Table of Contents (Volume 05, Number 04) (Download in PDF )

Crediting for Green Energy: Case Study of the Bulgarian-American Crediting Bank
Neda I. Muzho

Organizational Structure’s Impact on Knowledge Management in Enterprise Government Body
Fadhilah Mathar and Aizirman Djusan

Almost Efficient Presentations of the Groups PSL(2, Zp) × PSL(2, 32) for All Natural Numbers p, p ≥ 2
Bilal Vatansever

Removal of Methylene Blue by Quartz as an Adsorbent
Muhammed Kamil Oden, Ali Ozdoner and Celalettin Ozdemir

A Study on Radio Listening Habits of University Students
Metin Kasim and Aytekin Can

Martensitic Transformation and Stacking Ordered Characteristics in Copper Based Shape Memory Alloys
O. Adiguzel

Inhibit Passage of HIV Particle RNA Through Host Cell by Increased Cell Density and/or HIV Particle by Pressure Techniques Employed by Hyperbaric Chamber
John James Nicholson

Study of Gender and Education Through the Prism of Liberal, Socialist and Radical Feminist Theory
Silvia Rogošić

Using Drama as an Educational Tool
Zrinka Vukojevic

The Effect of Congruency Between Cognitive Ability and Perceived Efficacy on Suicidal Tendencies and Mental Health
Seung-U Lim and Young-Gun Ko

Perception and Attitude of Small Business Entrepreneurs Toward Corporate Social Responsibility
Pakorn Udomthanasansakul

Performance-Management Scheme and Reforms in Malaysia: Challenges in the Civil Service
Loo-See Beh

Democratic Values as Perceived by Malaysian Secondary School Students
Norlida Ahmad, Nordin Abd Razak and Mohamad Zohir Ahmad

Factors and Method for Creating Happiness at Work for Employees in Automobile Industry
Thanyakorn Unyamaneecharoen, Manop Chunin and Sageemas Na Wichian

International Trade Theory From the Perspective of Czech Republic
Miroslav Radimersky

Simulation as an Effective Teaching Strategy in Anaesthesiology and Medical Crises Learning
Sook Muay Tay

Controller Comparison for Dicycle and Crane System by Using PD and Type-2 Fuzzy Logic
Abdullah Çakan, Mustafa Tinkir and Fatih Mehmet Botsali

Pedagogy of Modern Dance in Technique and Performance
Riselda Sejdija

The Relation Between Collaborative Learning and the Development of Some Social Skills in a Sample of King Faisal University (KFU), Female College Students: “A Field Study”
Nadia Aziz Baibaa and Fayza Saleh Elhammadi

An Investigation of Phonological Processing and Reading Skills in Bhutanese Primary Students
Pema Wangmo

The Reform and Policy of Korean Higher Education in an International Context
Heo Jinyeong

Sustaining Indigenous Knowledge: The Teaching of Idioms in Grade 3 with Special Reference to Setswana
Refilwe M. Ramagoshi

Persons with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities in the Workplace
Maria Corazon Castillo Colendrino

The History of Sicilian Mafia from an Economic Perspective
Sang Yeob Kim

The Influence of CSR on the Quality of Life of Workers in Polish Enterprises
Karol Borycki

Veterinary Vaccines: Future Challenges
Musaad A. Al-Dubaib

Hidden Curriculum and Citizenship Values
Mukhtar Abd-Alkhalek

Antecedents of Inter-Firm Networking and Cooperation Among Small Manufacturing Firms in South Korea
Sanjar Shodmonov, Dong Soo Park and Byung Joon Choi

Rethinking Visual Studies and Visual Scholarly Competencies: Critical Reflections and Proposals
Luc Pauwels

Foreigner Talk and Students’ L1 in the Classroom
Kei Mihara

Overlapping Relationships & Objectivity in Rural Professional Practice
Judi L. Malone and Barry S. Brunner

Technovation Management Capability and Its Impacts on IT Managers’ Leadership Role Performance: A Nomological Network
Yi-Chien Lin, Ron Chuen Yeh, Pansy Chung, Kuo-Hung Tseng, Yi-Cheng Chen, Shi-Jer Lou and Tsai-Feng Cheng

Greek Shipping Industry’s Attitudes Towards Regulations for the Abatement of Maritime Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Costas Giziakis and Anastasia Christodoulou

Leadership in Effective Elementary Schools: Five Case Studies
Larry Beauchamp and Jim Parsons

Business Technology Management Capability and Its Impacts on IS Managers’ Role Performance
Yi-Chien Lin, Ron Chuen Yeh, Kuo-Hung Tseng, Shi-Jer Lou, Tsai-Fang Cheng and Yi-Cheng Chen

Anatomy of Tribal Architecture of Araku Valley
Anil Kumar Chilakapati

Stock Prices and the Efficient Market Hypothesis: Evidence from Linear and Non Linear Stationarity Tests
Onur Gozbasi, Alper Aslan and Oguz Ocal

Perception of Creativity and Age in the Workforce Context
Kara Chan, Anna Hui and Sheung-Tak Cheng

Intercultural Communication Competence of Their Indian Co-Workers as Perceived by European Expatriate
Reeta Raina

Beyond Motivation
Chongrak Sitthirak

The Relationship Between Emotional Intelligence and Transformational Leadership: An Investigation in a Non-Profit Organization
Funda Elmas Kelsay, Selin Metin Camgoz, Pinar Bayhan Karapinar and Azize Ergeneli

Simulator Investment Project for Mexican Companies, Assessment of Its Social Benefits
Laura Verónica Herrera Franco, Adolfo Rodríguez Parada, Yara Anahí Jiménez Nieto and Gustavo Rafael Solís Alemán

The Communicative Competence Formation and the Dual Role of a Text in this Process
Julia Caltova

An Important Technique for Management to to Compete in the New Economy Period: Guerrilla Marketing
Cemre Eda Yar and Şerife Gamze Albayrak

Effectiveness of Brand Positoning Strategies: An Empirical Investigation for Automobile Brands in Turkey
Eryigit Canan and Eryigit Mehmet

Gen Y Employee Engagement and ROI: An Indian Perspective
Rukma Vasudev and A. S. Balasubramanya