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Improving Students’ Emotional Intelligence and Academic Achievement: The Self-Science Program
Zeina Salman-Nasser

Fostering Foreign Language Teachers’ Ability to Teach Intercultural Communicative Competence: A Social Constructivist Perspective
Katarzyna Piątkowska

Participation Levels of Children with Special Needs in Adapted Physical Education in Selected Schools in Metropolitan Kampala, Uganda
Makwasi Suzan and Paschal Wanzalla Soita

Understanding Fluency Through Dysfluency: Comparing EFL Learners with Native Speakers
Robert W. Long and Masatoshi Tabuki

Effect of Films and Role-Play as Teaching Tools in Special Education Courses on Prospective Teachers’ Empathic Tendency and Attitudes Towards Inclusion
Oktay Taymaz Sari

Democracy and Education: The Egyptian Case
Alsaeed Alshamy

Compulsory English Education: Teachers’ Experience Of Elementary And Junior High School In Japan
Minako Inoue

Teaching the Inferno in Iraqi Kurdistan: A Case Study in Education
Christina Ludwig

How We Play In A Malaysian Contexts
Norsuhaily Abu Bakar, Michael Faulkner and Dona Martin

To Facebook or Not To Facebook?
Çağla Atmaca

Leadership and Strategic Public Marketing Affecting High Performance Organization of Bangkok’s Metropolitan Administration (BMA) District Offices
Cheardsak Teeranantawanich and Wanno Fongsuwan

Contradictious Expectations for Competence Enhancement in Tourism and Catering Education
Anita Mondok

Dynamics of Income and Wealth Distribution in a General Equilibrium Model
Wei-Bin Zhang

Nine Years Unlocking the Potential of the Rural Students-A Case Study of Taiwanese Elementary School Students’ English Learning
Yen-Ju Hou

What is Television Now? TV Content in the New Media Space
Aleksandra Powierska

Reading Poetry in Standardized EFL Test Preparation to Increase Meaningful Literacy Engagement
Amir Kalan

“I Really like Being With This Group of People”: Social Wellbeing and Nature Volunteering at Ottawa’s Fletcher Wildlife Garden
Renate Sander-Regier and Josephine Etowa

Video Killed the Sports Referee: The Role of Video Replay Technology in Creating Anxiety and Stress Amongst Rugby League Referees
Christopher Francis Baldwin

Methodology of Creating Business Models in the Educational Effects within the Scope of Knowledge at the Management Major: The Case of the Bachelor’s Degree at the Univesrity of Economics in Katowice
Marcin Komańda

Instances of Yorùbá Worldview in D.O. Fágúnwà’s Novels
Adisa Omowunmi Ajoke, Adebiyi Adekemi Tamurat and Adu Olubunmi Temitope

The Determinants of Foreign Direct Investment in Saudi Arabia: A Multiple Regression Analysis
Said Malki

Group Cohesion in a Foreign Language Classroom: A Case Study of Cooperative Vocabulary Learning in a beginning JFL Class
Tsuneko Iwai

Developing Automaticty in Reading: A Study of University Students in Japan
Bryan Hahn

Girish Karnad’s Tughlaq: Treatment of History and its Deviations
Abdul Saleem

Islam, Democracy and Political Stability in Nigeria
Muhammad Dahiru Suleiman

Effectiveness of Neuro-Linguistic Programming on Enhancing University Students' Quality of Life
Khawla Saad Albalawi

Acquisition of the English Verbs of Perception by Japanese Learners of English
Masanobu Sato

From Motive to Motivation: Motivating Chinese Elective Students
PiingPing Zhu

Academic's Views on the Role of Saudi Universities in Building the Knowledge Society: Prospective Study
Al Jawhara ALAbduljabbar

The Impact of Interest Rates on Bank Deposits Evidence from the Nigerian Banking Sector and a Regional Overview
Paul Ojeaga, Deborah Odejimi and Daniel Ojeaga

Quantifying Lexical Choices and Syntactic Patterns of Japanese English
Lyndon Small

A Study on the Assessment of the Effects of an English E-learning Program: Focusing on the Extent and Quality of the Participants’ Involvement
Tomoe Watanabe and Nobuyuki Aoki

Dialogic Interaction between the Historical Background and Events in the Novels of J.M. Coetzee and Jabra Ibrahim Jabra: A Contrapuntal Reading
Jihan Mahmoud

Hiroshima, Atomic Bomb Survivors (Hibakusha), and the “2020 Vision Campaign.” Personal Narratives as Stepping Stones to Rid the World of Nuclear Weapons by 2020
Gloria R. Montebruno Saller

Doctoral Dissertation as Action at One’s Limits – What are the Individual and Context-Bound Strengths of Top Performances?
Kaarina Määttä, Satu Uusiautti and Marju Määttä

Green Marketing - A Qualitative Study on Sustainable Consumption in Austrian Food Retailing
Martin Pittner

Ethnic Minority Entrepreneurship:The Case of Ethnic Minority Owned-Restaurateurs in North Cyprus
Odafe Wisdom Godson

The Application of Buddhist Humanity and Legend in General Education of University in Taiwan — Take Lumbini in Nepal as Example
Hsiu-O Chien and Shih-Ching Shiu

Aesthetic Value of Round Arches in Ancient Persian Architecture
Seyedehsolmaz Rastjoo, Ali Tamizifar and Mohsen Vatanparast

Moderator Effects of Quality of Life on Job Satisfaction of the Academic Staff in University
Gülay Günay and Ayfer Aydıner Boylu

Analysis of Distribution Structure and its Improvement Plan for E-learning Business
Tae In Han

Enriching Student Engagement and Outcomes Via Online Formative Assessment within a Virtual Learning Environment
Peter Clutterbuck and Owen Seamons

The Influence of Culture on Project Management — Case Study: Brica Portugal
Amândio Baía and José Marques