Table of Contents (Volume 01, Number 03) (Download in PDF )

Finite Element Analysis of Stresses on Substrates Coated with Single-Layered and Multi-Layered
Mine Uslu

Analysis of Variance and Linear Regression Models of Cutting Forces in Orthogonal Cutting with Rounded Edge Worn Cutting Tools
Alper Uysal and Erhan Altan

Effects of Micro and Nano Inorganics Particles on the Mechanical Properties of Polypropylene
Mirigul Altan, Huseyin Yildirim and Alper Uysal

The Limonidin Substance and 5% Botanical Ointment
Galiya Zhusupova, Aizhan Zhusupova and Zharylkasin Abilov

Validity and Reliability of the Malay Version Modified Vertigo Symptom Scale (MVMVSS)
Z. Zuraida, C. A. Mohd Riduan and Z. Mohd Normani

Anomalous Chemistry of Transition Metal Shift Base Complexes: Synthesis, Anion Binding Capacity and Catalytic Activity for CO2 Reduction
Manawadevi Y. Udugala-Ganehenege and Jie Zhang

Synthesis and Thermal Properties of Boric Acid Doped Polyaniline/Carbon Nanotube Composites
Ayşenur Örs, Neslihan Yuca, Nilgün Karatepe and B. Filiz Şenkal

Investigation of Thermal Decomposition Behavior of Olive Cake
Mustafa Can Celebi, Neslihan Yuca and Nilgün Karatepe

Evaluation of Chrome VI Removal with Biological Adsorption in Business Organization Liability: Social Benefit-Cost Analysis
Demir Aynur

Rule-Based Mamdani-Type Fuzzy Modeling of Exergy Analysis Performances of Counter Flow Ranque-Hilsch Vortex Tubes with Different Geometric Constructions for Aluminum
Yusuf Yılmaz, Adnan Berber, Kevser Dincer, Dilek Nur Özen and Şenol Baskaya

Research of the Effect of Cutting Parameters on Tool Life in Turning Operations by Using of Statistical Process Analysis
Alper Yontar, A. Serhat Ersoyoğlu and Ali Ünüvar

The Prediction of Delamination with via Fuzzy Logic in Glass/Polyester Composites
Gürol Önal and Volkan Eskizeybek

Investigation of the Protective Atmospheres Used for Melting Process of High Pressure Die Casting Magnesium Alloys
Ali Serdar Vanli

The Effects of Sprint Interval Training on Performance and Ionic Regulation During Exhaustive Exercise in Young Men
Aslankeser Zübeyde, Korkmaz Selcen, Özdemir Çiğdem and Kurdak S. Sadi

An Experimental Investigation of Effect of Hydrogen on Engine Performance at Dual Fuel Mode
H. Köse and M. Ciniviz

ELF Radiation from Lightning Sprites
Jagdish Rai and Manoj Kumar Paras

Midgut Bacteria of Anopheles Pharoensis (Diptera:Culicidae) and its Role in Regulation of Certain Biochemical Parameters
Kotb M. Hammad

Alzheimer Disease and DNA Consciousness
John K. Grandy

Ultimate Behaviour of Concrete Deep Beams with Particular Reference to Slender Deep Beams
M. Chemrouk

Design of Control System Based on Functions of Catastrophe
Gulnara Abitova, Vladimir Nikulin, Mamyrbek Beisenbi and Aliya Ainagulova

Enciphering the Thoughts: Towards an Ultimate Information Security
Danilo Valeros Bernardo

Evaluation of the Reproductive Toxicity of Methyl Parathion in Male Albino Mice
Komaljit Kaur and Suman Sharma

Understanding a City in 3D Form Using Integrated GIS Techniques
Nartan Ramkumar Rajpriya

Characterization of Bacteria isolates Cultured from the Infected Wounds Among In-Patients at Obafemi Awolowo University Teaching Hospital Complex (OAUTHC), Nigeria
Joseph Omololu-Aso, Anthonia O. Oluduro, Adekunle O. Adejuwon, Stella O. Ajisebutu,
Oluwaseun O. Omololu-Aso and Yemisi Adejumo

Perception, Space Metrics and Data Mining
Horia-Nicolai L. Teodorescu and Alina S. Hulea

Water Jet Cutting Technology and Its Comparison with Other Cutting Methods in Some Aspects
Tolga Mert

