Table of Contents (Volume 02, Number 02) (Download in PDF )

A Tale of Two and a Half Revolutions
Asli Vatansever

TV.Community – Sharing Video Knowledge Online
Paulo Duarte Branco, Maria Barbas, Ricardo Raminhos, Pedro Seabra and Nuno Miranda

An Analysis of the Foreign Policy Vision of the Turkish Religious Right
Hakan Köni

The Necessity of Retranslating Literary Works in Albania After the 90’s
Adriana Gjika and Zamira Alimemaj

Political Integration of Ethnic Minorities: Muslims in Orlando
Eren Tatari, Adrienne Barton and Shabana Baksh

Gender Problem in Shakespeare and Khani
Sherzad Barzani

Abandoned Monasteries: Problem and Opportunity for Chiang Mai Ancient City
Tanwutta Thaisuntad

Psychological Antecedents of Coping with Stress by Re-Employed
Agata Chudzicka-Czupala and Katarzyna Ślebarska

Promoting Environmental Awareness and Protection Through Nature Walk Learning Program Among College Students in Sirindhorn College of Publuc Health, Yala, Thailand
Kannika Ruangdej and Paiboon Chaosuansreecharoen

The Tanzam Railway: A Strategy for Economic Development and Political Independence in Tanzania and Zambia
Michael R. Hall

The Role of Mathematics in the Renaissance Sciences and Arts
Po-Hung Liu

Happiness, Satisfaction with Life, Domain Satisfaction, and the Cultural Values of Javanese and Chinese in Indonesia
Winarini Wilman Mansoer, Cornelia Amita and David Ongkowidjoyo

Painting in the Creation of thematic Composition
Ayad Al Atabi

Immunity of a Judge, the Case of Albania
Loreta Tozaj and Borana Mustafaraj

Harmonious City: Implementation of Key Laws of Natural Systems in Urban Planning
Ganna Andrianova

Spatial Mapping of Creative Industries in Creative Cities: the Case of Penang, Malaysia
Suet Leng Khoo, Narimah Samat, Nurwati Badarulzaman, Morshidi Sirat and Sharifah Rohayah Sheikh Dawood

Generalized Model of the Genesis of Literary Genres
Alla Kalyta and Larisa Taranenko

Hugo Haas: Hollywood’s Independent Pioneer
Milan Hain

Social Axioms and Locus of Control of Indian College Students
Anjali Ghosh

William Faulkner’s Narrative Mode in “the Sound and the Fury” a Stream of Consciousness Technique or Interior Monologue used in Benjy’s Section
Tatiana Vepkhvadze

A Bourdieuian Interpretation of the Film Festival Circuit: the Case of Wong Kar-Wai
Gavin Tse

Ravenhill’s Portrait of ‘Artists’ Reconstructing Identities “In-Yer-Face”: Handbag, Faust is Dead, and Pool (No Water)
M. Sibel Dinçel

Extracting Teenage Emotion From Online Text Chat
Abishek Rajkumar

The Linguistic Landscape of Amadeo: A Study of the Presence of Different Languages in the Public Space
Larry Javier Ambion

The Second Half of Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s Strategic Postcolonial Path
Faith Mishina

ICT Use by Commercial Sex Workers in Awka, Anambra State, Nigeria
Chinenye Nwabueze and Emmanuel Chukwueloka Igwenagu

Considerations on the Nature of the Democratic State: L. T. Hobhouse’s Contribution
Carla Larouco Gomes

Women’s Control of the Means of Production and Economic Output in a Poor Municipality in the Philippines
Bernadette M. Gavino-Gumba

Poor Prospects, Despite Degrees: Importance of English Education in India in Enhancing Equal Employment Opportunities
Chintala Venkatramana

Globalization and the Widespread of English Words, Expressions, and Terminology in Arab speakers’ Discourse
Salah Nimer Abunawas

An Insight on Existing Coping Mechanisms: A Study on West Bengal Police
Malini Nandi Majumdar, Avijan Dutta and V. V. Thambi

The Eighth Amendment of the US Constitution versus Death Penalty as a Form of “Cruel and Unusual”Punishment
Ekaterine Bakaradze

The Beginning of the End: Understanding Retirement Through the Lens of Nurse Educator Retirees
Sundee-Pearl Ortega Arroco and Lily F. Famadico

Poverty and social marginalization in San Luis Potosi: A Puzzle for Local Government
Mballa Louis Valentin

A Few Remarks on the Cultural Aspects of the French Revolution
A. Baran Dural

Women in Silk Industry of Assam: Scope for Women Empowerment or for Maintenance of Patriarchy?
Paramita Dey

Suicide Epidemic: Farmer’s Suicides in India
Jasmeet Kaur

Toward the Era of Using English as the Only Language for Communication in Nigeria
Sordum Owen Akata

Political Clientelism and the Independence of Political Office Holders in Nigeria and National Development
Ayaka Simon Silas

Internet and Its Subjects in Turkish Law
Sevil Yildiz

A Modern Approach to Dreams Interpretation1
Adrian Medina-Liberty

Accessibility in Cycling: A Spatio-Syntactic Analysis in Aracaju, Brazil
Adriana Dantas Nogueira and Eder Donizeti da Silva

Contextualizing a Few Kolatkar Texts in Post-Colonial Translation Situations
Deepak Borgave

Sociopathic Attitudes to Road Safety
Amir Gholami and Amir Yarveisi

The Odor of Sa’di’s mystic Thoughts in Boostan
Nahid Jafari

Cultural Networks as a New Form of International Cultural Cooperation
Koroleva Alina

Linguistic Peculiarities of E-mail: On the material of French, English and Georgian Languages
Marine Kvantaliani and George Kuparadze

Pictorial Language in the Landscape of Semantics
Brankica Bojović

Socio-Geographical Questions of the Roma Integration
Ágnes Pálóczi

Techniques of Investigative Reporting: Public’s Right to know and Individual’s Right to Privacy
Adepate Rahmat Mustapha-Koiki and Victor Ayedun-Aluma

Sustainable Green Age and Ecology Design
Rabia Köse Doğan

The Berber Language of Igli, Language Towards Extinction
Fatiha Mouili

Selected Police Investigators’ Difficulties Encountered in Writing Law Enforcement Reports in Cavite: Basis for Designing an English Writing Course
Teresita P. Pareja

Recess Appointments. while the Senate’s Away the President will Play
Benjamin A. Neil