Table of Contents (Volume 1, Number 1) (Download in PDF )

Identity and Underdevelopment – On Conflict and Peace in Developing Societies – A Case Study of Assam in India
Gurudas Das

Catharine Macaulay: An Unsex’ Female
Patricia Rodrigues

Predicting the Effects of Perceived Social Support and Coping on Perceived Stress Among Social Work Students
Martha Vungkhanching and Vu P. Nguyen

The Challenges of the European Union’s Migration and Integration Policy – The Road to a Common Immigration Policy
Katalin Bándy

Corporate Social Responsibility and Poverty Alleviation in a Developing Country Context: Case Studies from Lebanon
Janine Saba Zakka

Turkish Press’ Representation Form of Demonstrations and Protests
Banu Terkan

Research and Development of Intellectual Consciousness for Thai Youths’ Quality of Life
Oraphin Choochom, Ashara Sukharom, Pajongjit Intasuwan and Prateep Jinnge

The ‘Wimpification’ of Canadian Manhood: Exploring the Social Construction of Manhood in the Canadian Post-Industrial Context
Christopher J. Greig

The Effectiveness of the National Service Program in Enhancing Social Integration Among Multi-Ethnic Trainees in Malaysia
Najeemah Mohd Yusof

Implications of War on Millennium Development Goals in Africa
Ponnle Solomon Lawson