Table of Contents (Volume 08, Number 05) (Download in PDF )

Dealing with People in Light of the Quranic Chapter of Al-Hujurat (The Chambers)
Omar M. Khasawneh, Mohammad A. Al-Jamal and Ahmed Khaled Ahmed

Korean Children’s Multicultural Educational Needs for Social Inclusion of North Korean Refugees
Hyang Eun Kim, Sang Yoon Kim and Hee Seung Lee

Demographic Patterns in Europe: Facts and Challenges
Maria Esteves

E – Waste: A Global Hazard
Jaswinder Kaur

Election Crises and Democratic Consolidation in Nigeria Since 1999
Tolu Lawal

Process Standards Addressed in the Secondary Level Mathematics Textbooks Used in the Bilingual Stream in Sri Lanka
Dayananda Keppetigoda and Chandradasa Wannigamage

Closing the Digital Divide and Why we Must Fail
Peter Schneckenleitner

The Typology of Individual and Collective Work Contract Under the Albanian Legal and Real Context
Aida Gaçe Llozana

Y Generation Expectations from their Employer: A Turkish Firm Example
B. Aydem Çiftçioğlu

IFRS and XBRL: The Turkish Case
Tuba Bora

Measurement of Inventories According to IAS 2: Evidence from Bist 30
Deger Alper and Tuba Bora

Does Organizational Climate Improve the Relationship Between HR Practices and Organizational Performance? Evidence from Public Sector in a Developing Country
Darius N. Ikyanyon

Review on Teaching Reading: L2 Reading Comprehension
Tecnam Yoon

The Creative Sculpture Installation, at Phuket Building, Hatyai University
Aroonsak Pattanagulanun

Avicenna and His Philosophy of Science
Abbas Gohari

Investigation of Ferrochrome Slag Based Geopolymer Concrete Under the Sulfate Attack
Mehmet Burhan Karakoç, İbrahim Türkmen, Müslüm Murat Maras, Fatih Kantarci and Ramazan Demirboğa

Design and Manufacturing of an Ultrasound and Microwave Assisted Experimental Setup for Dehydration in Porous Materials
Soner Şen and Fatih Aydin

Experimental Investigation of Drying Kinetics of Apple Using Ultrasound and Microwave Assisted Dryer
Fatih Aydin and Soner Şen

Coping Strategies for Patients with ICD
Lenka Lidová, Alena Kajanová and Martin Eisenberger

A Tutoring Program in Reading: Examining the Growth in Reading Achievement of Elementary Grade Students with Dyslexia
David D. Hampton, William F. Morrison and Mary Rizza

Student Perspectives of Quality Assurance Mechanisms in an EFL Program in the Sultanate of Oman
Rahma Al-Mahrooqi, Christopher Denman and Ali Al-Issa

The Attitudes of EFL Learners Towards Using Uhdel Moodle Site
Omar F. Ghafor

Optical Properties of Nickel Sulphide Thin Film
Laz Ezenwaka and Ahanonu Nkiru

Motivational Persistence and Self-Esteem as Determinants of Dropping Out: A Literature Review
Loredana Mihăileasa

Fundisa — SA Government and Families’ Investment Collaboration to Secure Students Future Tertiary Education Access
Ketsia Lorraine Motlhabane

Graphs and Resource Management
Sylvia Encheva

Importance of Cascade Systems (Ancient Irrigation Systems) in Sustainable Development of Rural Communities in Dry Zone in Sri Lanka: An Investigation of Past Studies
Saseeka Wijesekera

The Survey of Opinions and Needs for Developing a Master of Arts Program Majoring in Design for Business
Yanawuti Svetthitikun and Woratad Wattanacheewanopakorn

The Obelisk as a Phallic Symbol: A Critical Reflection on Phallocentrism
Silvia Binda Heiserova and Mau Monleon Pradas

Effect of Highbush Blueberry Powder in a Rat Model of High Fructose Diet-Induced Metabolic Syndrome
Araya Pranprawit, Julian A. Heyes, Abdul L. Molan and Marlena C. Kruger

A Preliminary study on Pollen Morphology of Apocyanceae in Thailand
Parinya Sukkaewmanee

On Mathematicalthinking Method and Mathematics Teaching in University
Tang Yuehong and Wang Donghong

The Correlation Between Using a Book Summary Writing Strategy and Development of Summary Writing Skill
Zeyneb Ö, Sümeyye Konukren, Ahmet Benzer and Ayşegül Sefer

The Effect of Research-Based Teaching on Prospective Science Teachers’ Views on the Relationship Between Science and World Peace
Canan Dilek Eren, Gülfem Muslu Kaygişiz and Elif Benzer

Developing Book Summary Writing Strategy and Rubric for Secondary School Students
Ayşegül Sefer, Zeyneb Ören, Sümeyye Konuk and Ahmet Benzer

Perceived Service Quality, Customer Satisfaction and Customer Loyalty: The Cellular Service Industry in India
Kumar M. G. Prasanna and Y. M. Raju

Effectiveness of Collective Social Responsibility Initiatives of Government, Companies and Ngos Towards the Upliftment of Marginalised Women Society
M. G. Ramyashree and P. Ishwara

Basic Prerequisites for the Reform of the Tax System in Kosovo
Remzi Smajli

Addressing Barriers in Cultural Border-Crossing for Science Teachers
Annelize Cronje