Table of Contents (Volume 05, Number 01) (Download in PDF )

King Lear Reveals Shakespeare’s Pattern of Portraying Tragic Heroes
Salim E. Al-Ibia

The Applicability of Uae Conflict of Laws Rules Related to Property and Persons to Electronic Transactions
Ziad Kh. Sh. Al Enizi and Suhaib Walid Sharaiyra

Approaches of Al Beruni in Studying Religions in Context of His Study of Hinduism

The Study of Information Uses Behavior of Tourists in Songkhla Province, Thailand
Patraporn Kaewkhanitarak, Suchada Srichua and Narawat Kanjanapan

Clickbait: The Patterns of the Adaptation of Web Contents, the Attention of the Audiences and the Effects on Thai Society
Raksina Puanglam

The Ideological Analysis of the Change of Hollywood Superheroes in the Crisis Period
Mehmet Oğulcan Turan and Hasan Hüseyin Toydemir

Developing Lingua-Didactic Intelligent Tutoring Systems
Motasem A. Abu-Dawas

The Arab Novelist Probing the Self and the Other: A Contrapuntal Study of Identity and Sexuality in Modern Arabic Novel
Jihan Zakarriya

Depressive State and Emotional Intelligence in Senior Citizens
A. Andrade, R. Martins, C. Albuquerque, M. Cunha and S. Campos

Personal Synthesis as an Ontological Imperative: An Existential Proposal for Authentic Life Satisfaction
Joseph Adonu

Dimensions of Management of Current and Development Activities in Enterprises: Theoretical and Pragmatic Context
Marlena Grabowska, Sylwia Łęgowik-Świącik, Małgorzata Łęgowik- Małolepsza and Dagmara Bubel

Model of the Self-Care Strategies Among Slovak Helping Professionals — Qualitative Analysis of Performed Self-Care Activities
Vladimír Lichner and Ladislav Lovaš

Comparison of the Best Practice Studies in European Union for City Logistics
Umut Rıfat Tuzkaya, Kadriye Büşra Yilmazer and Doğan Özgen

Assessment and Family Intervention
Isabel Bica, José Costa, Patrícia Costa, Madureira Dias and Paula Nelas

The Inventory of Metacognitive Strategies: Factor Analysis and Convergent Validity
Jarmila Takáčová

Contemporary Trends in the Slovak Labour Market
Eva Rievajová and Roman Klimko

The Psychological Fluency Level of Individual and Team Competition Female Players
Abdel-Hakim Rezk Abdel-Hakim

Attachment of Joint Stock Company Shares Under Turkish Law
Hakan Albayrak

An Example on Cultural Effects of Migration Phenomenon: Nİlüfer District, Bursa
Muharrem Aydın and Gülümser İncedayı

Enhancing National Integration and Inter-Group Relations in Post-Colonial Nigeria State Through Federal Character: An Analytical Discourse
Abdulateef Femi Usman

The Strategic Importance of Radcliff Line: The International Border Between India and Pakistan in the Border Districts of Rajasthan
Monika Kannan and Sunita Pachouri

Telling Your Story: From First Draft to Final Draft
Ranjini George

Dreams as Metaphors in Movement
Adrian Medina Liberty

Visibility and Significance: The True Experience of Nigerian Women Bankers
Olusola Esther Adewole, Ademola Lateef Adisa and Francis Oluyemi Fagbohun

The Livelihood Enhancement for Reduction of Poverty of Elderly: A Study in Matara District in Sri Lanka
W. V. W. G. Waniganeththi

Interface Between the Oral and the Written History: Case Study of Oral Narratives of Hilly Regions of Himachal Pradesh, India
Vikram Bhardwaj

Communicating Artha (Meaning): A Journey Through Oriental Philosophy
Satya Sundar Sethy

The Characteristics of Children Requiring Protection and Care in Jordan: Qualitative Social Study
Hussein Omar Alkhozahe

Analytic and Critical Vision of the Terrorist Organizations’ Behaviors and Thoughts: Daash Terrorist Organization Model
Arrfudi Badr Sulaiman

The Family in the International Conferences and Conventions and the Islamic Shari’Ah: A Comparative Study
Ahlam Rashed Alqassimi

Bathroom Impact Absorbing Mat for Elderly People: A Review
Ariya Atthawuttikul, Sompit Fusakul and Yada Chavankul

Functional Limitations of Activities of Daily Living Among Elderly
V. Solanki and S. Maniar

A Pragmatic Study of the Language of Threat in a Selected Political Speech
Jalal Sa’adullah Hassan and Abas Mohammed Salih

A Vital Contribution of Cinematic Field in Uprising Ecofeminism: A Fertile Ground
Archana N. Lokhande

Citizenship Education: A Panacea to Peace and Security in Nigeria
Henry Adeloye Adenigbagbe

Language and Style in the Nigerian Army Parade Interaction
Toyin Ogundele

Public Private Partnership as a Paradigm for Management of Sports Facilities and Equipment in South West Nigeria
Odeyemi Bukola Abayomi

Nigerian Indigenous Languages and Traditional Education as Enhancement for All Round Education
Akindele Ajayi Adebayo

A History of the Consumption of Indigenous White Corn and Other Food Items Among the Ekiti People of South-Western Nigeria
Adu-Peters R. Olusola

India’s Urban Challenges and Smart Cities: A Contemporary Study
Mihir Bholey

Diversification of Amazon Women’ Monotonic Depiction in Hellenic Art
Çağdaş Lara Çelebi

Entrepreneurship as a Tool for Addressing Militancy and Youth Restiveness in Nigeria Through Counseling Intervention
Victor Ndubuisi Ordua

Peoples’ Perception, Awareness and Adaptation to Climate Change in Osun State, Nigeria
Israel Oluyinka Oloyede Osunsina and Olubunmi Ibrahim Alabi

A Historical Evaluation of Farm Settlements in Western Nigeria, the Case of Orin in Ekiti State: 1959–1966
Familugba Jonathan Olu

Reflective, Reflexive or Devious: An Exploratory Study of the Colonial Representation of Indian Beauty and Aesthetics
Amanpreet Randhawa and Iti Roychowdhury

Role of Knowledge Management and Information Technology Strategy for Competitive Private Higher Education in Bandung
Yenny Maya Dora

Coming of Portfolio Capitalism in Bengal: A Case Study of French Colony “Chandannagore”
Sandip Munshi

Issues in Ethnic Diversity and Inter-Group Relations in Contemporary Nigeria: A Historical Discourse
Abdulateef Femi Usman and Godwin Onuh Odey

A Contrastive Genre-Based Study: English and Malay
Loi Chek Kim, Moyra Sweetnam Evans, Mehmet Cem Odacıoğlu and Şaban Köktürk

Dreams, Mind, and Culture
Adrian Medina Liberty