Table of Contents (Volume 10, Number 02) (Download in PDF )

Persian Gulf: Tidal Currents and Patterns of Sea Water Level
Fatemeh Sadat Sharifi

Problems Arising in Visual Perception: A Philosophical Analysis
K.A.T. Dharaneeta

On the Stylistic Innovation of a Feminine Satyricon: Carmen Covito’s “Le Ragazze Di Pompei”
Nicoleta Călina

Comparison of Nondetects-Data Regression and Multiple Imputation for Nondetects Data
Guven Ozkaya

Antiproliferative Effect of CHR 6494 Trifluoroacetate on Breast Cancer Cell Line MCF-7
Duysen Kus, Eylul Nehar Karabulut and Ege Aral Karabulut

The Impact of Learning Styles on the Academic Performance of Students in Architectural Design Courses
Yasemin Erkan Yazıcı and Neşe Çakıcı Alp

Digital Game-based Learning: Keys for Engaging and Educating Adult Learners
Fisik Sean Buakanok

Fuzzy based Clustering Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks
Deepika Agrawal and Sudhakar Pandey

Sustainable Affordable Housing Development in Indonesia
Gina Cynthia Raphita Hasibuan

The Far Islands and other Cold Places: Women Travelers in the Arctic, 1850–1935
Silke Reeploeg

The Effects of materialism and Economic and Hedonic Motivations on Customer Purchase Intention of Counterfeits of Luxury Clothing Brands
Filiz Tepeci and Mustafa Tepeci

Seasonal Effects of Waste Materials on Medicinal Leeches
Emine Er Yilmaz, Selin Nil Kutlar, Onuralp Yaman, Isilay Hanehan and Serif Uygar Boz

The Biodiversity of Neotropical Meliponini in a Honey World Dominated by Apis Mellifera
Patricia Vit

An Autoethnographical Account of the Youthzone’s Project based within Vulnerable, Informal Settlements in South Africa
Johan Prinsloo and Michelle Ovens

Manifest Destiny and Native Americans
Serdar Ornek

Influence of Exercise on Personal Health Profile of Kabba-Bunu Local Government area people of Kogi State, Nigeria
Toluse Caroline Modupe

Evaluation of Thermal Processes for Reduction of Salmonella SPP. and Escherichia Coli in Pork Sausage Wrapped in Banana Leaves
Naruemon Prapasuwannakul and Mantana Panbualuang

Motivation for Participation in Agriculture: A Case of Women Entrepreneurs in Zimbabwe
Evelyn Derera, Maxwell A. Phiri and Charles O’Neill

Consumers’ Willingness to Contribute to the Implementation of a Workplace Safety Label
Marjia Khanom and Mashiur Rahman

Components of Ethical Leadership and their Importance in Sustaining Organizations over the Long term
Niall Hegarty and Salvatore Moccia

Storytelling in Multidisciplinary Conferences
J. Bonnici and Henry Greene

Relationship between Service Factor and Service Quality in Customers’ Perspective toward a Department Store in Suphanburi Province
Sutathip Lerdwiwatchaiyaporn, Laddawan Someran and Wilawan Pookung

Antibiotic Multiresistance of Pseudomonas Aeruginosa Isolated from Hospital Effluent Water
Fatih Matyar

Aus Der Geschichte Der Tschechischen Und Georgischen Märchenübersetzungen
Nino Bakradze and Ketevan Barbakadze

Examining the Importance of Biostatistics among various Disciplines in Health science
Gokhan Ocakoglu and Ilker Ercan

Measurement and Analysis of Atmospheric Ultraviolet and Infrared (Global warming) in Adana Region
Nuri Emrahoglu

Aesthetic Effect in Arbereshe Dances
Riselda Sejdija

Teaching Music History at the Bachelor Level: An Impossible task?
Lise K. Meling

Lactic Acid Bacteria Microbiota of the Petrovac Sausage Produced with the Addition of Starter Culture Bacteria Staphylococcus XYLOSUS
Bojana Danilović, Bojana Milićević, Dragiša Savić and Natalija Džinić

Strategies of Apology Employed by Australian and Indonesian Students: Case Study at an Australian Public University
Lazuar Azmi Zulferdi

Opinions and Reflections on basic skill Practice Course Integrated with Academic Services
Chetwichayut Borirak

Train Counter using RGB Camera
Alongkorn Pirawarapon, Nachaya Chindkham, Mun Ho Jeong, Ahmad Sugiana and Key Seo Lee

Centralization or Decentralization?: Teachers and Curriculum in Indonesia
Dian Rahmawati

Schedule Optimization of Public Transportation system by using Linear goal Programming Method
Sezgin Tekin, Sevil Köfteci and Metin Mutlu Aydın

QNRS Positivity among Aeromonas Species Isolated from Fish and Water in Turkey
Ertan Emek Onuk, Yeliz Tanriverdi Çayci, Ahmet Yılmaz Çoban, Alper Çiftci, Gökmen Zafer Pekmezci, Mehtap Söğüt Ünlü, Aydın Deveci, Fikri Balta, Behire Işıl Didinen and Soner Altun

