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Deng Xiaoping: A Leadership Case Study
William R. Gruver and Haokang T. Zhu

The Nigeria Perspective of Children’s Impact on Purchase Decision Making for Durable Goods
Bright C. Opara and Gideon C. Uboegbulam

Refugee Crisis and Labour: Employing Proactive Measures to Curtail the Exploitation of Refugees in Labour Relations
Habiba Musa and Mohammed Yaro Zakari

Non-Verbal Behaviors as Enhancers of Social Interaction: A Study of Communicative Interactions of the Igala Speaking People of Kogi State, Nigeria, at Chieftaincy Installation Ceremonies
Sunday Ogala

Rituals of Advertisement: How Consumption Becomes a Ritual Like Mystic Experience
Tarik Emre Yildirim and Bassant Eyada

Prohibition of Chemical Weapons in International Law
Jamal Barafi

The Role of the United Nations Organization to Ensure the International Protection of Journalists in Non-International Armed Conflicts
Zeyad M. S. Jaffal

Border Fencing in India: Between Colonial Legacy and Changing Security Challenges
Said Saddiki

Rule of Law, Personal Safety and National Security in Nigeria
Musa Idris and Hamza Abdullahi Yusuf

Corruption and Infrastructural Development in Nigeria
Musa Idris and Shehu Jafaru Salisu

Ideological Bases and Principles of Financial Transactions from the Perspective of Islamic Doctrine
Eisa Rabeeh Ahmad and Amani Khayri Milhem

Tuition Elasticity of Demand as a Tool to Manage Higher Education Institutions
Bayan Yousef Farhan

Effect of Coordination Among The Stakeholders on the Management of Contributory Pension Scheme in Nigeria
Hamza Abdullahi Yusuf, Shehu Jafaru Salisu and Musa Idris

Developing Students’ Communicative Competence in University English Language Programs
Abdelghani Remache

Distance Learning Evolution of Yaşar University: Engaging Learners and Issues
Serra Inci Celebi

English Spelling Errors of Arab Students at Tertiery Level: A Serious Concern
Sabeena Salam

Cybercrimes: Concept, Forms and Their Civil Liabilities
Yousef Nawafleh, Abdulla Nawafleh and Sahem Nawafleh

Absence and Presence of Dowry in Streedhanam in the Syrian Christian Culture of Kerala
Sonu Sujit David and K. G. Bhuvana Maheshwari

Effect of Studio Culture on Architecture Pedagogy in Nigerian Universities
Clement Oluwole Folorunso and Moromoke Oluwadunsin Ajulo

Whether to Weather the Weather
Maria Frendo

Test Drives Within the Context of Experiential Marketing
Serpil Kır

Cultural Interdependence and the Ethical Other: Hermeneutical Openness in Interreligious Dialogue and the Common Effort to Address Pressing Global Issues
Pavlos E. Michaelides

The Influence of Classical Music on the Concentration and Performance Levels of Students with Mild Intellectual Disability
Badrie Mohammad Nour ElDaou and Mira Hassaniyyeh

The Eu Through the Eyes of Romanian Teenagers: Friend, Foe Or V.U.P.E (Very Uninteresting Political Entity)?
Oana Ludmila Popescu

Assessment of Urban Agriculture as a Livelihood Strategy for Household Food Security: An Appraisal of Urban Gardens in Langa, Cape Town
Freda Rhona Philander and Abdulrazak Karriem

Analyzing and Comparing the Districts of Istanbul Using TOPSIS
Tufan Demirel and Serhat Tüzün

The Concept of the Enterprise Strategy Aimed at Using Opportunities
Piotr Kuraś, Małgorzata Kuraś and Marlena Grabowska

Realising Potential and Empowerment Through Universal Laws
Roberto Rabbini

An Assessment of Auditor’s Ethical Behavior in Nigeria
M. I. Kida, Yau Saidu and Musa Sheriff Urama

Social Work Student Engagement: A Comparison of BSW, MSW & NSSE Data
Vaughn DeCoster and James G. Dickerson

Practice Makes Perfect: Using Authentic Assessment Techniques in Extra and Co-Curricular Course (ECCAs) Delivery to Reflect the Solicitor’s Regulation Authority’s (SRA) Change Towards Legal Vocational Stage Delivery
Dan Berger and Charles Wild

Telling the Other Side of the Story: National Identity in the Arab Palestinian Novel
Ibrahim A. El-Hussari

Policewomen, Churchwomen, and the Fight Against Indecency: Women’s Post-Suffrage Activism in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Monica S. Gallamore

Theory in Practice: Reconciling Conflicting Theoretical Approaches in Social Work Practice
Susan Scott

Gender-Based Styles in Advertising Through the Decades
Anne A. Christopher

Inventing the Self: Colonialist and Nationalist Encounters in Ashapoorna Debi’s Trilogy
Sunanda Mukherjee

Credible Elections and Establishment and Maintenance of Democratic Order: the Nigerian Dimension
Adekunle S. Ajisebiyawo and Florence U. Masajuwa

Evaluation of Right to Education (RTE) in the Light of Millennium Development Goals (MDG): A Psycho-Social Study
Neeta Sinha

A Parametric Approach to Language Investigation: DP-Movement and Verb-Raising in Ogbah Language
Henry O. Onyedibia

Igbo Personal Names as a Cultural Tool for Identity and Development in Nigeria
Emmanuel Mmaduabuchukwu Osuala

Universities and Responsible Innovation
Gabriella Molnár and Miklós Lukovics

Body Language and Erotic Message at Anaïs Nin and Nelly Arcan
Mădălina Camelia Ingram

Is English Language Background an Indicator of Success in the English Tests Required for Nursing Registration in Australia?
Tiffany Lynch

Justification for Expungement Legislation in South Africa: Expungement and Competing Constitutional Rights
CM van der Bank

Reminiscences on Consumer Preferences
Petra Platz