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Creativity Across the Curriculum: Why it Matters
Zofia Reid

Educational Drama and Cultural Pedagogy in African Pre-Tertiary Schools: The Nigerian Example
Asabe Yusuf Mohammed

Effectiveness of Student-Self-Documented Classroom Participation Score in Motivating Students’ Class Discussion and Enhancing Learning
Tilo Li

Student Unions as the Way of Learning Democracy Skills - Successful Finnish University Student Activists’ Perceptions
Liisa Ansala, Satu Uusiautti and Kaarina Määttä

L1 Related-Issues of Turkish Speaking Learners of English in use of Possessives
Burçin Balabakgil, Dilan Okçü, Mehmet Türk and Enisa Mede

No News is Bad News: Active Learning Saves Newswriting
Cristina Karmas

Student Views on Scales and Exercises with Aksak Meters Prepared for Flute Education
Ajda Şenol Sakin and Ferda Gürgan Öztürk

The Democratisation of Design and Design Learning – How Do We Educate the Next–Generation Designer
Katja Fleischmann

High School Technology Design Process - Goals and Challenges
Brahim El Fadil

Pass Processes and Academic Achievement: A Study on a Group of Primary School Children of India
Anjali Ghosh

Using Collaborative Learning Tasks to Expand Vocabulary Knowledge
Allyson MacKenzie

A Comparative Genre-Based Study of Research Articles’ Method and Results Sections Authored by Iranian and English Native Speakers
Mohammad Amin Mozaheb

Grade Comparison Among Millennials as a Motivational Tool
Aharon Yadin

Who Are We? Where Do We Come From? Interrogating Arab Americans’ Identity and Demystifying the Boundaries of Arab American Literature
Muhammad Ali Muhammad El Sagheer Suliman

Method of Optimal Route of Passage Determination in Conditions of Limitations
Andrzej Zak

Using Electromagnetic Waves to Communication with Autonomous Underwater Vehicle
Jerzy Garus and Ryszard Studanski

Influence of Activation Function of Neuron on Quality of Neural Model of Ship Motion
Bogdan Zak and Jaroslaw Garus

Senior Capstone Design Projects and Anxiety of Ambiguity and Uncertainty
Sergey Dubikovsky

State-of-the-art of Recent Research on Educational Technologies: A Literature Survey Approach
Afrooz Purarjomandlangrudi, Anne Nguyen and David Chen

Charlotte Brontë’s Anti-Catholicism and Nationalism in Villette
Kübra Kangüleç Coşkun

Contemporary Literacy Concepts and Practices of University Students in English Language Education
Hazel Chiu

Parentality and Hostile Behavior in Adolescents
Carla Maria Viegas, Melo Cruz, João Duarte, Paula Nelas, Mariline Almeida and Anabela Antunes

Proactive Coping and Job Satisfaction Among Organizational Newcomers with Different Pre-Entry Experience
Katarzyna Ślebarska

The Effect of Incorporating Multiliteracies Pedagogy in ESL Writing
Malini Ganapathy

Test and Performance of Solar Powered R/C Plane
Nagy M. Hussein

The Effects of Integrated Classes on Repeaters’ and High Achievers’ Motivation to Learn English in a University English Preparatory Program
Burcu Yılmaz

Lexical Modifications in Teacher Talk of Native Speakers of English and Non-Native Speakers of English in EFL Classrooms
Arzu Ünel and Meryem Mirioğlu

A Practical Approach to using Technology in Teaching Empathy to Medical Students
Sumarie Roodt and Edwin Wanjogu

Rhyme, Rhythm and The Three R’s: The Creative Process of Developing Curriculum-Based Songs for the Classroom
Aniko Debreceny

Providing Wider Educational Opportunities for Underprevileged Persons Seeking Higher Education through Distance Education in Africa
Rosemary Ogochukwu Igbo, Eddiefloyd Maduabuchi Igbo and James O. Ezema

Improving Low-Proficiency EFL Learners’ Oral Communication by Using Project Work
Nawarat Siritararatn

Using Technological Communication Tools for Teaching Mathematics to Elementary Students to Enhance their Learning Experience
David Hung Cheong Lan and Jean Claude Ah-Teck

Displacement and Deification: Appropriation of Wartime China in American Ethnographic Fiction and Film
Li Zeng

Autoethnographic Assignments and Transnational Education
Krystyna U. Golkowska

Relationship between Development of Second Language Proficiency and the Content-Based Instructions/Teaching Materials
M.D.N.M.U. Mahawattha and Ashoka Premaratne

The University of San Carlos- Kapamilya Negosyo Na (USC - KNN) Grantees: A Case Study
Ana Liza R. Tan and Anna Marie R. Baloran

Work-Life Balance and Career Movement of Nigeria University Lecturers: Recourse to Lifelong Education
Moshood Ayinde Hassan

Maternal Gatekeeping, Behavioral Control and The Mother-Adolescent Relationship: The Mediating Role of Psychological Control
Yi-Chan Tu

Model K to 12 - Aligned Teacher Education Program for Pre-School
Helen M. Llenaresas, Rebecca Rosario O. Bercasio and Jella Marie N. Oyales

Socio-Cultural Changes and Citizenship Education in China: A Historical Review
Jianyi Du

Reciprocal Peer Coaching in the Professoriate or Taking The Fear Out of Being Observed in the University Classroom
Lisa A. Turissini

Learning Needs Assessment (LNA) and Evaluation of Learning Outcomes: A Scientific Approach
Mohammed Ilyas Ebrahim

Transfer Effects in Compliment Responses of EFL Learners
Burcu Varol

Developing Education Policies For A Global Society: Distributed Leadership, Language and Globalization
Sirous Tabrizi

An Investigation of Saudi Teachers’ Attitudes towards IWBs and their use for Teaching and Learning in Yanbu Primary Schools in Saudi Arabia
Azzah Alghamdi

Critical Didactics Mediated by ICT within Experimental Sciences. Vivisection in High School in Mexico
Mariajosé Lozano Rayas and César Correa Arias

An Evaluation of English Teaching and Learning in Tourism Training Programs in Vietnam
Cam Thi Hong Khuong

Comparing the Patent Data and Futuristic Data Based on Keyword and Network Analysis
Wooseok Jang, Jieun Kim and Yongtae Park

Comparative Analysis of ‘Look and Write Approach’ and the ‘Conventional Method’ of Evaluating Shorthand Skill Acquisition of Students with Hearing Impairment in Tertiary Institutions in Nigeria
Adebayo Tunde Olusesan

Undergraduate Clinical Students’ Perception of Professionalism in their Learning Environment
Sajida Agha and Muhammad Rafique Gooda

Advance High Efficient Aerodynamic Blades for Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Modular Aggregate
Paulina Spinoso Acosta, Shehret Tilvaldyev, Luis Gonzalo Guillen Anaya, Geovani Esau García Sánchez, David Atayde Campos and Jorge Flores Garay

Applying the Gradual Immersion Method to Surrealist Art Creation using Interactive Whiteboards
Jorge C. Sanabria, María Elena Chan, L. Rebeca Mateos, José Luis Mariscal, Jesús Arámburo-Lizárraga and Gustavo de la Cruz

Voices from Magic Brains: Gifted Language Learners and their Foreign Language Learning Experiences
Duygu İşpınar Akçayoğlu

Dealing with Non-Response on Sample Survey
Maryam Al Alawi

Analysis of Receivables Management in Poland and in Selected European Countries
Wioletta Skibińska