Table of Contents (Volume 10, Number 03) (Download in PDF )

Decoding Circular Migration of Burmese Workers in Thai Manufacturing Industry: A Pivotal Decade
Akadet Chaichanavichakit and Worrachon Dulyavitya

Can Promotional Banks Catalyze Sustainable Development? Evidence from European Countries
Iustina Boitan

Modern Fables and Their Characteristics
Tamila Dilaverova

Ideological Reflections on the Romanian Vestimentary Practice During the Communist and Post-Communist Periods: A Semiotical and LexicaL Approach
Ilona Manuela Duță and Ilona Violeta Bădescu

On the Moral Authority of the State Nowadays
Gelu Călina

Linguistic and Pragmatic Impact of Short-Term ESL Study Abroad Experiences: the 2016 Group
Yoko Sato

The Role of Entrepreneurship Within the Master of Business Administration Programme at the University of Kwazulu-Natal
Sanele Khangeziwe Mpanza and Muhammad Ehsanul Hoque

Emotional Intelligence and Organisational Citizenship Behaviour Among Nurses -- Structural Equation Modeling Approach
Jakulin Divya Mary P. and Rajini K.

Leadership and Management According to Philosophy of Sufficiency Economy in Thailand
Busabar Sinsomboon

Effectiveness of Scaffold-Supported Inquiry Method on Cognitive Achievement in Geography
Sreelekha Leelamma

Chinese Soft Power Strategies Towards Sri Lanka and its Implications on International Politics
J. Thumira Sampath Gunasena

Research on the Anti-Tumor Effects of the Colchicum Umbrossum on Cancer and Normal Cell Strains
Huseyin Erdogdu, Irem Tan, Yeliz Gurel and Greta Senay Celebi

Antiproliferative Effects of Inhibitors on MCF-7 and MDA-MB-231 Cell Lines
Ayse Celik, Bora Kalender and Yigit Ozen

Formulating Solutions Between Education DELIVERY and Employment Procurement Facing International Students in Predominant English Speaking Countries; Challenges in Design and Planning Education
Aparna Gopal

Factors Influencing Outsourcing of Core Business Deliverables at a Selected State Owned Enterprise (SOE) in South Africa (SA)
Marcia Magagula and Robert Walter Dumisani Zondo

Desire of Showing off VS. Fear of Surveillance: A Survey Over Surveillance Attitudes of Communication Law Class Students Using Facebook
Feyyaz Fırat and Demet Fırat

Palimpsest and Rewriting the Canadian Feminism in the Handmaid's Tale
Onur Kaya

Marketing Special Events to University Students: A Pilot Study of Attractors and Barriers
Khoon Koh and J. Bonnici

Brain-Friendly Classroom Teaching Tips
John F. Maune

Study of Factors Effecting the Nutritive Habits of University Students: Karabuk University Sample
Suzan Yaman

The Practice of Preventing the Spread of Respiratory Diseases: Yaring District, Pattani Province, Thailand
Lookman Chemah, Kamonwan Wanitchanon, Thanataporn Pinchai and Anchalee Pongkaset

Morphological Study on Glands Around the Eyeball in New Zealand Rabbit (Oryctolagus Cuniculus L.)
Burcu Onuk, Yonca Betil Kabak, Murat Kabak and Aydın Alan

Exploring the Strategies Used by Algerian University Learners in EFL Writing: Case of 1 st Year LMD Students
Fatima Zohra Abi-Ayad

Analize of the Influence of the Socio-Economic Impacts to the Development of the Knowledge Economy in Serbia
Ivan R. Stanisavljević

Scriptural Texts and Science
Süleyman Gezer

Identity Construction Through the Reconstruction of a Fairy Tale: Cinderella
Ezgi Su Dağabak and Aslı Özlem Tarakcioğlu

First Generation Turkish Composer Ekrem Zeki Ün and His Piece "At the Tomb of Yunus"
Ajda Şenol Sakin

What Preschool Children's Drawings Tell us About Their Perceptions of Play?
Fatma Celik Kayapinar

Biological Evaluations of Different Extracts from Passiflora Suberosa L. Leaves
Kumudu R.V. Bandara, Chayanika Padumadasa and L. Dinithi C. Peiris

An Evaluation of the Preparatory Class at an English-Medium University: Students’ Perspectives
Eda Kahyalar and İlkay Çelik Yazıcı

Food Safety and Traceability
Dilek Demirbuker Kavak and Bilge Akdeniz

Television Entertainment: Islam and the Cultural Text of Everyday Life in Pakistan
Muhammad Bilal

Piano for Girls and Trumpet for Boys: Are Musical Instruments Gender-Divided?
Lise K. Meling

Manufacturing and Installation of the Floating Reinforcement Concrete Precast (Pontoons)
Sami M. Ayyad

Attitude toward Learning English of University Students Studying Science
Napat Chinawong

Development of Oral Health Education Program for Children with Learning Disabilities at Tedsaban 3 School
Kwanjit Pongrattanamarn, Parichat Utaipan and Asma Ya

Beyond Language Proficiency: Poetry Translation
Clinia M. Saffi

Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity and Newton’s Law of Gravitation: A Computer-aided Course Material for the Students’ Academic Success
N. Emrahoglu

Visualizing the Evaluation of Location-Based Gaming Experiences in Museum
Chan-Li Lin and I-Chu Chen

On-Grid Inverter Selection Criteria for Photovoltaic Power Plants
Engin Cetin and Oner Atalay

Several Issues of Nikoloz Lortkipanidze's Narrative
Levan Gelashvili

The Development of Supporting Services Teams of the Independent Direct Sellers and Members of the Direct Selling Association of Dietary Supplement Business of Thai Direct Selling Development Association
Ntapat Worapongpat

Changes in Developing World; Innovative Approaches in Nursing Education
Selma Turan Kavradim and Zeynep Canli Özer

Improving Participation in Quality Education in South Africa: Who are the Stakeholders?
L.R. Kone

Testing the Effectiveness of School Based Youth Development: Army Cadet Training in Australia
Andrew Mansfield, Wayne Cotton and Paul Ginns

The Digital Lives of People with Learning Disabilities: Methodological Considerations
Peter Williams

Modern Challenges of Journalistic Education: Actualization of the Technological Component
Nino Chalaganidze

Combining Diagnostic Tests in Censored Data
Deniz Sigirli, Robab Ahmedian and Fatma Ezgi Can

PH.D. Nurses' Attitudes Toward Biostatistics
Gokhan Ocakoglu

Using Lean Six Sigma Approach in Logistics Sector
Hande Arıkan Kılıç and Serkan Kılıç

The Effect of Salesperson Creativity on Sales Performance
Füsun Çınar Altıntaş and Murat Hakan Altıntaş

Product Injuries and Consumers' Brand Evaluations
Can Efecan Akhan, Murat Hakan Altıntaı and Feride Bahar Kurtulmuşoğlu

Oscillation Criteria for Delay Dynamic Equations on Time Scales
Sermin Öztürk and Özkan Öcalan

Advertising Against Women Stereotypes: A Case Study on Turkish Advertisements
Aysen Temel Eginli and Ozen Okat Ozdem