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Awareness and Attitudes toward Engineering Faculty Students on Renewable Energy Sources and Environment
Mustafa Günay and Mehmet Erdi Korkmaz

Mineralogy and Geology of Sedimentary Units in Dinar (Afyonkarahisar) and Baklan (Denizli) Basin, Western Turkey
Tülay Altay and Ibrahim Dumlupunar

An Analysis of Motives to using Hormonal Contraception: A Study on Polish Women of Child-Bearing Age
Justyna Kinga Stepkowska, Katarzyna Malgorzata Stepkowska and Ewa Dmoch-Gajzlerska

Impact of Commercial Banks’ Loans and Advances to Agriculture and Manufacturing Sectors on the Economic Growth of Nigeria (1994 – 2013)
Nwaeze Chinweoke, Egwu, Charles Chukwudinma and Nwabeke Chidinma Elizabeth

A Study of Trans-Generational Manufacturing Design Paradigm Paralysis in Japan
Hiro Mitsuyama

The Perplexing Toms Effect
Chaim Elata

Development of Conceptual Framework of Biomimicry Thinking Process
Wan Noor Faaizah Wan Omar, Khairul Aidil Azlin Abd Rahman and Muhammad Firdaus Abong Abdullah

Factors Affecting the Decision to Study a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration: A Case Study of Administration and Management College, King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology, Ladkrabang
Sirijanya Kuawiriyapan and Srisunan Sookthaworn

The Role of Student Ratings of Instruction in Abet Accredited Information Systems Programs
Gerard Morris, Wayne Haga and Abel Moreno

Analysis of the Relationship Between Formal and Informal Educational Settings to Develop Science Education
Louis Trudel and Abdeljalil Métioui

Educating Immigrants: The Myths and Realities of a Modern Immigrant’s Education
Darrel Lau and Jonathon Gordon

Peace and Security in Ecowas: An Assessment of United Nations-African Union and Ecowas Partnership for Regional Security in West Africa
Bashir Malam

Assessing the Effect of Studying Abroad on the Global Awareness of Engineering and Technology Students
Ronald Sterkenburg and Sergey Dubikovsky

Apartheid Education: The Federal Government of Canada and First Nations
Ron Phillips

Successful Protection Against Canid Predation on Little Penguins (Eudyptula Minor) in Australia using Maremma Guardian Dogs: ‘The Warrnambool Method’
Kristie King, Robert Wallis, Anne Wallis, Amanda Peucker, David Williams

Power Imbalances in Research: A Step by Step Illustration of an Adapted Multiple Nominal Group Analysis
Lizeth Roets and Irene Lubbe

Pathway to Nurture Practical Skills of Landscape Architects in the Baltics by Continuous Professional Growth
Gintaras Stauskis and Vaiva Deveikienė

Physician-Assisted Suicide: Moral, Ethical and Legal Considerations
Elizabeth A. Marcuccio and Joseph P. McCollum

Bridging the Gap of Gender Bias in the provision of educational facility in Kano North West Nigeria Focusing on St. Louis Girls Secondary School
Maryam Wahida Ahmed

Big Data Challenges for Management of Teaching and Learning
Shouhong Wang and Hai Wang

Evaluation of a Company - Specific Risk Premium on Emerging Markets: A New Approach
Antonina Shepeleva

An Empirical Analysis on the Determinant of Food Price Inflation in Malaysia
Caroline Geetha, Rosle Mohidin, Vivin Vincent Chandran, Mohd Rahimie Abd. Karim and Retchard Jundam

Extending an Interpreter Program Written in C++ to Recognize Functions in a Programming Language
Octavian Nicolio

Managing the Hotel Supply Chain from Inventory to Guest Services: RFID and the Power of Guest Tracking
Fadye Saud Al Fayad

Impact of Corruption on Employee Decision Making Process
Udu Gabriel Obasi Chidozie

Mathematical Analysis of Mindanao State University Admission Test Scores as Predictors of Students’ Academic Performance
Maria Lourdes D. Galia

