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Black Fraternization And Fettered Gods: Human Vanity, Perception And The Natural World In Hardy's "Return of The Native"
William Collins

Analysis of The Patron-Client Relationship In Seaweed Cultivation Systems in the Regency of Jeneponto, Indonesia: A Study of Embeddedness
Mansyur Radjab

Extradition Discourse in the Legal Translation
Ewa Piotrowska-Oberda

Consideration of the Essence of Industry 4.0
Hiro Mitsuyama

Literary and Specialised Translation: Multimodal Applications
Marek Zasempa

Behind the Glamour: How the Mental Illnesses of Fashion Designers are Portrayed Through Brand Aesthetics
Geunyoung Kim

A Survey-Based Study into Students’ Terminology and Information Searching Habits
Iwona Sikora

Enforcement Actions of Banking Supervision Authorities in European Union: Non-Compliance with Post-Crisis Banking Regulations
Ivanna Chaikovska

Competition Trends in Indian Banking: Panzar-Rosse Approach in Dynamic Panel Framework
Anupama Rajput

The Arabian Nights as Inter-Text in Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century British Literature
Bouteldja Riche and Ounissa Ait Benali

Effectiveness of out-of-Class Instructional Media Integrated Songs to Enhance Vocabulary Knowledge of EFL University Students
Manassara Riensumettharadol

The Role of Post-Crisis Banking Regulations in Maintaining the Security of the Banking System
Ivanna Chaikovska

Bucheon Art Bunker B39’s Architectural Remnants and Significance of Movement and Materiality
Jiae Han and Sang Hak Lee

Development of English Courseware for Computer and Networking Technology (CNT): Matching Skills and Labor Market Needs
Richelle Diane P. Claros

Rostow’s Growth Theory, Structural Transformation and Economic Development: The Nigerian Experience
Campbell Omolara

Factors Affecting Women Entrepreneurs in Malta and Indonesia
Rose Marie Azzopardi and Ratna Lindawati Lubis

Creativity in Marketing: A New Class
Henry Greene

System of Organizational Terms as a Theoretical Foundation of Cultural Identity Research Using an Online Research Tool for Teaching Reflective Practice
Olaf Flak

Alexander Ross’s the Alcoran of Mahomet: Oliver Cromwell in the Prophet Muhammed’s Mantel
Bouteldja Riche and Gariti Mohamed

James Joyce and Critical Resistance in Dubliners: A Postcolonial Perspective
Samir Ferhi and Sabrina Zerar

The Effect of Commodity Prices on Exchange Rate: Empirical Evidence from Ghana
Buah Aku-Sika

Pictorial Metaphors in Media
Khatia Namitcheishvili

Safety and Health at Work to Prevent Discrimination of Workers with Diverse Sexual Orientation at the University of Guadalajara
Nazaret Guillermo López Rubio and César Correa Arias

Model of Attention on Workplace Safety and Healthcare System for the Urban Public Drivers in the Metropolitan Area of Guadalajara, Mexico
Karla Yamilet Falomir Frausto and César Correa Arias