Table of Contents (Volume 05, Number 06) (Download in PDF )

The World Bank Group in the Baltic States: Transition, Accession, Crisis
Adrian Robert Bazbauers

A Model for the Adoption of Social Networking Applications in Organizations
Kenneth A. Griggs and Rosemary Wild

Physical Activity and Health
Gregory Colman and Dhaval Dave

Will We May, Learn and Be Able to Think? Men and Mechanisms: Vannevar Bush, Theodor Nelson and Us
Diana Pimentel

Revising Attitudes to Physical Reality: Quantum Physics and Visual Art
Lynden Stone

Advanced Construction Process for Modern Nuclear Power Plants
Ahmed Konsowa, Ayman Mosallam and Ehab Hanafi

Does Culture Reflect Political and Societal Events?
Karen Johnston-Ashton

Life After Lock: Contribution of Friendly Employers and Supervision to Rehabilitation of Freed Prisoners
Ronit Peled-Laskov and Gidon Bialer

Personality, Communication Apprehension and Facebook: A Study of Well-Being and Relational Closeness Outcomes
Zakery R. James and Joseph P. Mazer

What are the Reasons for Code-Switching in a Formal Religious Speech?
Arfat Awadh Bait Jamil

Hate Crimes: A Global Racialistic & Xenophobic Enterprise (A Socio-Lego-Genetical Understanding)
Nafees Ahmad

Reviving Singaporean-Malay Cultural Identity Through Health Tourism: A Case Study of Traditional Malay Medical Practitioners in Singapore’s Geylang Serai
Humairah Bte Zainal

Five Disciplines Concerning the Dynamics of Change
Roberto Coto

Impact of Geographical Indication Adoption on Household Welfare and Poverty Reduction
Chuthaporn Ngokkuen and Ulrike Grote

Toward a Global Art History: The Case of the Middle East
Sjoukje Van Der Meulen

Tracking the Pre-Columbian Birdman: An Art Historic Investigation into Findings of a Common Supreme Deity of Civilization, Knowledge and the Arts of Agriculture
Sandra Starr

Socialization: Psychological Affect on Gender Conflict Within the American Workplace
Mark D. Orlando

The U.S. “Crisis Presidency”: What Price Security?
Marie D. Natoli

Saint Sebastian’s Contrapposto – From Renaissance Italy to Renaissance England: Asymmetrical Symmetry in Repose and in Action
Ann Dunn

A Study of the Relationship Between Organizational Justice and Support and Organizational Citizenship Behavior
Seyed Mohammad H. Kamani and Khadigeh Namdari

Architectural and Landscape Design: A New Synthesis Major Proposed with Interdisciplinary and General Models
Ping Xu

Authoritarian Terror and Economic Devastation in Equatorial Guinea: The Dictatorship of Francisco Macías Nguema Biyogo (1968-1979)
Michael R. Hall

Engaging and Motivating Undergraduate Science Students in a Writing Workshop Designed to Achieve Information Literacy and Professional Level Competence
George M. Malacinski and Brian Winterman

Education and Class Relations: Canada’s Indigenous People and the Knowledge Society
Terry Wotherspoon

Female Representation in Latin American Parliaments: Factors that Influence Representation
Kimberly S. Adams

Do Small Settlements Offer a Sustainable Alternative to the Growing Emergence of Megacities? A Comparison of the Socio-Economic Sustainability of Small Settlements in Europe and Australia
Lee Tozzi and Edmund Horan

Lack of Correlation Between Distinct University Student Skill Sets Identified by Using a Panel of Assessments: A Two Year Study
Andis Klegeris, Manpreet Bahniwal and Heather Hurren

Benchmarking to Improve Profitability: The System Archetype Approach
Kuan-Chou Chen and Carin Chuang

Urban Planning Education in a Democracy with a Market Economy: Learning Economic, Political and Social Skills
Dorina Pojani

Cultural Encounters Across the Mediterranean
Peter R. Alfieri

Way to Go: A Graph Mining Based Approach to Record Linkage for Sparse Data
Alexander Von Lünen

Integration as an Instrument of Developing Food Industry in Small Countries: The Baltic States Dairy Processing
Jānis Ozoliņš

An Analysis of Work-Family Linkage and Quality of Life
Oraphin Choochom and Indranee Pattamacharoen

The House that Critical Thinking Built: Blueprint for aporia
Stephany Peterson

Personal, Political, Scientific and Oriental: Contextualizing Coleridge’s Kubla Khan the New Historicist Way
Jalal Uddin Khan

Proximal Risk Factors of Severe and Fatal Violence to Victims by Persons with Serious Mental Illness
Billy Chan, Teresa Mejia, Maria Shehtman, Omar Khan, Meenu Minhas, Samreen Saad, Nzume Nzuonkwelle and Hirmand Allami

Relational Art and the Appropriation of the Public Sphere
Michael D. Slaven

Post-Colonial States and the Quest for Africa’s Development: An Assessment of the New Partnership for Africa’s Development
Evaristus Oshionebo

Could Displaced Marginals Co-Exist with Hungry Tigers? A Lyotardian Reading of Amitav Ghosh’s the Hungry Tide
Madhusmita Pati and Kailash Nath

Impact of Quality Work-Life on Job Performance: A Case Study on Indian Telecom Sector
Malini Nandi Majumdar, Debosmita Dawn and Avijan Dutta

Ekphrastic Narrative: A Genre Focalizing Image and Text
Linda Rader Overman

Cognitive Effects of Nicotine in Methamphetamine Users
James Bemel

How Do Top Management Team Internal Processes Affect Organizational Performance Outcomes?
Orhan Volkan Ozbek

Sexual Violence Victimisation and Subsequent Problematic Alcohol Use: Examining the Self-Medication Hypothesis
Marika Guggisberg

Morphology of Central Business District in Warsaw
Anna Bocian

Promoting Trust in Trusts & Estates
Michael R. Siebecker and Lee-Ford Tritt