Table of Contents (Volume 09, Number 02) (Download in PDF )

The Heat Transfer Analysis of Plate-Fin Heat Exchanger Used for Energy Recovery Application: A Case Study
Ali Celen, Emre Aslan, Pınar Celen, Alican Çebi and Ahmet Selim Dalkılıç

Learning Outcomes Towards Thai Qualification Framework for Higher Education of Public Health Students: Sirindhorn College of Public Health, Yala Thailand
Anchalee Pongkaset, Kamonwan Wanichanon, Suchat Sungkaew and Tawee Dammin

Necessary Cultural Competence of Pharmacists Who Work in Health Care Offices in Pattani, Yala and Narathiwat Provinces
Arunothai Derramon

Confirmation of the Aseba Eight-Syndrome Model of Adult Psychopathology in a Sample of Bilingual Canadian University Students
Yann Le Corff, Éric Yergeau, Mathieu Busque-Carrier, Karine Forget, Catherine Proulx-Bourque, Annie Roy-Charland, Annabel Levesque and John Tivendell

Globalization and Social Policy
Ertuğrul Yuvalı

Primary School Students Choice of Nutrition in Turkey: Duzce Case Study
Sevda Arslan and Özlem Altınbaş Akkaş

Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Pressure Drop Phenomenon in Channels
Aydın Hacı Dünmez, Yakup Karakoyun and Zehra Yumurtacı

Soft Computing in Healthcare
Güney Gürsel

The Effects of Using E-comments From Microsoft Office to Enhance Graduate Studentsʼ Writing Revision
Pham Vu Phi Ho

Emotional Intelligence and Perceived Stress Among Healthcare Students: A Multi-Professional Survey
Tabinda Hasan

Integration in General Music Education
Ïlhan Özgül

Family Homes and University Studentsʼ Reactions to Accomodation Facilities in Lagos Nigeria
Bola F. Ogunbodede

Poverty and the Fight Against Poverty in Turkey
Seher Cesur-Kılıçaslan and Toprak Işık(Erdal Kılıçaslan)

Elementary School Studentsʼ Understanding of Different use of Letters in Algebra
Makbule Gozde Didis

Analysis of the Structural Relationship Among Variables Affecting Academic Achievement in an e-Learning Environment
Hwa-Young Yu, Eugene Lim and Ki-Han Lee

The Past Shapes the Present: The Anxiety of Cultural Memory in Wannusʼ Historical Miniatures
Essam Hegazy

Multiculturalism Among the Students of Azerbaijan Medical University
Alishir V. Musayev and Sadagat G. Guliyeva

The Investigation on Science Teachersʼ Attitudes Towards Their Profession in Turkey in Terms of Some Demographic Characteristics
Ayşem Seda Önen, Canan Altundağ and Fatma Merve Mustafaoğlu

Peer Instruction in Teaching of History
Abdullah Körhasan

Report Practices of Confirmatory Factor Analysis Results of Turkish Doctoral Dissertations
Oktay Mercimek

Albania and Albanians in the Travel Stories of American Travelers at the Beginning of the 20th Century
Elda Talka and Marsida Dedja

Assessment Issues at Language Lessons
Gulbaniz Jamalova

Lotfi Aliaskerzadeh: The Theory of Fuzzy Logic and the Purpose of Its Application in Educational Institutions
Leyla Mustafayeva

The Sector of Manufacturing, Trading and Services Affecting Gross Domestic Product in Thailand
Mongkon Donkwa

An Exploration and Comparison of Studentsʼ and Their Teacherʼs Attributions of Success and Failure in Language Learning
Eda Kahyalar and Figen Yılmaz

New Trends in Georgiaʼs Population and Labor Resources Territorial Mobility
Mirian Tukhashvili

Online Advertising: How Alcohol Companies use Facebook Fanpage to Promote Their Products
Natwipa Sinsuwarn

More Than Thai Television Drama Theme Songs: How Catchy Lyrics Expand Music Industry
Charlin Nukul

Political Interference and Racial Discrimination in Sports in South Africa
Jan Daniël Naude Van Der Westhuizen

Safety of Saccharine
Aslı Uçar and Serkan Yılmaz

Sustainable Development in Family Businesses: A Case Study From Turkey
Aylin Poroy Arsoy and Tuba Bora

