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Performance Evaluation of DC Bus Control of Cascaded Two-Level Rectifier - Three-Level Inverter – Induction Motor
T. Abdelkrim, K. Benamrane, B. Bezza, Aeh Benkhelifa and A. Borni

Effects of Resistant Starch and Fiber-Rich Apple and Apricot Powders on Low-Fat Cookie Quality
Özen Özboy Özbaş, Ibrahim Tuğkan Şeker and Incilay Gökbulut

Assessment of Potential Values of Sesamum Indicum Seed
N. E. Okoronkwo, E. Q. Osuji and C. C. Nwankwo

Applying of Trend Derivative Estimator to Financial Time Series Analysis
Jaroslaw Jerzy Garus

TSA Screening Procedures: A Threat to Privacy
Francisco Deno, Carol Diaz, Charles Lliguicota, Dareiny Norman and Ramón-Osvaldo González

Using Guided Response to Stimulate Student Engagement in the Online Asynchronous Discussion Board
Claire DeCristofaro, Pamela Ford Murphy, Teri Herron and Eric Klein

Experimental Study and Optimization of the Influencing Factors in Photocatalytic Degradation of MB using Titanate Nanotubes
Aghareed M. Tayeb and Dina S. Hussein

Plasma Formation Energy and Hydroxyl Production on Contact Glow Discharge Electrolysis
Nelson Saksono, Intan Nugraha, Misri Gozan and Setijo Bismo

Errors in the Usage of the English Definite/Indefinite Articles Among Saudi University-Level Students
Ayedh Dhawi Mohammed Al-Mohanna

Monitoring of Soils in Ecologically Vulnerable Mining Areas Around Shamlugh Town in Armenia
K. A. Ghazaryan, S. S. Avetisyan and N. A. Gevorgyan

An Attempt to Develop Bilingualism in Sri Lanka through Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL)
Marie Perera and S.A. Kularatne

Attitudes and Motivations in Learning English as a Foreign Langauge
Mouili Fatiha, Bouhamidi Sliman, Bakader Mustapha and Maameri Yahia

Challenges in Managing Elderly Care Centres in Malaysia
Sharifah Meriam Syed Akil, Salhah Abdullah and Sapora Sipon

Developing Students’ Ability in Listening and Speaking English using the Communicative Approach of Teaching
Dissaya Supharatypthin

Filled Gaps: A Psycholinguistic Factor Affecting the Fluency of Speech
Ayşe Altıparmak and Gülmira Kuruoğlu

Service Quality, Satifaction, and Customer Loyalty in a Full-Service Domestic Airline in Thailand
Piyakanit Chotivanich

English Pronunciations Deviations among Gulf Arabs
Faeqa Alsadeqi

A Simultaneous Equations Model of Free Trade and Economic Growth of Egypt
Seham H. Negem

Experimental Design for Estimating Parameter-Values of Modelling Crude Oil Adsorption on Thermo-Chemically Modified Lignocellulosic Biomass
Fragiskos A. Batzias, Dimitrios K. Sidiras, Christina G. Siontorou, Athanasia N. Bountri, Dorothea V. Politi, Odysseas N. Kopsidas, Ilias G. Konstantinou, George N. Katsamas, Ioanna S. Salapa and Stavroula P. Zervopoulou

Thailand’s Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA) Electronic Customer Relationship Management (E-CRM) System and How it Affects Customer Satisfaction
Karn Choknumkij and Wanno Fongsuwan

Customer Repurchase Intention, Trust and Customer Satisfaction Influecing Outsourced Employees at Kasikornbank Bank Public Company Limited (Thailand)
Sutticha Chamchuntra and Wanno Fongsuwan

Institutional Economics in the Research of Local and Regional Development Processes – A Theoretical and Practical Context
Mariusz E. Sokołowicz

Heat Transfer in Turbulent Flow Through Tube with Conical-Ring Inserts
M. A. Rashid Sarkar, Saddam Hossain Khan and Sajib Saha

