Table of Contents (Volume 05, Number 03) (Download in PDF )

Mood Classification on English Sentences
Kadir Akin and Nigar Tugbagul Altan

A Move Analysis of the Rhetorical Structure of Formal Correspondence
Ahmed Ankit

The Importance of Teaching Culture in a Foreign Language Classroom
Boukhatem Nadera

Nietzsche and Modern Drama
Bahee Hadaegh

English Titles in Research Abstracts of Thai Scholars – Observation on Structural Construction
Ada Raimaturapong

Phillis Wheatley – Quest for Identity
Adli Odeh

Taxonomy – Māori Whakapapa Versus Western Science
Jonathan Te Rire

The Treatment of Anti-Democratic Expressions in Democracy in the Light of ECHR Case Law
Murat Tumay, A. Tarık Gümüş and Reyhan Sunay

South Africa’s Language Policies – A Long Walk to Implementation!
Juliane Klein

Analysis of Sound Perception for Predicting the Level of Language Acquisition
V. A. Demareva and S. A. Polevaya

Pre-Service EFL Teachers’ Level of Readiness for Teaching of Speaking – Proposing a Working Instrument
Ozgur Gungor and H. Sezgi Sarac

Thomas Malory and the Theme of Divided Personality – Sir Balin and/or Sir Balan, the Story of the Knight with Two Swords
Anca Magiru and Ionel Magiru

A Triumph of the Dark Angels – The Other Kind of Women in Edith Wharton’s Fiction
Syringa Xianmei Chen

Feminism and Feminine Profiles in Romanian Contemporary Literature – From Feminine Intimate Writing to Reality as Compensatory Project
Simona Antofi

Laura Cereta’s Art of Paradeigmata and Eristic Style
Daniel R. Fredrick

The Indigo Phenomenon and the New Generations – Are they Symbolic of an Emerging Consciousness and Paradigm?
Patrizia Trotta

Have the Audacity to Use Audacity
A. Shine and D. Shine

The Electronic Lonely Crowd – Patterns and Effects of Electronic Media Usage Among Contemporary Adolescents
John R. Hamilton

Ideological Re-evaluation of Literature during Romanian Communist Age. The Annulment of the Aesthetic and the Rise of the Political Motivation
Simona Antofi and Nicoleta Ifrim

La Perifrasi Gerundivale Italiana «Stare + Gerundio». Presentazione Generale e Modalità Di Traduzione in Romeno
Elena Pîrvu

Venezia, La Città Della Morte, Nell’Anonimo Veneziano Di Giuseppe Berto e La Tempesta di Juan Manuel de Prada
Lavinia Similaru

Roles of Educational Leaders in Inducing Change in Public Schools – Al Ain as a Case Study
Ahmed Mohamed Mohamed Ibrahim and Ahmed A. Al-Mashhadany

Tracing Modernism in American Literature – The Case of William Faulkner
Dalila Karakaci

On the Cinematographic Sense of the Personal Identity in the Light of Bergman’s Persona
Victor G. Rivas and Albert J. L. Carrillo Canán

How do our Malaysian Academic Staff Perceive their Leader’s Leadership Styles in Relation to their Commitment to Service Quality?
Raemah Abdullah Hashim and Rosli Mahmood

Il Contributo di Ernesto de Martino Nello Sviluppo Della Teoria Del Rituale Nell’etnografia Romena
Nicolae Panea

How do the Costumes make the Difference in Ethno-Fiction Films – Fishermen Communities in Sicily and in Portugal
Caterina Cucinotta

William Shakespeare’s Cross-Generic Representation of Empires – A Reconsideration of some Classic Postcolonial Readings of his Drama
Riche Bouteldja

Teachers’ Encountered Challenges in the Adoption of Task-Based Language Teaching in Malaysian Classrooms
Zarina Mustafa

Incorporating the Authentic Learning Approach in an Adult Learners’ Classroom at a Public University in Malaysia
Toh Chwee Hiang, Yeap Mei Chan, Gooi Poh Hong and Shaik Abdul Malik Mohamed Ismail

Multi-Level Analysis of Factors Affecting Post-Graduation of Master’s Degree Students
Tiwat Maneechote

Perceptions of Sexual Harassment – Focus on Malaysian Undergraduates
Wendy Yee Mei Tien, Ponmalar N Alagappar, Maya Khemlani David, Ngeow Yeok Meng, Zainab Ishak and Lean Mei Li

The Development of an E-Training Program for an English Language Training Course under a Collaborative Project between STOU, Thailand and Massey University, New Zealand
Sirirat Wipassilapa

Language Services, Market Requirements and Curriculum Design
Periklis Tagkas

Addressing Thai Science Teachers’ Understanding of the Nature of Science using the SLS (Sleep-Love-Share) Instructional Model based on Analogy and Contemplative Education Approaches
Sureeporn Kaewmuangmoon

Effect of Personal, Psychological and Organizational Characteristics of Senior Teachers on the Effectiveness of the Organizational/Social Capital in the Schools of the Sultanate of Oman
Abdul Hameed S. Hassan

The Demand and Supply Imbalances in Blended Learning at Arab Open University – Kuwait
Chekra Allani and Hassan Sharafuddin

The Figure of thought of V. Nabokov’s “The Gift”
Liudmila Salieva

Food, Language, Culture and Land – The Experience of Teaching the Italian Gastronomic Culture through the Teaching of the Italian Language in Australia
Andrea Bosio

Anthropology and Fiction – A New Way of Reading
Francesca Aniballi

The Career Education Approach to Basic Education in Thailand – Thanom Ras Bumrung School Case Study
Sukanya Chaemchoy and Chayapim Usaho

Compound Adjectives in English for Electrical Engineering
Milan Smutný

Discourse Community of Professionals
Milena Krhutová

Sa’di’s Exclusive Viewpoints to Moral Trainings in Golestan Book
Nahid Jafari

Predictors of Auditory Reasoning and Processing Skills in Preschool Children
Kezban Tepeli

Key Competencies of University Students – A Comparative Study
Peter Mesároš and Margita Mesárošová

The Structure of Educational Texts at Clement of Alexandria
Zahan Dana

Creating Sustainable Learning Environments at a School through Validation of its Community Cultural Wealth
Sechaba Mahlomaholo

Number System of the Head Noun in English, Turkish and Persian Languages
Azizeh Khanchobani Ahranjani

Gerard Genette and the Semiotics of the “Turner” in Henry James’s – The Turn of the Screw
Parvin Ghasemi and Hossein Fathi Pishosta

Applying the Theory of Linguistic Relativity to Music – An Initial Exploration
Caitlin M. Mannion and Elvira Sanatullova-Allison