Table of Contents (Volume 02, Number 02) (Download in PDF )

Inclusion Through Storytelling and Arts
Heli Ketovuori and Mikko Ketovuori

Qualitative and Quantitative Perspectives on Student Evaluation
Ping Ping Zhu

Redesignation and Higher Education: The Case for Technological Universities in Ireland
Simon Stephens

Instructors’ Leadership Style and Classroom Management Efficiency
Watana Vinitwatanakhun

The Effectiveness of the English Plus Program of Bicol University
Jocelyn I. Bartolata and Ma. Celina Eladia G. Meneses

Linking Research to Education and Industry
Zayed Ali Huneiti

National Reforms in Education and the Role of Preschool in Lifelong Learning: Findings From Sweden
Laila Niklasson

The University in South Africa in a New Democratic Dispensation: Some Critical Reflections
Philip Higgs

A Framework for the Study of Human and Computer Tutoring From an Educational Neuroscience Perspective
Julien Mercier and Patrick Charland

The Effect of Two Types of Written Feedback on Student Motivation
Kothar Talib Sulaiman Al Harrasi

Artistic Creativity and Scientific Research Forms of Work of Visual Art Education in Liepaja University, Latvia
Inta Klasone

The Value of Emotional Intelligence in Teacher Education: Conflict Management in Latvia
Alīda Samuseviča

Motivational Programme for Undergraduate Students
Marián Queiruga Dios, Ascensión Hernández Encinas, Araceli Queiruga Dios and Dolores Queiruga Dios

Influence of Individual Circuit Training in Attaining Higher Level of Fitness
Melissa N. Casiño

Multidisciplinary Pedagogical Reflective Journal Writing for Pre-Service Education Students: Its Impact to Teacher Education Program
Adelfa C. Silor

A Socio-Cultural Dimension Of Students’ Attitudes Towards Specific Forms of Corrective Feedback: the Case of Criticism in Written Comments
Grami Mohammad A. Grami and Hamza M. Alshenqeeti

Self-Reflective Learning Through Literature
Janet Crosier

Experience of Home Health Care with Thai Traditional Medicine for Paresis and Paralysis in Thailand
Paiboon Chaosuansreecharoen and Kannika Ruangdej

Now Can I Draw That Spider?
Elaine J Blake

University Collaboration as Strategy for Latin America’s Integration
Rogelio Rivera and Lizette Rivera

Mandates, Measurements and Motivations to Changed Teaching Practices
Cathy Kaufman

Innovation in Teaching-Learning Process for Pharmaceutical Chemistry Course
Omar David Muñoz-Muñiz, Maribel Vázquez-Hernández, Jesús Samuel Cruz-Sánchez and María Gabriela Alcántara-López

Pilot Alternative Higher Education Programs in Egypt- Case Study: Engineering Education
Hussein Anis

The Role of Grant Funding in Determining Graduate Program Student Success
Lee E. Allen and Louis A. Franceschini

How to Teach ESP Experientially
Zoia Kornieva

Implementation of a Case-Based Learning (Cbl) Experience at the University of the Basque Country
Koldo Zabalza and Jesus Matey

The Structure of Ju-Jitsu Fighting Fights and Its Relevance for Elite Athletes and Coaches
Mario Staller

A funny thing happened on the way to Learning: SBL fosters Student Engagement in Higher Education
L. Ireland, A. Nickson, R. Sorin, M. Caltabiano and E. P. Errington

Literacy Development in ESOL Program: A case study of ELL with limited literacy
Tecnam Yoon

Redesigning Task Based Writing Syllabus for English as a Second Language (ESL) Undergraduates: Insights from Writing Needs Analysis
Raashid Nehal and Adiba Nusrat

Lifelong Learning in India: Analysis of Post-Independence Scenario
C. P. S. Chauhan

Effects of a Bullying-themed Literature Intervention on Changing Attitudes and Reducing Bullying
Anissa Bazzy and Ketty Sarouphim

Integrating Social Networks for English Classroom as Blended E-Learning Instruction at a Local University in Thailand
Nutprapha K. Dennis

The Clt Approach in Oman: Are Traditional Examinations the Major Barrier to Its Success?
Fauzia Hasan Siddiqui

Truancy Among Malaysian Students: An Analysis Based on Ethnicity
Zahari Ishak and Low Suet Fin

A Priori Model of Students’ Academic Achievement: School Location as a Moderator
Low Suet Fin and Zahari Ishak

Enhancing Language Skills Through E-Learning
Shifan Thaha

Reading Curriculum and Instructional Analysis: Preparation for Academic Literacy at Higher Institutions
H. M. Sidek, Hazlina Abdullah and Hazrimah A. B. Rahim

Grid Computing In Botswana: Endeavor to Educational Technology
Suresh Shanmugasundaram and Divyapreya Chidambaram

Today’s Students Understanding of a Supportive Learning Environment
Christian Kahl

A Comparative Study: Syntactic Awareness in Young Turkish Monolingual and Turkish-English Bilingual Children
Hümeyra Genç

A Study on Developing Proficiency Beliefs of Primary School Mathematics Pre-Service Teachers on the Use of Concrete Materials and Virtual Manipulatives
Recai Akkaya, Soner Durmuş and Mutlu Pişkin Tunç

Building a Culture of Collaboration in Art therapy Education
Nancy Albrecht and Gaelynn P. Wolf Bordonaro

Using CALL in a College EFL Class
Yuehchiu Fang and Huifen Lin

A Study on the Perception of Parents Towards their Involvement on Child Development to Explore Parental Preferences
Hung Chang Lee, Mei Hsing Lin and Yi Chan Tu

Listening Journals to Activate Integrated English Skills in Real World Contexts
Kamonpan Boonkit

Roles of English as an International Language on Learning Strtegies Among Japanese and Thai Learners
Attapol Khamkhien

A Database Management System for Tracking Changes to Faculty Evaluation Guidelines
Wayne Haga, Gerard Morris and Janos Fustos

The Rising Terminal Juncture Phoneme in Foreign Language Teacher Education: A Demonstration by Computer
Mehmet Demirezen

Understanding Literature Through Popular Culture: A Case Study Of Female High School Students’ Responses to Quebec Literature
Amélie Lemieux

Web Application in 1-D Shallow Water Near Shore Wave Simulation
Wei Hu, Maurice Mccabe, David Apsley , Peter Stansby, Peter Sutton and Lloyds Henning

The Impact of High Schools as Learning Organizations on Teachers’ Problem-Solving Strategies
Ayeshah A. Alazmi, Meznah S. Alazmi and Abdulmuhsen Ayedh Alqahtani

Exploring the World of Business: Pairing Domain Business Knowledge with Professional and Career Development in the Undergraduate Business Core
Denise Lucy, Lisa Chiapetta, Mona Sabuco, Françoise Lepage and Cynthia Murray

International School and Education Access in Indonesia