Social Enterprises’ Viability to Diffuse Advanced Solar Technologies in Africa: A Case of Cooperatives in Uganda
Ahmed Mutunzi Kitunzi and Shailendra Vyakarnam

Spending Habits of Youths in India with Special Reference to Mumbai City
V. S. Kannan Kamalanathan

Moving towards Market Driven Higher Education in Australia: Is it Time to Look at Economist Milton Friedman?
Steven Holliday and Ergun Gide

Implication of Students’ Cognitive Style, Personal Demographics, Values and Decision Making in Environmental Education
Chuckie Fer A. Calsado, Rosanelia T. Yangco and Maricris B. Acido-Muega

The Delivery Mode Heuristic: A Reflective Tool for Decision Makers
Michael Canuel and Mary Stewart

Eco-Efficiency Analysis for Roadways
Andrew S. Chang and Tam T. T. Le

Women in the ICT Profession: Does Membership of a Professional Association Make a Difference to their Career?
Susan Bandias and Rajeev Sharma

The Urban Dimension of Literature. Parisian Urban Spaces and Architectural Spaces in the Literature of the Late 19 and Early 20 Century
Armin Stocker

How Do Job Seekers Respond to Organizational Attractiveness? A Study based on CSR Dimensions
Vidisha Gunesh Ramlugun and Mohammad Tanweer Sheik Raman

Technology, Trust and Talent: The Recipe for Fast-Tracking a Virtual Team
James R. DellaNeve, Ann Gladys and Brenda Wilson

The Leadership Styles and Behaviors of African American Women Executives Across Multiple Economic Sectors
Jacqueline M. Johnson

Celebrity and the United Nations: Leadership and Referent Power of Global Film Ambassadors
Anita M. Cal and Leo A. Mallette

The Gatekeeping Process of Foreign News by Public Broadcasting Television
Joanne Muscat

The Importance of Cross-Cultural Learning in the Design Disciplines: A Case Study Reviewing a Series of Short Term Study Tours Designed to Support Cross-Cultural Exchange in the Asia-Pacific Region
Carlos Montana Hoyos, Lisa Scharoun and Justine Poplin

Military Program As A Patriotism-Oriented Socializing Agent Among Israeli Youth
Sara Zamir

Time for Renewal: The Brics and The Goals of Political Leadership
Marco Martins

Using Mixed Methods to Inquire How Therapists Address a Taboo Topic with Women Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse
Angela Hovey

Capacity Building for Entrepreneurship Development in Ghana: The Perspectives of Owner Managers
Bylon Abeeku Bamfo, Felicity Asiedu-Appiah and Paul Kofi Oppong-Boakye

When Word-of-Mouth Goes Online: Evaluating the Characteristics and Effects of Ewom Communication
Ronald K. Raymond

Limited Access Order and Violence: Pakistan’s Development Dilemma
Haris Rehman

Recovery from Ethical Lapses in American Business: TYCO
Martin D. Carrigan and Theodore C. Alex

The Interaction of Temperature and Photoperiod in the Acquisition of Cold Hardiness and Dormancy Induction of White Spruce Seedlings (Picea Glauca Moench, Voss)
Sharon L. Gillies

Performance Evaluation of Turkish Equity Funds in an Era of Quantitative Easing
Gözde Ünal and Ömer Faruk Tan

Small Medium Enterprise (SME) Bank Financing Constraints in Developing Countries: A Case Study of Bhutan
Chokey Wangmo

The Overuse Of Mobile Devices And Their Detrimental Psychological Effects On Individuals
Carol Shepherd, Jan Parker and Tomas Steiner

Towards a New Competency Model for HRM. The Art of Competency Modelling – A New Approach for HRM
Barbara Covarrubias Venegas and Katharina Thill

Location of Logistic Centers Under Conditions of the Polish Economy: Criteria and Models
Lucjan Kurzak and Robert Sałek

Expenditures on innovative activities as a measure of the development of Polish enterprises
Izabela Turek

The Analysis of the Functioning of Polish Logistics Centers in Terms of it Systems Supporting the Process of Customer Service
Iga Kott