Table of Contents (Volume 09, Number 01) (Download in PDF )

Service Quality and Customer Loyalty In Hotels Within Ibadan Metropolis, Oyo State, Nigeria
O. C. Apata, T. D. Afolabi, A. F. Abimbola, I. N. Adebayo, O. O. Ajayi and A.O. Okhiria

Feminism in Jordan: Discourse and Ideologies
Amani Ghazi Jarrar

A Linguist’s ‘Platypus Moment’: Proper Nouns as Means of Conceptualizing Events in Contemporary American English
Alexandra Nagornaya

Toward a Strategic Shift of Public Relations in the Greater China During Big Data ERA: An Exploratory Research based on the Grounded Theory
Xianhong Chen, Ling Zhang and Ni Chen

Impoliteness and Identity Co-Construction in Georgian Family Discourse
Mari Khukhunaishvili

Biomedical Ethics on Organ Sale: Epistemological Position of Islamic and Mainstream Bioethics
Az Zahara Abu Jamal and Hamim Azad

Human Control towards Genetic Test for Predictive Human Physiology: Analysis Based on the Quranic Concept of ‘Changing in God’s Creation’
Hamim Azad and Az Zahara Abu Jamal

Behavioural Intention to Use Airport Self-Service Check-In (SSCI) Kiosks among the Gen Y Passengers
Norlida Abdul Hamid, Tan Peck Leong and Mohd Fauzi Abdul Hamid

An Analysis of City Graphics: Thoughts on Exhibition Elements of the Solo Documentary Exhibition Titled as “Do Not Route”
Halime Türkkan

The Impact of Social Media on Tourism Destinations: Case Study of Newfoundland
Roselyne Okech

Perception of Material Possessions and Personality Traits Among Adolescents
Kara Chan

Labor Emigration and Employment in Georgia
Tamaz Zubiashvili and Shota Veshapidze

Evaluation of Commercials in terms of Interaction Within the Scope of Transactional Analysis: Turkish Airline Sector
Selva Ersöz

Research on Curating Films for Online Platforms and Festivals
Nadide Gizem Akgülgil Mutlu

The Politics of Colour in South Africa: Apartheid Laws that Affected the Current Labour Market
Adele Madikoma Mavuso

Piratical Challenges in the Nigeria Ocean space: Implication for National Security
Chidozie Ezeozue

Cryptology, Steganography and Propaganda: the Exclusion and Inclusion Roles of Language in Human Communication
Hajer Albalawi

Socio-Cultural Practices as Predictors of Mental Health Status of Women in Lagos State
B. O. Oladipupo

Understanding Public Security Crisis in Brazil a View from Insiders: a Phenomenological and Contemporary Approach
José Helano Matos Nogueira

Information War, Fake News and Georgia’s Countering Propaganda
Rusudan Vashakidze

Advancing Behavioral Health Integration in a Native American Community
Sue Tham

Effectiveness of the "Active Break″ Program on the level of Workplace Stress in the non-Teaching Staff of Peruvian union University, lima, 2013
Miguel Guillermo Bernui-Contreras

Aestheticization of Violence: a Study of Vijay Tendulkar’s Plays
Manisha Chillar

Asylum Seekers, Refugees and Immigrants in Turkey, with Special Reference to Syrians
Seher Cesur Kiliçaslan and Toprak Işik (Erdal Kiliçaslan)

Assimilation of Commercial Installation Exhibitions as a Genre of Art in Korea
Jiwon Lee Junhyuk Kwak Jayhyeon Park

The Social Implications of Gender Inequality in Physical Activity and Education: an EU case study
Jin Chey

Fostering Social Development Through Cultural Entrepreneurship: A Case Study
Rajeshree Gokhale and Mrunmayee Sonawale

Rhetorical Examination of Research Articles: Macrostructure, Cyclic Moves, Citations and Possible Cultural Influences
Loi Chek Kim, Mehmet Cem Odacioğlu, Soon Chiow Thai and Siti Katijah Johari

The Dismantling of Democracy, Brick, by Brick, by Brick: the Trump Presidency
Marie D. Natoli

Future of Entrepreneurship in the 4th Industrial Revolution
Wasif Minhas

The Evolution and Dynamics of Electronic Health Records Systems (EHRSs)
Bongs Lainjo

Theory of time and Literature: a Study of Tina Chang’s “Origin and Ash” and “The Idea of Revelation”
Yasser K. R. Aman

AMOS OZ in a Tale of Love and Darkness: An Anachronistic Call for a Dialogue with the Palestinian Other
Ibrahim A. El-Hussari

Wi-Faith: How a Brazilian Catholic Priest is Spreading Religious Messages of Faith and Hope Through Social Media to Devotees with Mental Illness
Patricia Pui Yue Lee

The Pastoral Escape: the Resistance of Pastoral Romanticism in upton sinclair’s the Jungle
Cihan Yazgi

The the Kutai National Park: Management Policy in Anthropological Perspective
Pawennari Hijjang, Simon Abdi K. Frank, Ahmad Ismail, Usman Idris, Hardiyanti Munsiup, Henny Marya Pratiknjo, Syahlan Mattiro, Yuli Apriati, Dahniar Th Musa and Abd. Salam Harianto

Mary Astell and John Locke: Gender Negotiation and Resistance
Mohamed Gariti and Sabrina Zerar

“You will be Arrested, Persecuted and Killed”: Nigerian Realities and the Question of Attitude to Organized Persecution
Francis O. Falako

New Trends of Educational Emigration in Georgia
Mzia Shelia and Mirian Tukhashvili

From Transitional Justice to Cultural Tourism in Taiwan: for whose gaze the Mudan Tribe Incident Framed?
Jou-juo Chu

The Mythical Character of Machine Language and Code
Gilbert McInnis

Comparative Discourse Analysis of Gay and Transgender Community (in georgian speaking context)
Tinatin Dadianidze

Medea and Literary Politics in Ulitskaia’s Narrative
Khatuna Beridze and Marine Giorgadze

The Female Quixote:the Quest of True Self
Gülrah Moramollu

A Critique of the Image of the Mother-in-law in the Second Half of the Twentieth Centruty Orient: TETE in road to Damascus as a role Model
Layla Farouq Abdeen

English as A Lingua Franca (ELF): Croatian L1 Students’ Perspectives
Maja Novak Lađarević

Professional Role Perception and Its Relationship To Job Satisfaction For Female Secondary School Counselors in Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Almotairi Lenah Lafi

Freud’s Concept of Disease and its Philosophical Foundation: Critical-Analytical Assessment for Freudian Method of Explanation
Mohamed Sayed Hassan and Aalia Alsaadi