Table of Contents (Volume 02, Number 03) (Download in PDF )

Family Feuds and Moral Dilemmas: Narratives of Childhood in a Family Business
Leslie J. Miller

A Study of Factors that Affect Brand Attitude After Watching Micro Films
Hueiju Yu, Yu-Ting Chang and Tien-Tien Liao

Should we know Everything About Finances? Young People’s Financial Attitude and Knowledge, Based on the Results of a Questionnaire Research
Ágnes Csiszárik-Kocsir and András Medve

Relationshp Between Capital Structure and Firm Performance: Empirical Evidence from Thai Lodging Firms
Kulkanya Napompech

Learning Organisation and Workplace Training: Exploration of Public and Private Sectors in Nigeria
Moshood Ayinde Hassan

Accounting Treatment for Brands
Desti Kannaiah

Gender Discrimination: A Curse on Women Employees in Indian Organizations
Rudraraju Madhusudana Raju

Constructs of Work Life Balance: A Perspective of Employees of Information Technology Companies in Chennai, India
Sonia Mehrotra

Mediating Role of Experiential Value in Self-Congruity and Behavioral Intention Relationship
Jamaliah Mohd. Yusof, Rosidah Musa and Lennora Putit

Work-Life Balance in India: Effect of Determinants as Critical Factors on Work-Life Balance
Seema Mahlawat and Siddhartha Kajal

Experiential Learning for the Development of Core Concepts in Organizational Theory and Design for Undergraduate Students in Business Administration
Carmen I. Figueroa-Medina and Cándida González-Cebollero

Factor Affecting Teenagers in Purchasing Products Via the Internet
Sirijanya Kuawiriyapan

The Instruments Employed in Decision Making by Retail Investors in the Stock Exchange of Thailand
Apisit Kaewcha

The Impact of the India-Mauritius Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement on FDI to India
Hemavadi Poolay Soondram and Ashish Droowanand Bheekharry

Hospitality Internship as a Learning Process: Effects of Proactive Behaviors on Socialization Learning
Mei-Chun Yin,Shun-Chuan Lin, Chia-Kai Su and Mei-Hsiang Yu

Purchasing Behaviour of Chilled Ready-to-Eat Lunch Box from 7 - Eleven Convenience Store in Bangkok and Metropolitan Area
Chollada Luangpituksa

The Determinants of Internationalization of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Northeast Thailand
Porntiwa Sriwatana and Pensri Jaroenwanit

Assessing Industrial Policy Effects in the Czech Republic Using State Aid Data
Michal Putna

Contemporary Challenges for the Development of Credit Institutions
Svetlana Saksonova

The Effects of Loyalty Program Attributer on Store Satisfaction, Loyalty and Share of Wallet in Departement Store in Indonesia
Rini Setiowati and Farid Noor Hasan

Does Ownership Change Affect the Change of Organization Culture in Management Control System Framework?
Eka Ananta Sidharta

The Effect of the Competition Over World’s Oil Resources on the US Hegemony
Murat Yorulmaz

Agribusiness Clusters in Europe - A Hungarian solution
Balázs Illés and István Szintay

Promoting Farmer’s Innovation Processes Through Mobile Telephony in Northern Nigeria: A Case Study
Ali Abdullahi and Chris Garforth

Viewing Diversity Management and Workplace Equality Initiatives From a National Culture Perspective
Waheeda Lillevik and Brenda Elena Ghitulescu

Perceived Entrepreneurial Competencies of Undergraduates and Self-Employment Creation after Graduation: Implications for Youth Policy in Ghana
Martin Bosompem, Festus Annor-Frempong and Yaa Achiaa

Sensemaking: Beliefs about Rebuilding and Changes Post Recovery
Julie Jewell

Motives and Behaviors of American and European CEOs. A Cross-Cultural Comparison of Leadership Styles
Robert Pichler, Karl Zehetner and Stefan Trappl

Changes of Students’ Values in a Deep Economic Crisis
Turusheva Larissa and Civzele Olga

Public - Private Partnerships: Analyzing Its Implications in the New York Racing Association (NYRA) Case
Wayne Smeltz

SAARC Trade Relations
Raminder Pal Singh

Child Care Market Rate Studies: A View from New Hampshire
Michael Kalinowski

Critical Factors for Successful Implementation of ERP
Amin Shaqrah

Financial Elevation Vis-a-Vis Customer Delight in Banking Sector
R. K. Saxena, Manoj Kumar Kushwaha and Ila Saxena

The Sum of Its Parts: Cultural Politics, Tourism, and Identity in Toronto
Annika Hannan

Foreign Direct Investment and Regulation of Small Business: A Global Comparative Analysis
Mutunzi Ahmed Kitunzi

Mobile Phone Banking and Payment Systems in Sub-Saharan Africa
David Helton

Knowledge Versus “Tabu” - Usage of “Tabu” Marketing Communication Methods by Slovak Central State Administration Authorities
Alexandra Konecna Bernathova