depiction of Barcelona in ``The City of Marvels'' by Eduardo Mendoza
Simona-Luiza Țigriș

Historical Background of the Yugoslavia-Bosnia Civil War
Hale şvgn

Arab-American `Otherness' in Yousef EL Guindi's Back of the Throat
Sahar Mokbel

Press Coverage of Children's Rights in Nigeria
Austen A. Sado

The Cave Between Theology and Revelation
Madoui Khalida

Female Bonding as Therapy to Human Right Violation in Akachi Ezeigbo's Trafficked
Itang Ede Egbung

Immigration, Employment and Social Expenditure in Canadian Public Policy: Redistributive or Regulatory?
Shamsuddin Ahmed

Rhetoric and Social Justice in Nelson Mandela's ``I am Prepared to Die'' Speech
Ekpang Juliet Nkane

Foreign Direct Investment Analysis for Thailand
Amornrat Duangjun and Ergun Gide

To Identify the Impact of Factors Related to Job Stress on Managers: An Empirical Study in Information Technology in India
Bharati Deshpande and Kirti Arekar

The Adoption of Information and Communication Technology in Radio and Television Stations in Nigeria
Abimbola Iyabode Alao and Mutiat Temitayo James