Table of Contents (Download in PDF )

Fitness for Purpose – Examining Post-Secondary English in Malta
Doreen Spiteri

Modeling of Fuel Cell Energy System for Use in Auv
Jerzy Garus

Matlab as a Teaching and Learning Tool for Mathematics: A Literature Review
M. Abdul Majid, Z. A. Huneiti, W. Balachandran and Y. Balarabe

Fuzzy Control of the Fuel Cell Reactant of Autonomic Underwater Vehicles
Bogdan Zak and Stanislaw Hożyn

Gait Deficiencies in Individuals with Down Syndrome: A Motor Control Perspective with Implications for Pedagogical Intervention
Michael Horvat, Ronald Croce and Manuela-Cristina Barna

Scaffold Lecturing Methods to Improve English Second Language Science Student Teachers’Academic Performance
Thelma de Jager

Simple Video Production for Academics
Matthew Dean

The Science and Art of Community-Engaged Research: . A Mixed Methods Study.
E. Anne Marshall, Tricia Roche, Breanna Lawrence and Jennifer Coverdale

The Key Component for Educational Advancement: The Student, Family and the Community
Nick Young, Lynne Celli, Rick Roque and Neil Gile

Intensive Freshman Seminar: A Format for Introducing Incoming Freshman to the Academic/Intellectual Rigor and Social Diversity of a Large Research University
George M. Malacinski, Deborah Christiansen and Michael Beam

The Impact of Whatsapp on Interaction in an Arabic Language Teaching Course
Ibtehal Mahmoud Aburezeq and Fawzi Fayez Ishtaiwa

Green "E-Project": The 4-R Survey Of Students’ Ecopreneurship
Ratna Lindawati Lubis

Vibrational Response of a Gong
Tom A. Eppes, Ivana Milanovic and Shiraz Malik

Cross Cultural Double Talk: Communication Challenges within Edu-Tourism
Susie Ting and Marie-Claire Patron

Error Correction in Language Teaching: the Teachers’ Perspective
Serkan Ülgü, Carol Griffiths and Irfan Sari

Male Nursing Students’ Emotional Intelligence, Caring Behavior and Resilience
Dennis Salazar Cuadra and Lily Ferrer Famadico

Theatre in Education and Heritage Language: The Case of a Greek Community School in London
Aspasia Simpsi

Experimental Approach for the Optimum Parameters of Preferred Images
Hyung Ju Park and Dong Hwan Har

Exploring Computing Frameworks in the Simulation Studies
Jaejoo Lim and Young-Gyun Kim

Does Reading Strategy Use Correlate with Reading Comprehension of EFL Learners?
Mania Nosratinia and Hossein Shakeri

The Three Dynamic Levels of DNA Consciousness
John K. Grandy

Microscale Light Switch for Portable Analysis
Gianna Valentino, Eric Mongeau and Yu Gu

Socio-Affective Borders in Figurative Language Production
John Ivan V. Palagar

Scheduling Construction Projects with Multi-Skilled Resources
Piotr Jaskowski

Minimizing Wall Formwork Cost in Residential Building Construction
Slawomir Biruk

The Hidden Danger: Unintended Overdose with Prescription Medication Due to Non-Medical Use
Marika Guggisberg

The Fringe Economy: Predictors of Utilization Among Low- and Moderate-Income Households
Marcia A. Shobe, Kameri Christy, Ashley Givens and Yvette Murphy-Erby

Hydrothermal Technology of Zeolite Materials Synthesis From Fly Ash
Wojciech Franus, Magdalena Wdowin and Malgorzata Franus

The Danger of Relativism in Reason
Mella R. Mc Cormick and Chris G. Kuchuris

Moderating Effect of Oc in the Relationship Between Person Job Fit and Job Satisfaction and Intention to Quit
Saqib Ilyas and Delphine Lacaze

Stress and Communication (I.E. on Stress in Communication and Communication Under Stress)
Longina Strumska-Cylwik

Rethinking Waste Disposal Communication in a Third World City
Ifeanyi J. Ojobor

Rights Entitlements of Children with Disability: Study on Parents’ Awareness in Mumbai, India
Prerna Sharma

Employing Irony in the Modern Palestinian Novel: Ibrahim Nasrallah as an Example
Yasen Kittani

Mannequin System of Interactive Smart Body Mapping for Real-Time Cad Pattern Design
C. K. Chan, J. Yang, A. Luximon and S. X. Peng

Discovery of Discovery in Qualitative Research: Remedial Pedagogy in Graduate Reflexive and Reflective Thinking
Dennis E. Winters

Rethinking Roma Migration in the Light of Recent Flow of Refugees to Canada From Three Central Eastern European
Zsuzsanna Vidra

Sexual Harassment of Albanian Women
Dorina Zenelaj and Zerina Derveni

Putting Adult Back into Adult ESLEducation
Nora Jung

Code Switching by Teachers in the Second Language Classroom
Enoka Makulloluwa

Ethnic Interactions in the Aboriginal Restaurants as a Contact Zone: Subjectivity Constructions in Culinary Identification
Jou-juo Chu

American TV talk shows as sicko circuses of the 21st century
Magdalena Piotrowicz

Hypothesis, Homology, and Heuristic: What the H
Stan Crowder and Brent E. Turvey

Post-Colonial Africa in Chinua Achebe’s a Man of the People
Al-Assad Omar

The Arabic Language and the Role of Mothers in Maintaining it Among Arab Family Immigrants in Chicago
Mona Turjoman

The Effective Detective: Legal Realism and Legal Formalism in Detective Fiction
Joanne Bridget Simpson

Best Teaching Practices: Applying Innovative Teaching Methods for Facilitating and Lecturing Sensitive Diversity Dimension Courses and Topics
Christopher Hodshire

The Impossible Return: The Allegory of Exile in Tsitsi Dangeremba’s Nervous Conditions and Mohamad Dib’s if the Devil Wants
Lobna Ben Salem

Determinants of Compensation of the Board of Directors in Banks of the Growth Triangle Countries (Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand): Fresh Evidence
Logasvathi, Nor Hayati Ahmad and Asish Saha

Land Consolidation: An Overall Assessment with Special Reference to the Cyprus Case
Mattheos Economides

Reconsidering "Al Hakimiyya" in the Islamists’ Political Discourse for a Better Management of Minorities in the Muslim World: A Reference to the Turkish Case
Shaimaa Magued Abdel Fattah

Development of a Knowledge Base Supporting Pipeline Route Selection Procedure for Natural Gas or Oil Transport
Dimitra Papadopoulou, Christina Siontorou and Fragiskos Batzias

Influencing Factors for the Adoption of Mobile Office Services: Empirical Investigation Among Sales Workers
Jin-Bo Sim and You-Jin Kim