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A Strategy for Managing e-Training Environment’s Activities and Its Effectiveness in Developing Blended Learning Design Competencies of Bahraini Secondary Stage Female Teachers
Muneera Al-Doseri, Abdellatif Elgazzar and Ahmed Nouby

The Effects of Psychological Contract on Job Satisfaction and Competitive Advantage
Felicity Asiedu-Appiah, Bernadette Enyonam Akwetea and Bylon Abeeku Bamfo

IL a Coupé la Petite-là-a Linguistic Study of the Language of Sexuality in French-Speaking Cameroon
Lozzi Martial Meutem Kamtchueng

Foreign Direct Investment in Georgia
Avtandil Silagadze and Tamaz Zubiashvili

Pygmalion Myth in Science-Fiction Cinema: Stepford Wives, Blade Runner, Ghost in the Shell
Leyla Özyol

Terrorism and Migration: Addressing Issues of Internally Displaced Persons in Gwagwalada, Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria
C. O. Okwuwa

Model and Motivation of Political Participation Loei Rajabhat University’s Students
Kalaya Yotcamlue

Impact of Coaching: From Customers’ Perceptions
Bill Kent, Yan Luo-Beitler and Boris Djokic

Cultural Differences on Conflict Strategies in the Workplace
Vignesh Murugavel and Ajay Somaraju

Green Banking Practices of Some Commercial Banks in Bangladesh with Reference to the Guidelines of Bangladesh Bank
Roushan Ara Sultana, Mohammad Shahidullah and Mohammad Saleh Jahur

Russian Eurasianism versus American Eurasianism within the Perspectives of Brzezinski and Dugin: A Case Study on the Recent Ukrainian Crisis
Sina Kısacık and Furkan Kaya

The Predictors of Digital Experiential Value and Digital Engagement Consequences in Mobile Shopping
Janiffa Saidon, Rosidah Musa, Mior Harris Mior Harun and Ainul Azreen Adam

Bodies of Non-Identity: How the Chinese Working Class is Disidentified
Yun Li and Wen Qiang

The Role of Structural Break and Volatile Innovations on Cointegration Tests: Tsunami and Global Economics Crisis
Berhan Çoban and Esin Firuzan

$2.1 Billion Arms Procurement Fraud in Nigeria: Its Impact on National Security, Peace and Sustainable Economic Development in Jonathan’s Administration 2011–2015
Precious Hepzibah

Understand the Flipped Classroom: A Reflection
Hui-Wen Tu and Ying-Hsiu Liu

Knut Hamsun and His on Overgrown Paths
Kakhaber Loria

Employing the Modified Cab (Cognition, Affect, Behaviour) Model to Assess and Analyze the Customer Satisfaction Level: A Comparative Study of Two Indian Banks
Seema Sharma, Vipin Sharma, M. A. Khan and R. K. Srivastava

Indigenous Language in an Annihilation State Is a Peril of National Development: Contributory Factors in Yoruba Language Perspective
Olaseni Olatunde

Financial Control and Accountability in the Public Sector
Ademola Emmanuel Akinyele

Corruption and the Future of Nigeria’s Educational System
Babatunde Joel Todowede

Images of Diluted Masculinity of Contemporary Vampire Characters Through Racial Discourse in Modern American Gothic
Kristian Pérez Zurutuza

Barriers and Strategies: How Do Chinese International Students Navigate Between Modern Western Biomedicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine?
Qianhui Zhang

Academia’s Challenge: Training Faculty to Teach Millennials in the Digital Age
Juanita Villena-Alvarez

Assessment of Learning Difficulties with Arithmetic Word Problems in a Primary School: Use of the Observation Method Employing Video-Recording
Kwan Yuet Ling Linda

Cultural Identity and School-to-Work Transitions for Post-Secondary Students
Elizabeth Anne Marshall

Professional Misconduct by Registered Nurses: A Study of Regulatory Responses to White Collar Crime in a Canadian Health Profession
Andreas E. Tomaszewski, Tracy L. Powell, Claire Inglis, Sydney Malenfant and Ethan Guthrie

The Study of English Language Vocabulary Development Through Shortened Words and Units
Ekaterine Bakaradze

Application of Environmental Practices of Diving/Snorkelling in Hurghada, Egypt
Wafaa Elias, Ayman Kasem and Nesreen Khairy

Interruption and Gender in Academic Group Discussions: Tunisian Undergraduates as a Case Study
Amin Zouch

Prediction of Potential Market Value Using Patent Citation Index at the Biotechnology
Hee Chel Kim Joon-Hyuk Yang, Yi-seul Park, Hong-Woo Chun and Byoung-Youl Coh

Perceptual Learning Styles Preferences and Academic Achievement
Wissal Belhaj Rhouma

Establishing the Link Between Entrepreneurship, Built Capital and Poverty Reduction in Rural Northern Ghana
Akanganngang Joseph Asitik, Richard Sharpley and Chris Phelan

Understanding the Evolving Changes in the Nigerian Military from a Feminist Sociological Institutional Perspective
Sefinatu Aliyu Dogo

Mentoring Nigerian Youths for Effective Career Management for Sustainable Development
Pauline E. Onyeukwu, Dupe F. Aleshinloye, Grace O. Nzelibe and Anthony Igbokwe

First and Second Language Acquisition: An Overview
Dalia Jamal Alghamdi

Physiological Impact of Age on Learning
Damaris-Lois Yamoah Lang and Reginald Dorcely

Exploiting the Bilingual’s Psycho-Social Characteristics to Enhance Vocabulary Acquisition
Enoka Makulloluwa

Climate Change and Displacement: The Case of Bangladesh
Obayedul Hoque Patwary

The Role of Corner Brook Museum as a Tourist Attraction to Cruise Ship Visitors
Roselyne N. Okech

From Nature to Space: Architecture Through Perception
Emil Osorio Schmied

Secondary School Teacher Stress and Coping: Insights from Queensland, Australia
Gerard Feltoe, Wendi Beamish and Mike Davies

Tempus Fugit: A Throbbing Reverberation of the “Ekphrastic Hope”
Clinia M. Saffi

The Level of Tolerance Sanctioning Children Using Gadgets by Parents Lead to Nomophobia: Early Age Gadgets Exposure
Noorshahira Mohd Fadzil, Mohd Yusof Abdullah and Mohd Azul Mohamad Salleh

“For the Sake of the Family”: Contemporary Georgian Migration in the USA
Ia Iashvili, Christiane von Reichert and Tinatin Gvenetadze

Italian Lexical Borrowings in Contemporary Romanian
Oana Magdalena Cenac

Characteristics of the Romantic Literature in the Little Prince and the Catcher in the Rye
Sholeh Abhari Laleh and Laya Hassani Rikani

Firm Strategic Behaviour in Hypercompetition: Is There a Link with Sustainable Competitive Advantage?
Maja Daraboš Longin