Influence of Rainfall, Discharge, Wave and Alongshore Transport on Microbiological Pollution in Southern California Coastal Beaches
Seung Yeon Choi and Youngsul Jeong

An Innovative Approach to Close Air Support Considering the Novel UAV Technologies
Volkan Boy, Yavuz Istek, Kadir Yildiz and Yavuz Aslan

Experimental and Theoretical Investigation of Aerodynamics Characteristics of Flow Around a Bus
Imad Shukri Ali, Mawlood Anwer Faris and Ali Hamza

Analysis of Thermal Stability of Laminar Nanofluids Free Convection in Square Cavity
Tahseen A. AlHattab

Design, Construction and Testing of a Solar Air Heater in Iraq
Nagham Yass Khudhair and Haroun A. K. Shahad

Removal of Bacteria From Pharmaceutical Industry Wastewater by Magnetic Technique
Sulavah Bash

Improved Algorithm for Resource Allocation in MC-CDMA
Hema Kale, C. G. Dethe and M. M. Mushrif

Ferruginous Jasper and Chert Deposits Associated with Island-Arc Metavolcanics, Eastern Desert, Egypt
Galal H. El Habaak

Repair and Strengthening with GFRP of Fire Damaged Concretes with Fiber, Entrained Air and Expanded Perlite Aggregates
Ozan Seçer and Ibrahim Türkmen

Insulation Properties of Ligthweight Construction Materials Produced with Cotton Waste and Fly Ashes
Hanifi Binici

Superluminal Neutrino Phenomenon as a Result of the Equivalence Principle Violation
Oleksandr Batsevych and Roman B. Kapustiy

Developing High Yielding Upland Rice with High Protein Content to Support the Sustaining of National Food Security and Nutritional Adequacy in Indonesia
Totok Agung Dwi Haryanto, Dyah Susanti and Agus Riyanto

Using a Mixed Methodology with a Matrix Iterative System for Creating New Structures
Izis Salvador Pinto

Application of Digital Photogrammetry on Natural Gas Pipeline Projects
Ferruh Yildiz

Environmental Friendly Synthesis of Polyaniline by Nitrogen Pulsed Plasma Polymerization
Sasikan Suwanprateep, Rattachat Mongkolnavin and Vimolvan Pimpan

3-Dimensional Subsurface Mapping Using Non-Destructive Ground Penetrating Radar
Nur Azwin Ismail, Rosli Saad, Stephen Chia and M. M. Nordiana

Methionine-Supplemented Diet Increases the General Performance and Economic Value of Rahmani Lambs
Ahmed Metwelly Ismaiel and Abdelgawad Salah El-Tahawy

Synthesis and Thermal Behavior of Novel Pillared Zirconium-Titanium Phosphates 1,10-Phenanthroline- Co(II) and Cu(II) Materials
S. K. Shakshooki, M. B. Hassan, F. Y. Siala and W. K. EL-Noweli

Species Diversity and Distribution of Cladocerans in Nam Ngum River and Nam Cheng River, Vientiane Province, Lao PDR
S. Siboualipha and L. Sanoamuang

Effect of Cross-Section Shape on the Buckling and Post Buckling Behavior of Axial Compression Steel Columns
Haider Mohammed Al-Baghdadi and Amir T. Kemal Biaee

Antibacterial Property Improvement of Silicone Rubber by Pulsed Plasma Treatment Using Plasma Focus Device
Vimolvan Pimpan, Werawat Sriprapai and Rattachat Mongkolnavin

Yield and Yield Components of Barley Cultivars in Reaction to Nitrogen Fertilizer
Saeed Jafari

A New Single Phase to Three Phase Buck-Boost Converter Cum Voltage Regulator Suitable for Wind Power
Tanmoy Maity and Santosh Sonar

Artificial Neural Networks Approach in Predicting Engine-Out Emissions and Performance Parameters of a Turbo Charged Diesel Engine
Orkun Özener, Levent Yüksek and Muammer Özkan

Development a Method for Controlling Varroa Destructor with Biopesticides Under Egyptian and Saudi Conditions
Edrees O. Nada, A. A. Abdelaal and H. M. A. Heikal

Investigation of the Knowledge Transfer Problem in Whole Cells Biosensor Design: An Interdisciplinary Approach
Christina Siontorou

Redundant Bi-Dimensional SDINS Based on Inertial Sensors Data Fusion
Teodor Lucian Grigorie, Radu Obreja and Ioana Raluca Edu