Table of Contents (Volume 10, Number 01) (Download in PDF )

Dental Public Health Students’ Perception of Educational Environments
Adhhiyah Mudor

Dye-Graphene Oxide Nanocomposites and Their Sensor Application
Gokhan Guven Batir, Kadem Meral and Mustafa Arik

The Perception of Time and Place in History: The Application of Talok-O Project in Class
Neval Akça Berk, Fatma Gültekin and Fatih Berk

An Empirical Analysis of Issues Surrounding Student Testing and Examinations
James E. Weber, Paula S. Weber and James A. Tan

Comceptualization of Armed Conflict 2014--2016 in Eastern Ukraine in the Letters of Female Residents of Conflict-Torn Luhansk City
Olena Moiseyenko

Application of Probabilistic Methods of Risk Analysis in the Investment Appraisal of Residential Properties in Enugu Urban, Nigeria
Obinna Nnamani

Some Historical Sources on Multireligious and Multicultural Presence in Jerusalem
Mariam Nanobashvili

Determination of the Relationship Between Inflation and Net Migration: The World Bank Country Application
Hasim Bagci

The Effects of Youth Unemployment on Wage Stickiness After 1980 in Turkey
Hüsnü Bilir

Effects of Integrating the History of Science in Science Classes on Students’ Knowledge and Attitudes Towards Science
Mehmet Emren and Serhat Irez

Affordable and Acceptable Mass Housing Delivery: A Panacea to the Nigeria Housing Problem
Ankeli Ikpeme Anthony, Dabara Ibrahim Daniel, Omotehinshe Joseph Olusegun, Lawal Omotoso Kabir, Odeyomi F. Gbenga and Adebowale Adeyemi Philips

Full and Limited Liability in the Income Tax Code in Turkish Law
Ali Volkan Özgüven

Hamlet Speaks Tatar
Vera Shamina and Tatyana Prokhorova

A Management System for Preventing Intentional Food Contamination Based on Risk Analysis
Ramón Navarrete Reynoso

The Process of Studying History and Socio-Culture of Pak Nam Prasae Community, Rayong Province, Thailandnfor Community Development and Ecotourism Project
Kanjana Laochockchaikul

Science Teaching Ability Through Project-Based Instruction Techniques: Case Study of Science Majors, Faculty of Education, Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University
Tuanjai Donprasit

The Results of Using Guided Inquiry Activities with Structured Argumentation Scaffold with Peer Feedback
Araya Lee and Mullika Palachot

Exploring Ways of Learning Assessment of Pre-Service Teachers During Teaching Practice
Mullika Palachot and Araya Lee

Effect of Cooperative on Writing Lesson Plan
Pavinee Komanasin

The Attitude Towards English Learning of Primary Students in Demonstration School, Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University
Teeraporn Plailek

Anam Nikaya Identity and the Preservation of Vietnamese Culture and Tradition in Thai Society
Teerarat Tipjaradmetha

The Effect of Collaborative Strategic Reading on the Reading and Comprehension of the 3rd Year Early Childhood Education Major Students in Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University, Bangkok
Abigail Melad Essien

The Effects of Instruction Based on Service Learning and Community Participation to Develop Public Conscience for Undergraduates
Anchana Sooksomchitra

Factors Affecting the Acceptance of Mobile Banking Services in Makassar Indonesia
Abdul Razak Munir

Student Self-Reflection in a Presentation Skills Course
Tony Cripps

Honor Klein and Martin Lynch-Gibbon: Who Is the Victim and Who Is the Executioner in Iris Murdoch’s “A Severed Head”?
Dragana Curović

Ethical Problems and Solutions in Contact with VIP Clients in Banking and Property Development Area
Karina Tochtarová

Creating a Taxonomy for Eye Contact Moves in Oral Presentations
Richard Miles

The Substance Of Loss: Paradoxical Negatives and Psychological Suspense in Henry James’ “The Ambassadors”
William Collins

Effects of Storage Duration and Temperature on the Values of Haematological Parameters in Bovine and Ovine Blood Samples
A.H. Kirmizigul, E. Gokce and M. Sozmen

Interculturality in the Classroom: High School Teacher Training for Japanese Teachers of English
Sean O’Connell

Evaluating the Pedagogical Opportunities Provided by Aplusix for Learning School Algebra: A Case Study in Mathematics Education
Said Hadjerrouit

