Table of Contents (Volume 04, Number 01) (Download in PDF )

Nutrient Management for Organic Native Bittergourd and Tomato Production
Jonathan L. Galindez and Fe L. Porciuncula

Short-Term Appraisal of Heavy Metal Contents in Commercial Inorganic Fertilizers Blended and Marketed in Nigeria
F. Ukpabi Chibueze and O.K. Ndukwe

Growth Response of Terminalia Superba (Engl.& Diels) Seedlings to Mycorrhiza, Watering Regime and Light Intensity
A.O. Akinyele and G.I. Dada

Effect of Shade and Water Stress on Early Growth and Biomass Accumulation of Tiama Mahogany (Entandrophragma Angolense (WELW.) C. DC) Seedlings
Samuel Olajuyigbe and Adewale Agbo-Adediran

Effect of Incubation Period of Tilled Soil on Its Physical Properties and the Yield of Discorea alata Linn in Abakaliki Southeast Nigeria
I. I. Ekpe, E. N. Ogbodo, N. R. Idam, M. O. Nwaigwe and D. Bashir

Making Vector Algebra Come Alive in the Classroom
Andriy Didenko, David Allison and Gary Miller

Integration of Hybrid Collectors in the Building
K. Touafek, A. Khelifa, I. Tabet, H. Haloui, H. Bencheikh El Houcine and M. Adouane

The Effect of Rampant Use of Electric Generator on the Health of Small Scale Industry Owners Along Katsina Road in Kano City, Nigeria
Ali Garba, Hamisu Mohammed Suleiman and Danladi Yusuf

A Study of Furniture Design Incorporating Living Organisms With Particular Reference to Biophilic and Emotional Design Criteria
Nurul ’Ayn Ahmad Sayuti, Carlos Montana Hoyos and Elivio Bonollo

Estimation of Ship Exhaust Gas Emissions
Levent Bilgili, Ugur Bugra Celebi and Tolga Mert

Assessment of Heavy Metal Contaminants in Goat Hides Singed Using Tyre Scraps and the Effect of Cooking on the Metal Concentrations in the Hides
Noela Chinyelu Igwemmar, Joy Irobeye Tankwo, Uchenna Emmanuel Okoh and Ngozi Lillian Umedum

Synchronization Between Chua and Modified Chua Oscillators With Passive Control
Yılmaz Uyaroğlu and Uğur Erkin Kocamaz

Study on the Effect of Zinc Salts on Degreening of Ipomoea Aquatica Leave Puree
Bidyut Mazumdar and Seema Keshav

Survey on Mapreduce Applications
Belal Zaqaibeh, Maged Fakirah, Mohammed Al-Andoli and Ala Marashdh

Measurement and Intelligent Processing of Urban Environmental Noise
L.P. Sánchez-Fernández, L.A. Sánchez-Pérez, J.J. Carbajal-Hernández and Lucrecia Pérez-Echazabal

Pathology Diagnosis of Stone Monuments: A Case Study
Lucrecia Pérez-Echazabal, Rocío Hernández-Larriba, L.P. Sánchez-Fernández and Pedro Tejera Garófalo

Daily Mitotic Index of the Offsets of Eichhornia Crassipes in Lake Geriyo, Adamawa State and Its Probable Effects on the Plant’s Reproduction and Proliferation
Hauwa’u Isa and Nafisatu A. Tukur

Comparison of Classification Models for NSL-KDD Dataset for Network Anomaly Detection
Amzari Jihadi Ghazali, Waleed Al-Nuaimy, Ali Al-Atabi and Isalinda Jamaludin

Analysis of measures recorded with a physics exhibit to show the effect of aerosol and water vapor in the atmosphere
Dedalo Marchetti

Supporting Digital Scholarship and Individual Curation based on a Meme-and-Cloud-based Personal Knowledge Management Concept
Ulrich Schmitt

Platforms of Learning: Convergence and Differences from the Open Source to the Owner
Marcelo Mendonça Teixeira, Marcelo Brito Carneiro Leão, Josival dos Santos Silva, Ivaldir Honório de Farias Júnior, Fábio Lopes Bione, William Menezes, Joel Alves de Lima Júnior and Eduardo Lima

The Relationship Between Information Technology Strategic Planning and the Performance of Institution
Herdin and Imam Akbar Hairi

Go Protection Against Leachate at Tpas Sarimukti Causing Dna Damage in Bone Marrow and Peripheral Blood of Male Rats
Anggitaning Kinanti and Ayda Trisnawaty Yusuf

Studies of Lipase Production from Halophilic Bacteria
Sirilak Namwong, Wimonart Pensuk and Kataket Pentasen

Discussing Possible Scenarios for Discovering Association Rules in Distributed Environment
Naresh Kumar Nagwani and Shrish Verma

Cytological Dilemma on the Prolific Reproduction of Eichhornia Crassipes in Lake Geriyo Adamawa, Nigeria
Hauwa’u Isa, Nafisatu A. Tukur and S.M. Tahir

Controlling of Strawberry’s Pathogen Colletotrichum sp. by Antagonistic Bacteria
Kaltima Phichai

Space, Communication and Relationships of Uncertainty
Alina Tenescu and Stefan Vladutescu

The Characterization of Kuala Tembeling Clay Pottery: form and Cultural Function
Zahirah Harun, Asyaari Muhammad, Nor Nazida Awang and Hamidi Abdul Hadi

Context Awareness Framework for Customized U-Medical Services
Taijong Kim and Mincheol Kim

Isolation, Identification and Mycotoxin Production of Some Mycoflora of Dried Stockfish (Gadus Morhua)
Akin Olagoke Ogunleye and Grace A. Olaiya