Table of Contents (Volume 06, Number 02) (Download in PDF )

The Impact of Culture on the Design of Universities’ Websites
Dalia Alyahya

Project Asie: Breaking Through the 21st Century Instructional Design Model for Teachers
Ismail Md Zain

Motivation, Attitude and Satisfaction Towards Learning German Language of International School of Tourism Students
Chuleewan Praneetham

Moving Away from Dichotomy? Trends in Gender Studies Programs in the US
Carla Norris-Raynbird

Effect of Gender Inequality on Teaching and Learning Environment of Students’ Academic Performance in Ogun State Junior Secondary Schools
A.A. Adediran, T.O. Oladebinu, A.O. Oladebinu and Elizabeth Mosunmola Fagbenro

Teaching English as a Second Foreign Language to Russian Students Studying for a BA in Translation and Interpretation
Maria Demyanenko

Developing Empathy Through Writing in an EFL Composition Class
Defne Erdem Mete

Pre-Service Teachers’ Perceptions of Gifted Students
Esra Kaskaloglu Almulla and Moosa Jaafar Fateel

Teaching English Language Through Storytelling
Nino Dvalidze

The Impact of Method Usage in the Architectural Design Process on Students
Altay Çolak and Tolga Uzun

British Colonial Economic Policy and Its Impact on Food Dependency in the Gold Coast (GHANA)
Tahar Abbou

Vocational College Students’ Attitudes Towards Compulsory EFL Course
Derya Tuzcu Eken

The Functions of Peer Assessment in Teaching English at HEI
Tsisana Giguashvili and Dali Sanaia

Refining the Traditional Flipped-Classroom Model to Optimise Student Performance on Undergraduate Degree Programmes
Charles Wild and Dan Berger

Engaging and Facilitating Language Skills Using Augmented Reality as a Medium of Learning and Teaching
Noor Aini Ahmad

Using Portfolio Writing Strategies to Develop Students’ Writing Competence at the Secondary School Level
Nonye R. Ikonta and Udofia Ufuoma

Effective Teaching and Learning Processes in the Formative Years of Architectural Education
Arpita Dayal and Mekhla Parihar

Faced Problems in Teaching Foreign Language and the Strategies for Working on Them: On the Basis of Teaching English Language in Georgia
Medea Diasamidze

ICT Tools: Emerging Trends for Teaching, Learning and Teacher Professional Development in Nigeria
Martha Nkechinyere Amadi

Turkish EFL Teachers’ Perceptions of the Value and the Threat of English in Turkey
Nazan Tutaş

Interactive Multimedia Activities Using Augmented Reality to Promote Reading and Writing Skills Amongst Young Children
Noor Aini Ahmad and Shahin Choo Liyana binti Rosmanizam

Problems, Needs and Academic Performance of the Expanded Students’ Grant in Aid Program for Poverty Alleviation (ESGP-PA) Recipients: Basis for Development of Scaffolding Plan
Elsie M. Canlas, Alma M. Corpuz, Rosalina C. Garcia and Julieta M. Lagasca

Delivering A Unified Design Model (UDM) - To Align Design to the Way the Human Brain Processes Visual Information
Bruce Hilliard, Jocelyn Armarego, Andrew Turk and Tanya McGill

The Professional Competencies of College Teachers of Higher Education Institutions in Tarlac Province: An Analysis
Julieta M. Lagasca and Ma. Theresa A. Acosta

Pedagogical Strategies in Education as Prerequisites for Dignified Successful Individuality
Iryna Voloshchuk and Galyna Usyk

The Effectiveness of Using Pictorial Vocabulary to Teach Vocabulary to ESL/EFL Learners
Mohd Haniff Mohd Tahir

On the Linguo-Cultural Essence of English Phraseology
Natia Davitishvili

Teachers’ Characteristics as Determinants of Adequate Classroom Assessment Practices
Goodness W. Orluwene

Linguo-Cultural and Pragmatic Peculiarities of the Phenomenon of Anglicisation in Georgia
Nino Kirvalidze

Correlation of Computer Aided Design Proficiency and Curriculum Content Amongst Architecture Students in Universities in Southeast Nigeria
Kelechi Ezeji

New Challenges of Teaching English in a Cross-Cultural Context of Globalization
Nino Samnidze

Translanguaging and Language Opportunities in the Bilingual Classroom: Creating Social Spaces of Communication and Identity Construction
Paz García Asensio

Needs Identification of the English Language for Second Year Pharmacy Students at Blida University: Promoting the Reading Skills Along with Vocabulary Development
Bouchra Brahimi and Radia Benyelles

Investigating the Value of Autonomous English Learning for High School Students in Indonesia
Halim Ahmad Faizin

Teaching Process Analysis - From the Perspective of Communication Symmetry
Ante Kolak and Ivan Markić