Antibacterial Multiresistance of Klebsiella Oxytoca and Klebsiella Pneumoniae from Hospital Sewage
Fatih Matyar

The Modern Condition of River Duruji Basin
Tamriko Supatashvili and Ushangi Kakauridze

The Analysis of Prospective Science Teachers’ Critical Thinking Ability According to Their Learning Styles
Nuri Emrahoglu, Fatih Matyar and Pnar Fettahlioglu

A Typology of Scientific Organizations: Development and Validation Based on German Data
Joern Redler and Petra Morschheuser

Liquidity Risk and Pricing of Liquidity Risk
Swati Sharma and Madhusudan Karmakar

Family Communication Patterns and Self-Construal Among Indian Adolescents: A Cultural Perspective
Anubhav Mishra and SM Satish

Volatility Spillover From Crude Oil to Equity Sector: Indian Evidence
Vikas Pandey

The Rhetoric of Economics and Fleck’s Constructivism as a Coherent Alternative to the Scientific Realism in the Philosophy of Economics
Mariusz Maziarz

Iran’s Islamic Revolution and Sectarianism
Cemil Hakyemez

Platinum Based Anticancer Drugs
Betül İsiner Kaya

SMS Language and Its Impact on Education
Tatia Nakashidze-Makharadze

Interaction Between the Surface Metal Atoms and Organic Adsorbent: A Molecular Modeling Study Part I: Gas-Phase Quantum Chemistry Calculations of Organic Adsorbent
Muzaffer Özcan

The Principles of Compiling Text-Books for Multi-National and Multi-Religious Classes
Rusudan Tsutsunashvili and Maia Bakhtadze

Meritocratic and Ecological Approaches: Unidentical Recruitment Considerations in Bureaucratic Recruitment Process
Emmanuel Jude Abiodun Akinwale

Upgraded Teachers’ English Proficiency Level: The Panacea to Inadequate Instruction Through English Medium
Emelita Santiago-Custodio

Economics of Cassava Processing Mills in Ondo State, Nigeria
Akintade Taiwo Folajimi

Fossil Fuel Price Shocks and CO2 Emissions in Small Open Economies: The Case of Spain
Jorge Bláquez Lidoy, José Ma Martín-Moreno, Rafaela Pérez and Jesús Ruiz

Antibacterial Activity of Some Medicinal Plants Using Paper Disc - Immobilized Marine Bioluminescent Bacteria
Louella F. Ona and Evelyn M. Labastilla

The Language Authority Acquired by the Grammatical Structure of {\it Sidath Sangarawa} Through the Book Titled {\it Pada Nitiya} Written by Veragama Punchi Bandara
Anurin Indika Diwakara

Analyzing Hill Road Network Structure in Developing Countries
Jagat Kumar Shrestha

Reassurance of Family Decision-Making and Intergeneration Influence on Consumer Buying Behavior of Shopping and Convenience Goods
Kirti Arekar, Rinku Jain, Swati Kulkarni and R. Srinivasan

Online Lesson and Efficiency for Cognitive Development Energy and Environment of in Student Faculty of Education, Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University, Thailand
Kornkamol Chuchuoy

Contemplative Education Activities to Enhance the Sense of Patriotism, Faith in Religions, and Respect for Monarchs Conducted by Freshmen at the Faculty of Education, Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University
Sommai Pavaboot

A Longitudinal Analysis Of U.S. Companies’ Environmental Disclosure Practices: A Changing Landscape
Abdul Razeed

Saudi Arabian Children in English-Medium Schools: Social Recognition of Globalization
Fatimah M. A. Alghamdi

The Model of Learning that Promotes Critical Thinking in Stem Education for Students of Faculty of Education of Suan Sunandha Rajabhat
Boonrudee Udomphol

Consumer Buying Behaviour for a Multi-Attribute Product: An Emerging Economy Perspective
Amit Anand Tiwari and Anirban Chakraborty

Different Antenna Designs for Getting Data From the Heart
Rabia Top, S. Sinan Gültekin and Dilek Uzer

An Uneasy Legacy of the Chimurenga Struggle: Zimbabwe Relations with Zambia 1974--1990
Dylan Yanano Mangani and Theodore Nkadimeng Mahosi

The Effect of Eight-Week-Strength Training for Swimmers on Isokinetic Dynamometer and 100 M Freestyle Performances
Bengül Aydn, Ramazan Savranbas and Senay Sahin