Table of Contents (Volume 1, Number 2) (Download in PDF )

La Politica Ecclesiastica – Un Concetto Bizantino
Gelu Călina

Has Turkey Converged with the European Union in Terms of Human Development?
An Evaluation of the 1980–2010 Period

Sami Taban

Come Comrades and Let Us Be as One: Newscem
Nilay Ulusoy

The Malay Cultural Interpretation of Light in Contemporary Exhibition Design Context
Azizi Bahauddin, Aldrin Abdullah and Nor Zarifah Maliki

Representation of Public Relations in Turkish Daily Newspapers
Ömer Bakan

The National-Liberation Hero of Italy, Giuseppe Garibaldi and Georgia (in Connection with Giuseppe Garibaldi’s 130th Anniversary)
Ellen Khojevanishvili and Eliza Isakadze

Toward Developing a Model of Facebook Adoption Among Arab People
Saad Ghaleb Yaseen and Khaled Saleh Al Omoush

On the Arab-Muslim Trace in the History of Georgian Culture
Apolon Silagadze, Nani Gelovani and Nino Ejibadze

The Attire Genre of Kayseri’s Greek-Orthodox
Çağdas Lara Çelebi

Perceived Self and Identity Negotiation of the Cosplayers: An Analysis of the Identity Change Processes of the Cosplayer Fans
Naniek Poerwito-Setijadi

Health Consequences of Women with Intimate Partner Violence in Malaysia
Siti Waringin Oon, Rashidah Shuib, Siti Hawa Ali, Intan Osman, Noraida Endut, Sarimah Abdullah,
Siti Shahrizatil Husna Shaharudin, Gayathri Prabakaran, Nur Saffiah Hussin and
Puzziawati Abd Ghani

An Overview of Modernism and Impact of Modernity to Interpersonal Relations
Yasemin Uzuntok

Evaluation of New Additional Floors to Historical Buildings in the Example of Istanbul in the Context of Sustainable Urban Development
Mustafa Korumaz, Armağan Güleç Korumaz and Mustafa Kaş

Italian Neorealism and Turkish Cinema
Sinem Evren Yüksel

Shaping New Urban Environments in Latin America: The Case of Medellin, Colombia
Maria Esteves

A Study on the Relationships Among Parental Behavioral Control, Psychological Control and Adolescent Depression in Taiwan
Yi-Chan Tu, Hung-Chang Lee and Ho-Yuan Chen

Public Trust and Legitimacy of the Parliament
Sigita Trainauskiene

The Importance of Iron in Turkish History
Mualla Uydu Yücel

Ethnographic Study of Women’s Ageency in Festivals, Fairs, Tirthas and Vratas in Brahamanical Religion and Culture in Brajbhumi (Mathura Region in Western Uttar Pradesh)
Vijaya Laxmi Singh

Encountering Life’s Endings
Louis Silverstein

Hollywood’s Enchanted Forest: Middle East
Fatma Senem Gungor

Pattern of Journalistic Analysis in Media-Text: Major and Minor Elements
Mariam Gersamia

Architecture of Communities with Specific Cultural Patterns
Hanan Fouad Youakim

The Use of Social Media by the Youth
Aydemir Okay

Creativity as the Problem of Fashion and Reading Margiela
Gizem Kiziltunali

The Spatial Origin of Ke-Liao Settlement in Tainan County
Chuan Hsiang Hung and Pi-Chu Liu

Paternity Suits in Turkish Law and the Effects of Scientific Developments on Paternity Suits
Ayşe Arat

Design Research for Enabling Sustainable Community Development
Udomsak Saributr and Siriporn Peters

Media Presentation of Violence Against Women and the Attitude of the Audience Towards This News
Ibrahim Toruk and Mustafa Şeker

Urban Ways
Pavel Sedláček

The Notion of Free Indirect Discourse and its Use in Contemporary Journalism
Olga Blinova

The Obama Presidency and Climate Change Politics-Leadership Power and Constraints
Yu Chieh Amy Lin

Gandhi’s Leadership and Civil Disobedience Movement in Mumbai, 1930: Events and Inferences
Usha R. Vijailakshmi

Measures to Safeguard a Medina
Kharchi Fattoum and Zekagh Abdelouahab

India’s Freedom Struggle: A Response by the Student Community of Mumbai (1942–1947)
Ravinder Kaur Cheema

Critical Issues in Mechanism of Tension Management and Human Rights in Nigeria
Zacchaeus Olu Ogunnika and Joyce M. Edwards

The Novel as the Voice of Subaltern Arabs: Critique of Western Modernity in Arab Thought
Laura Khoury

The Modernist Intellectuals and the Impact of Their Ideas on the Brazilian State Formation
Bruno Gontyjo do Couto

Women’s Rights in Turkish Civil Law
Yakup Korkmaz

Recreational Therapy: A Model for a Human Service Profession That Transcends Language, Culture, and Geography
Alexis McKenney, Candace Ashton and Ellen Broach

The Transfer of Rights to Compensation of Non-Pecuniary Damage to the Heirs of the Victim in Turkish and French Administrative Procedural Law
Ahmet Ziya Çalişkan, Erturk Omer Faruk and Kizir Mahmut

The Reflection of Society’s Social Transformations in Housing Policy and Architecture
Oksana Morklyanyk

La Presentation Du Droit De La Concurrence En Iran
A. R. Ghadak

Creative City and Urban Development – Competitiveness Through Culture. Sibiu in the Context of UNESCO Creative Cities Network
Ruxandra-Irina Popescu and Răzvan-Andrei Corboş

The Influence of Hesychasm on Byzantine Iconography in XIV and XV Centuries
Anita Strezova

Vulnerability a New Dimension in Poverty: An Empirical Analysis
Jamalludin Sulaiman, Azlinda Azman, Saidatulakmal Mohd and Senadjki Abdelhak

Pioneering Identities: Binary Conclusions of a Seachange Study
Christina Kargillis

Economy and Architecture. The Role of Architecture in Process of Building the Economic Potential of Space
Ksenia Katarzyna Piatkowska

Equality in the Jurisprudence of the Romanian Constitutional Court
Elena Mădălina Nica

Welcome to My World: A Study of the Effectiveness of a Criminal Justice Internship Program
Peter W. Fenton and Stan Crowder