Table of Contents (Download in PDF )

From Classroom to Career: Articulating and Operationalizing the Liberal Arts Advantage for the Career Readiness of College Students
James Simon, Aaron Perkus and Robbin D. Crabtree

Demystifying Academic Reading and Writing
Mary Hatakka

Cognitive Development, Teaching Methods and Techniques of Foreign Language Learning
Tanja Nedimović and Jelena Prtljaga

Deformation - Analogical – Metamorphic Approach to the Understanding of Design with Architecture Students
Ŏzlem Şenyiğit, Gamze Atay, Altay Çolak and Tolga Uzun

Economic Achievements of Hungarian City-Network and its Employment Potential
Judit Berkes and Ádám Páthy

Consumers’ Perception of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and their Attitude Toward Retailers – Its Significance for Creating Retailers’ Competitive Advantage
Magdalena Stefańska and Tomasz Wanat

The Information Asymmetry and the Social Responsibility on the Food Market
Renata Nestorowicz

The Relations between the Internal Communication Conditionings and its Effectiveness
Anna Rogala

The Determination of Preschool Teachers’ Awareness Related to Shared Reading
Hatice Kefeli and Ayşegül Bayraktar

Negative Effects of Personalization In Direct Marketing
Aleksandra Kaniewska-Sęba and Bogna Pilarczyk

Creativity Techniques in Marketing – Managers’ Expertise Compared to its Practical Application
Ewa Jerzyk

Epicism in Bertolt Brecht’s The Elephant Calf and He Who Says Yes, A Marxist Approach
Mona F. Hashish

A Fuzzy Logic based Expert System for Quality Assurance of Document Image Collections
Roman Graf, Alexander Schindler and Reinhold Huber-Mörk

“Surprising” Fountains in 15th Century Sienese Treatises
Adriana de Miranda

A Hierarchical-Subgrouping Approach for the Determination of Significant Moderators Influencing the Relationship Between Favourable Organizational Climate and Job Attitude: The Reporting of Results (Series 3)
Nitin Arora

The Study of Acceptance for Hydropower Development in Yom River Basin
Varinthorn Boonying, Narongsak Noosorn and Thanach Kanokthet

Teaching and Learning Higher-Order Thinking
Shouhong Wang and Hai Wang

The Influences of Research Environment within a University on Research Productivity of Academic Staff – A Case Study in a Research-Oriented University in Vietnam
Quy H. Nguyen and Christopher J. Klopper

The Use of Review of System Assessment Guide on the Nursing Students’ Self-Reported Competence, Self-Reported Confidence and Directly-Observed Competence on Health Assessment
Genecar G. Pe Benito, Rowena L. Escolar-Chua and Marie Ann Vvargas

Prospective Classroom Teachers’ Intentions to Integrate Health Education Across the Curriculum
Seidu Sofo, Emmanuel Thompson, Amy Freshwater and Catherine Krebs

The Use of Mass Media in Training Brokerage and the Clientele Experience in Nigeria
Moshood Ayinde Hassan

International Development Cooperation in the Field of Corporate Social Responsibility Institutionalisation
Okorochkova Anastasia

Occupational Stress and Personality Factors of Substance Abusing Employees of Business Process Outsourcing/Information Technology Sector
Madhumita Mohanty and Om Prakash Chowdhury

Teacher, It’s Not Cheating – It’s Cooperation! Academic Dishonesty in the Arabian Gulf
Kathy O’Sullivan

English Langugae Learner Remediation through an Adaptive Learning Platform
Virginia McCormack

Foucauldian Panopticism: The Attitudes of Pre-Service English Teachers in ELT Department Towards Learner-Centered and Teacher-Centered Approach
Dilek Tufekci Can

Active Vibration Control of Automobile Chassis by Optimal Hydraulic Controller
R. Venkatachalam and A. Bala Raju

Game Design Principles and Motivation
Aimee Oxarart, Jennifer Weaver, Adel Al-Bataineh and Mohamed T. Al Bataineh

Servant Leadership in Finance – Contradiction or Symbiosis?
Karl Zehetner and Peter Steinkellner

Improvisation as a Viable Strategy for Architectural Composition. Control, Chance and Choice in Contemporary Creativity
Agnieszka Rumież

The Three Neurogenetic Phases of Human Consciousness: The Possibility of Transhuman and Posthuman Consciousness
John K. Grandy

A Time Series Analysis of the Determinants of Domestic Private Investment in Iraq (1970-2010)
Jwan S. Hussein and James K.A. Benhin

Risk Management in Public Expenditure Management and Aid – A Comparison of the World Bank and Government of Malaysia under the Educational Sector Support Project (ESSP)
Sulaiman Aris

Components of Remuneration and Employee Satisfaction: The Impact of Effort Rewards and Career Advancement
Abdelhadi Naji

The Four Eastern European Countries’ Democratic Political Systems and their Executives
Kasim Karagoz and Saban Akca

Learning through Student Created, Content Videos
Henry Greene

Potential of Robotic Mannequin System and Digital Body-Mapping for Apparel Industry
C.K. Chan, J. Yang and A. Luximon

Construction of Collocations in the Writing of Postgraduate Students
Firooz Namvar and Noraini Ibrahim

Strategies for Education Reform
Anwar Dawood and Juliette Hirst

Developing the Right Reading Comprehension Modules for the Right Reason with the Help of Reads
Lin Siew Eng, Abdul Rashid Mohamed, Shaik Abdul Malik Mohamed Ismail and
Muhammad Javed

Religion and its Impact Upon Purchase Behavior: A Study of Indian Consumers
Sujata Khandai, Bhawna Agarwal and Shweta Bajpai

Housing Stability Determinants as Informed by Previously Homeless Individuals: Having a Roof is only the Beginning
Andreas E. Tomaszewski, Tracy L. Powell, Sonya L. Jakubec and Joseph Osuji

Types of Grammar Errors Foundinthai Efl Students’ Business Writing
Tanom Tiensawangchai

Factors Affecting Graduate Students’ Decisions To Drop Out
Pracharee Amartayakul

Gender Identification in Some Plover using CHD Gene
Supattra Poeaim, Nichapat Chobarporn, Krairat Eiamampai, Somchai Nimnuan and
Thiti Sornsa

Didactic Substantiation for the use of Critical Thinking Methods in the Chemistry Course of Medical Education
Irina Kazuša

Ethics, Globalization and Cultural Disintegration
Blaine T. Garfolo and Barbara L’Huillier

The Specifics of Teaching Architecture at an International Chinese-UK University
Ganna Andrianova

Online Frontiers in Education: Leadership’s Role
Sandra Lee Gupton

The Impact of a System-Wide Community College Professional Development Program on Pedagogical Practice: An Assessment of Faculty Perspectives
Yvonne Williams-McMillan and Gregory M. Hauser