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Exporting Motivations: Differences between Manufacturing SMEs Operating within Emerging and Advanced Markets
Yousif Abdullah Alrashidi

Competitive Advantage based on CSR in Supply Chains–Suppliers about Retailers Strategy
Magdalena Stefańska

Determinants of Capital Structure: Evidence from Thai Lodging Companies
Supawadee Pattweekongka and Kulkanya Napompech

Medieval Female Body Politics in Chaucerian Hagiography: A Case Study of the Physician’s Tale
Pınar Taşdelen

Factors Affecting Ready-to-Drink Murrah Milk Consumption in Bangkok Metropolitan
Sirijanya Kuawiriyapan

Informal Mentoring by Teachers: Strategies to Increase Student Engagement in Secondary Learners at Risk
Miles O’Shea

Writing Poetry as an Innovative Approach for Learning the Details of Complex Molecular Biology Phenomena
George M. Malacinski and Brian Winterman

A General Outlook on Turkish Banking for the Recovery Phase of Global Crisis
Celal Taşçı

Challenges in the Application of Smart Power and Public Diplomacy in European Union - People’s Republic of China Relations
Marco Antonio Baptista Martins

Impacting Generation Z through a Medicine Summer Program for Youth at the University of Toronto
Dani Sarkis, Artur K. Jakubowski, Hannah Roche, James Y. Lau, Nancy C. Fortin, Paolo Rivera, Tim Clarke, Hong Si and Chris J. Perumalla

Psychological Correlates of Succumbing to the Temptation of Appropriation Someone Else’s Property
Karolina Dobrosz-Michiewicz

Caravaggio the Knight of Malta: Trading Art for a Manslaughter Charge
J. Martin Giesen

The Changing Status and Subjectivity of the Aborigines in Taiwan’s Labor Markets
Jou-Juo Chu

The Faces of Intertextuality in the Literary Analysis: A Reappraisal
Aleksandra Tryniecka

On the Fragment, the Worn, the Twisted, and the Aesthetics of the Non-Complete
Amos Bar-Eli

National Identity Constructions in Māra Zālīte’s and Pauls Bankovskis’s Writing
Sandra Meškova

Maya Ying Lin’s Design: While Enduring Much Criticism and Debate, the Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial has Created a Lasting, Influential Dialogue about Honor and Public Art for Future Generations
Claudine Perreault

The Sadomasochistic Serial Killer Protagonist in the Killer Inside Me
Ebru Ceker

Marketing Excellence: Myth or Reality in Oman
Faustino Taderera, Said Al-Nabhani, Vibha Bhandari, Paul Sundar Kirubakaran, Hanan Hamood Abdullah Al Rahbi, Godwell Karedza, Mike Sikwila and Suja Sundaram

Homo Postmillennicus
Wieslaw T. Watroba

Phenomenon of Conscience in Ancient Greek Epos (After Homer’s “Illiad” and “Odyssey”)
Shorena Barbakadze

The Differences among Groups of People in the Adoption Behavior of E-Commerce in Bangkok Thailand
Wornchanok Chaiyasoonthorn and Watanyoo Suksangiam

Media Bias: A Critical Discourse Analysis of the Representation of the Egyptian Army in The New York Times
Mohamed Mohamed Mostafa El-Nashar

Sales Objections: Sources and Effects on Performance in Nigerian Life Insurance Industry
Ayodele C. Oniku

Analysis of U2’s Concert Performance Location Choice: Application of an Adapted Gravity Model
Joel I. Deichmann

Internationalization of Small and Medium Enterprises: A Multi-Case Study of the Thai Food Sector
Sakda Siriphattrasophon

Translating Contemporary Worship Songs into Polish: Word-for-Word, Sense-for-Sense or Adaptation?
Jadwiga Suwaj

The Role of Assessment in Shaping Employee Attitudes – A Case Study of a Public University in Poland
Karolina Zofia Kapuscinska

Moral/Ethical Analysis of Performance Enhancement in Sports
Sandra McCalla and Neil Shepherd

Why Do We Share Information Online? A Study of Motivations
Yifat Belous

Virginia Woolf’s Divergent Hospitality or Clarissa Dalloway’s Struggle for Female Self Reliance
Olga Eliya Krochak Sulkin

Human Trafficking: Assumptions, Evidence, Responses
Natalya Timoshkina

Examining Work Environment Practices as a Resource for Internationally Educated Nurses’ (IENs) Integration
Ndolo Njie-Mokonya and Etowa Josephine

Conservation of Omani Archaeological Sites, Harat Al Bilad – A Case Study
Soheir Mohamed Hegazy

Fuseli’s Nightmare - Psychological, Medical and Physiological Findings
Rachel Scharf

Art in Street: The Significant Role of using the Art, Literature and Humor in the Gezi Resistance
Erdem Çolak

Optimizing Leadership and Business Performance: Organizational Development Themes Seen through the Lens of Classical Viennese Music
JoAnna Rakowski and Maggie Mongan

The Logic of Uniqueness - Five Underlying Principles in Ibn Taymiyya’s Critique of Aristotelian Logic
Mashhad Al-Allaf

Cosmopolitan Appeal: What Makes a City Attractive to Expatriates?
Arno Haslberger and Karl Zehetner

The Organization and Perfomance of Igba Ijele Cultural Music of Ifite Oraifite Community in Anambra State, Nigeria
Ojukwu V. Ebele and Esimone C. Chinyere

Polish and American Religious Right Movements in the Perspective of Secularization, Privatization and Deprivatization of Religion Theories
Paulina Napierala

Between Identity and Integration, Assimilation, and Simulation: Home, Belonging, and Displacement in Contemporary German and Turkish-German Literature
Christine Anton

Resisting Hegemony: Strategies for Intellectual Dialogue on Race and Cultural Diversity in the Classroom
R. Dianne Bartlow and Florence Kyomugisha

Mental Health in the Elderly
Claudia Chaves, Joao Duarte, Cristiano Ferreira, Joana Duarte, Joana Almeida, Simone Nunes, Tatiana Marques, Rui Dionisio, Sofia Pires and Conceiçao Martins

Cognitive Style and a Field of Studies: Comparison of Art Students and Leisure Time Management Students in Estonia
Aurika Komsaare

Rhetoric and the Platonic Paradox
Daniel R. Fredrick

Examining Safety Behaviour with the Safety Climate and the Theory of Planned Behaviour
Ceren Avci and Ali Yayli

Overseas Students as Researchers and Presenters of Japanese Culture: Challenges of Japanese Culture and Society Class in Global Era
Sachie Banks