Table of Contents (Volume 05, Number 07) (Download in PDF )

Assessment of Teachers in B-Learning Environments: Technological, Research and Humanistic Implications
Karolina González Guerrero, José Eduardo Padilla Beltrán and Diego Armando Rincón Caballero

Comparison of Flow Structure Behaviors Around a Sphere and Its Passive Control in a Boundary Layer Flow
Muammer Ozgoren, Abdulkerim Okbaz, Sercan Dogan, Besir Sahin and Huseyin Akilli

Developments, Applications and Policies of Renewable Energy in Turkey
Muammer Ozgoren, Saim Kocak, Eyub Canli, Muharrem H. Aksoy and Sercan Dogan

Determination of Heat Transfer Rate and Pressure Drop Performance of an Intercooler for Heavy Duty Engines
Selcuk Darici, Eyub Canli, Sercan Dogan and Muammer Ozgoren

Fuzzy Logic Based Control of the Load Swing of an Overhead Crane
Koray Kavlak and Selçuk Uçuk

Analysis of Secondary Professional-Stream Students' Conceptions of the Operation of Reversed and Forward Biased Diodes
Abdeljalil Métioui

A Comparison of Individual Characteristics and the Multiple Contexts for Children with Different Bullying Status: An Ecological Perspective
Tena Velki

Anatolian Seljuks Portals of Konya Monuments and Constituents of Portals
Melda Arca Yalçin and H. Ibrahim Kunt

Seeding of Women Leadership in India: Investigating the Experiences of the Trailblazers
Vipin Gupta and Abira Saran

Alexis De Tocqueville and the Romanian Political Culture in the Second Half of the XIXth Century
Simion-Alexandru Gavriş

Practicing Ethical School Leadership
John W. Cook

Examining Characteristics of High Potential Employees from Employees’ Perspective
Nurita Juhdi, Fatimah Pa’wan and Ram Milah @ Simranpreet Kaur Hansaram

Using Different Types of Fine Aggregate to Produce High Strength Concrete
Abbas S. A. Al-Ameeri and Haider M. Al-Baghdadi

Of Ritual Passengers, Cargo Cultists, and Unrequited Lovers in Ayi Kwei Armah’s Fragments
Bouteldja Riche and Sabrina Zerar

Effect of the Balance of Components of Social Attitude: A New Methodological Approach to Study of the Social Attitude Phenomenon
Inna Akopova

A GIS-Based Method for Determining of Regeneration Strategies in Historic Urban Quarters
M. Serhat Yenice

Spatial and Functional Transformation of the Representation Building of TMMOB Aksaray Chamber of Architects (Historic İbrahİm Kaya Mansion)
Tülay Karadayi Yenice

Gender-Based Interactional Competence in NNS-NS English Conversation
Ying-Shu Susan Liao

Three Decades of Successful Implementation that Shoot Blanks: Evidence from Thailand
Peerawich Thoviriyavej and Vorapitchaya Rabiablok

A Clash of Cultural Identities in the UAE
Lelania Sperrazza

Choosing an Entry-Level Supply Chain Career: A Candidate’s Dilemma, a Recruiter’s Plight
Kuntal Bhattacharyya, Xiexin Liu and Neil Clark

Cash Flow and Company Valuation Analysis: Practical Approach to INA PLC, the Biggest Croatian Oil Company
Tomislav Jeletic

Gender Differences in Consumer Decision-Making Styles of Hispanic American College Business Students
Yeong Nain Chi, Marvin G. Lovett and Orson Chi

Research Project on an Urban Space: Defining the Symbolic Role of Tahrir Square
Ashkan Rezvani Naraghi

The Relationship of Personality Types and Foreign Language Learners’ Perceptions of Other Cultures
Katarzyna Piatkowska

Meta-Model of Sexual Harassment
Oksana V. Sudoma and Janice G. Rienerth

Human Trafficking in Canada and Worldwide: A Critical Assessment of the Available Estimates and Official Statistics
Natalya Timoshkina

Leadership-Structure-Culture and Proposed Change in Internal Medicine Department of MGMC (Mahatma Gandhi Medical Center)
Pratiksha Gurnani

Playing the Devil’s Advocate Againts Liberal-Techno Dictatorship Recalling Nationalism
A. Baran Dural

The Turkish Debate on the "Tunceli Incidents"
Burak Gumus

How to Illustrate Typical Statistical Applications of Normal Distributions
Andriy Didenko, Gary Miller and David Allison

Translator as an Image Maker
Ludmila Minaeva