A Sample Study for Renewable Energy use on Esentepe (Windhill) Campus in Sakarya University
Cigdem Ozer

Influx of Refugees to Jordan since 2003 and its Impact on Sustainable Development
Mohammed Mahdi Saleh

The Dimensions of Perceived Website Quality by young Consumers: The Case of Turkey
Serkan Kılıç and Erkan özdemir

The Evaluation of the Bachelor of Nursing Science Program (Revised Curriculum 2012), Boromarajonani College of Nursing, Ratchaburi
Pitchawee Sinsawad

The Observations of Preschool Teacher Candidates Concerning the Misbehaviors in Class
Behsat Savas

Reading Comprehension: A Portuguese Course On-Line for University Students
Eréndira D. Camarena Ortiz

A Model for Cross Disciplinary study Abroad Programs
Karen Edwards and Sandy Strick

A Treatment of Unbounded Dipole-Type Problems
Niksa Kovac

Metaphors used by Prospective Preschool Teachers to Describe their Beliefs about Mathematics
Zvia Markovits and Helen Forgasz

Decoding Circular Migration of Cambodian Workers in Thai Manufacturing Industry: A Meso Level Analysis
Akadet Chaichanavichakit

Mathematics, Art, and Cognitive Sciences: Some Examples of Connection
Maria Mannone

Differences between L1 and L2 Self-Repair Behaviour
Mirjana M. Kovac

Evaluation of the Dimensions in the English Preparatory Program at Çukurova University
İlkay Çelik Yazıcı and Eda Kahyalar

Evaporite Mineralogy and Geology of Neogene Lacustrine Basins in Central Anatolia (TURKEY)
Tülay Altay

Vortex Shedding Control Behind side by side Circular Cylinders with Vertical Splitter Plate in Shallow Water
Mustafa Atakan Akar, Hüseyin Akıllı, Oğuz Baş, Engin Pınar, Beşir Şahin and Burcu Oguz

Violence against Women and its Implication for Development
Angela Ajodo-Adebanjoko and Femi Tinuola

Digital Technology Harms Internal Life
Shlomo Breznitz

Promoting Deep Learing in Professional Learning Communities
Heather Hemming

Role of Education in Raising Agricultural Productivity in Thailand
Waleerat Suphannachart

The Impact of Psycho-Social Factors on Work-Family Facilitation
Oraphin Choochom

Knowledge Management and its Utilization in Active Learning
Parichat Utaipan and Kwanjit Pongrattanamarn

Identification and Antibiotic Resistance of Bacteria Isolated from Shrimps
Fatih Matyar

Antecedents of Cyber Bullying Behaviors of High School Students: A Case Study of Facebook
Rattiya Deenamjued and Waiphot Kulachai

The Analysis of Religious Corpus
Hsin-Yi Lien

Demographic Consequences of Intensive Emigration of the Russian Population from Post-Soviet Georgia
Mirian Tukhashvili

Gendered Domestic Division of Labour: What has (NOT) Changed in a Decade?
Asli E. Mert

Investigation of Parameter Estimation Methods in System Identification
Meric Cetin

The Relationship between Pain and Depression among University Students: A Turkish Sample
Orcin Telli Atalay, Emre Baskan and Gökhan Bayrak

Recent Developments for Electricity Generation by Renewable Energy Sources in Turkey
Oner Atalay and Engin Cetin

Development of Literacy Skills with Multimodal Texts
Tecnam Yoon

Adaptation of Positive Mental Health Scale in Turkish University Students
Ayşe Rezan Çeçen Eroğul and Senem Ezgi Dedekorkut

Heidegger’s Dasein and Angst: Examining the Anxiety of Existence in Ingmar Bergman’s Persona
M. Önder Göncüoğlu

The Importance of Multidisciplinary Research in the Protection of Cultural Heritage
Suzana Polić and Dragan Simeunović

Salesperson Voice Spesifications, Trust and Purchase Intentions
Murat Hakan Altıntaş, Can Efecan Akhan, Feride Bahar Kurtulmuşoğlu and İsmail DÜlgeroğlu

Application of Participation Motivation Questionnaire to Recreation
Umit Dogan Ustun and Neslisah Aktas

English Writing Problems of University Students in Thailand
Amparika Wongsaroj

The Marketing-Accounting Interface: A Field Research on Marketing and Accounting Managers
Gülsen Alkaç Özdemir and Erkan Özdemir

An Investigation of Decision-Making Styles of Generation Y Female and Male Consumers in Turkey
Erkan Özdemir

Thyroid Disorders during Pregnancy: Impact on Mother and Child
Tabinda Hasan and Isar omar

Ownership Structure and Financial Risk
Irene Wei Kiong Ting, Huai-Chun Lo and Qian Long Kweh