Table of Contents (Volume 11, Number 01) (Download in PDF )

Teachers’ Reflections on their Personal Arts Learning in Professional Development
Bernard W. Andrews

Women’s Representation in Turkish Television Serials
Seçkin Özmen

Determinative Factors of Mindset and Positive Behavior of Economic Teachers in East Java Province of Indonesia
Hari Wahyono

Problems of Professional Teaching Experience: Faculty of Education, Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University
Anchana Sooksomchitra

A Stylistic Study in Surah of Al-Rahman (The most Merciful)
Othman Jaber

Illiteracy and Adult Education in West Africa, Nigeria
Abba Joe Barth

Independence of the Judiciary: A Safeguard for the Protection of Human Rights
Peri Uran Murphy

Young Children’s Conceptions on Authority and their Moral Judgments
Jee Young Noh

Estimating the Private Consumption Function in Jordan 1980- 2013
Alaa Mohammad Said Abu Alruz

Music to my Peers: The Knowledge and Skills Developed When Students and Teachers Co-Create Music with Composers
Tessandra Wendzich and Bernard W. Andrews

Social Capital and Innovation of Tourism Doore Communities from the Perspective of Business Ecosystems
Jaehun Joo, Jeong-Ja Choi and Namhyun Kim

An Analysis of the Entrepreneurial Competencies Level of Culinary-Sector Business in Bandung City, Indonesia
Aurik Gustomo, Sri Herliana, Wawan Dhewanto and Astri Ghina

An Analysis of Differences in Students’ Entrepreneurial Competencies at the School of Business and Management (SBM) Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB)
Aurik Gustomo and Astri Ghina

The Examination of Women Education Statistics with Multivariate Statistical Methods
Dilek Altaş and Gülen Arıkan

A Few theses Concerning the Christian Orthodox Mission and its Missiology Understood from the Perspective of a Theological School
Gelu Călina

Evolution of Human Skin Pigment under Variable Levels of Ultraviolet Light
Maximilian Bonnici

What are the Characteristics of a Quality Music Program?: A Brief Focused Inquiry
Bernard W. Andrews

Turkish Language Teachers’ Using Levels of Questioning Techniques
Ahmet Benzer and Güler Özyürek

Servant Leadership: A Second-order Confirmatory Factor Analysis
Waiphot Kulachai, Kantima Pongnairat, Somkid Petchprasert, Pimprapai Snitwongse, Kwanta Benchakhan and Patipol Homyamyen

Employee Engagement: Validating the ISA Engagement Scale
Passanan Phuangthuean, Waiphot Kulachai, Kwanta Benchakhan, Thaywuse Borriraksuntikul and Patipol Homyamyen

Measuring Trustworthiness: A Confirmatory Factor Analysis
Somkid Petchprasert, Waiphot Kulachai, Kantima Pongnairat, Pimprapai Snitwongse, Thanpitcha Sarmart and Thaywuse Borriraksuntikul

Investigation of Pre-Service Science Teachers’ Knowledge on Laboratory Materials that are used in Science Experiments
Elif Benzer, Rabia Yıldırım and Kübra Özgül

Impediments Related to the Transition of a Breakthrough Innovation: Industry 4.0
Elif Yüce

The Techniques of using Environmental Information as a Feedback in Developing Self-Adaptive Feature in the Dynamic Systems
Alketa Hyso, Eljona Proko and Dezdemona Gjylapi

Feedforward Versus Recurrent Neural Networks in Time Series Forecasting
Dezdemona Gjylapi, Alketa Hyso and Eljona Proko

Solar House Project
Füsun Boysan

Towards the Reduction of Blockages Limiting the Participation of Students with Disabilities in South African Higher Education
Sithabile Ntombela

Credit Growth, Macroprudential Policy and Countercyclical Capital Buffers: An Emprical Evidence from Turkey
Muharrem Afsar and Emrah Dogan

Wind Energy and Economic Growth: A Panel Data analysis for OECD Countries
Basak Ozarslan

Young, Single, and Fertile Women Prefer Masculine Male Faces
Slávka Démuthová and Andrej Démuth

Intelligence Attracts
Andrej Démuth and Slávka Démuthová

On Almost A-Cosymplectic Manifolds
Hakan Öztürk, Sermin Öztürk and Esra Taş

A Note on Almost A-Cosymplectic Manifolds Satisfying some Certain Nullity Distribution
Hakan Öztürk and Sermin Öztürk

Quasi-Almost Convergence of Sequences of Sets
Esra Gülle

Everyday use and Intertextuality
Gökçe Mine Olgun

The Effect of Social Media usage Level on Job Seeking Process: A Research on Students of Karamanoğlu Mehmetbey University Social Science Vocational School
Osman Kürşat Acar, Çağdaş Türkoğlu and Hüseyin Karagöz

Intersections of Marginalization and Social Inequality: A Case Study of Societal Aboriginal Facts
Namrata Suresh Alhat