Financial Reporting Quality and Sustainability Information Disclosure: Evidence from Turkey
Aylin Poroy Arsoy, Yasemin Ertan and Tuba Bora

Performance of Corporate Governance Index in Terms of Risk and Return: Case of Turkey
Değer Alper and Ebru Aydoğan

Examining the Relationship Between CSR and Firm Performance of Companies Listed in Istanbul Stock Exchange
Ebru Aydoğan and Değer Alper

Business Continuity in Financial Reporting and Independent Auditing Standards in Turkey
Alp Aytaç and Ümit Gücenme Gençoğlu

Studies on Corporate Sustainability and Legislative Regulations in Turkey
Alp Aytaç and Ümit Gücenme Gençoğlu

The Structure of Organizational Behavior Field: A Multidimensional Scaling Study (1965-2015)
Füsun Çınar Altıntaş and Ceyda Kavurmacı

Role of the Business Schools in Spreading Business Ethics in Turkey
Başak Aydem Çiftçioğlu and Olcay Bektaş

Investigation of Mechanical Properties of Friction STIR Welded 6061-O Aluminum Alloys
Nahit Öztoprak, Hüseyin Tarık Serindağ, Çınar Emine Yeni and Binnur Gören Kıral

Closed Loop Control of a single Link Flexible Manipulator with Velocity Feedback
Şahin Yavuz and Hira Karagülle

Investigation of Tensile Behavior of Woven Carbon, Glass and Hybrid Fiber Composites
Mete Han Boztepe, Cagri Uzay and Melih Bayramoglu

Bayesian Networks for Predicting Software Effort
Parag C. Pendharkar and Girish H. Subramanian

Comparing the Usefulness of Net Income Versus Comprehensive Income in Terms of Firm Performance: Borsa Istanbul Case
Merve Acar and Semra Karacaer

The Evaluation of the Performance from the Perspective of the Total Quality Management in the Public and Private Hospital
Nada Hassan Abdelgadir and Mohamed Hassan Hafiz

Impact of Weather Condition on Human Health
Majlinda Muka and Indrit Kellici

Good Faith and Fair Dealing in Employment: A Case Comparison of Canadian and U. S. Law
Mary-Kathryn Zachary

Evaluating the Technical Performance of the Long Jump Competition Using High and Reid Model for Qualitative Analysis
Laila Gamal Mehany Youssef

The Analysis of the Influence of Television Advertisements on the Kids: ‘Koton Kids’ Advertisement Sample
Hediye Aydogan and Betül Akbulutgiller

Experiments in the Development of Science Process Skills of Preschool Children
Nilüfer Okur Akçay

Brand Experience, Brand Tribalism, and Brand Loyalty: A Case of Amway Business Owners in Thailand
Oranich Kumgliang and Anon Khamwon

Brand Community, Brand Love, and Word of Mouth: A Case of Surin Silk Brand
Hathairat Nirassoongnoen and Anon Khamwon

Where Is the Street? Exploring the Street Visualized by the Guerrilla Advertising
G. Senem Gençtürk Hızal

Criterion Validity of the Adult Self-Report: A Comparison Between Clinical and Non-Clinical Samples
Yann Le Corff, Éric Yergeau, Karine Forget, Zeineb Hamza, Andréanne Dion, Catherine Proulx-Bourque, Annie Roy-Charland, John Tivendell and Annabel Levesque

On the Authenticity of Corporate Risk Disclosures
Fred Pries and Megan House

From Engineering to Mathematics Teaching: Initial Perceptions of Mathematical Understanding
Yael Furman Shaharabani and Ira Raveh

The Effect of Heat Sterilization on Cyclic Fatigue of NITI Flexmaster Root Canal Files
Mehmet Yolagiden and Cumhur Aydin

Estimation of Water Scarcity in Basins of Turkey
Olgu Aydin, İhsan Çiçek, Necla Türkoğlu, Ülkü Eser Ünaldi and Neşe Duman

J.S. Mill’s View on Gender Equality: A Re-examination
Madhumita Mitra

Perceived Importance of Ergonomics Factors for Educational Quality in Computer Laboratories
Hüseyin Karadere