Simulating the Behavior of Seawater Contaminated with Oil Spill and Chemical Dispersant when Approaching a Windy Shore
Fragiskos A. Batzias and Stavroula P. Zervopoulou

An Online Investigation of the HIV/AIDS Transmission Prevention Strategies of Sexually Active Young Adults Living in the Ongoing Era of HIV/AIDS
Elys Vasquez-Iscan

Comparing Differences between the Learning Outcomes of Adult Students, Traditional Students and Online Students: A Quantitative Study
Gary F. Keller

Student Voice: Its Impact on School Reform Efforts and the Reasons behind the Success Saudis Accomplished in Learning English Language in Canada Comparing to their Unsuccessful Experiences in Saudi Arabia
Dalia Jamal Alghamdi

Microcontroller-based Integrated Spent Coffee Processing System for Oil Extraction
Nuestro Rhodora Vergara

Teaching, Learning, and Professional Development in the English Companion Ning (ECN): An Online Community for English Teachers
Asma Khan

Financial Liberalization in India: The Return of an Old Familiar Ghost- Washington Consensus
Deepanshu Mohan

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants: An Ethical Leadership Agenda for Educational Reform in Mauritius
Jean Claude Ah-Teck and David Hung

Knowing the Person in a Virtual Environment: Protocol for a Grounded Theory Study of Telehealth in Nursing Practice
Daniel A. Nagel

Cultural and Scientific Inclusion through Dance and Science: Lessons from a Project in Brazil
J. R. A. Silveira, C.O. Maia and Denise Lannes

Environmental Impacts by Golf Courses and Strategies to Minimize Them: State of the Art
Carlos Andrés Peña Guzmán and Duvan Javier Mesa Fernández

College is where the Real Learning Happens: Perceptions from Irish Craft Apprentices using Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis
Eric Bates

Quality Assurance in Vocational and Technical Education: A Panacea to Youth Unemployment in Nigeria
Augustine Edeoga Ejili

The Effectiveness of using Pedagogical Tasks to Improve Speaking Skill
Abdullah M. A. Alhomaidan

Texting Abbreviations and Language Learning
Ahmed Al Shlowiy

L2 Writing Anxiety of the Students of the Maritime Academy of Asia and the Pacific
Caroline W. Dacwag

The use of Vignettes to Measure the Dynamics of Wasta
Lewis R. Tucker and Rosalind Buckton-Tucker

The Management of Trade for International Security: An Analysis of Some Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership
David A. Jones

Towards the Design of an Optimal Network Bandwidth Allocation Algorithm
Ndabezinhle Soganile, Mathebula R. Ishmael, Benson Moyo, Gilbert Dzawo and Madzima Kudakwashe

Television Coach Potatoes Versus Bookworms in Foundation Phase
C.G.A. Smith

The Art of Capturing a Yawn using the Science of Nerve Impulses and Cortisol Levels in a Randomized Controlled Trial. Thompson Cortisol Hypothesis as a Potential Predictor of Neurological Impairment
Simon B. N. Thompson, Charlotte Frankham and Philip Bishop

Students’ Entrepreneurial Strategy: Connecting Minds?
Ratna Lindawati Lubis

Effects of Soap and Brewery Effluents on the Bacterial Population in an Aquatic Ecosystem
Ijeoma Iheukwumere and Ome Kalu Achi

Seroprevalence of Hepatitis B Surface Antigens (HBsAg) Among Pregnant Women Attending Antenatal in UNTH, Ituku Ozalla, Nigeria
Nkechi Chuks Nwachukwu, Ijeoma Iheukwumere and Vivian Onyinye Onyekwere

Two’s Company, Three’s a Crowd? The Student Teacher, The Mentor and the University Tutor
Doreen Spiteri

Conjunctive Synthesis as an Interdisciplinary Pedagogical Method for Art and Design - A Cube
Liana Psarologaki

Impact of Prior Discussion on the Participation of Students in a High School Physics Laboratory
Louis Trudel and Abdeljalil Métioui