Table of Contents (Volume 03, Number 01) (Download in PDF )

Fiat and Chrysler in Brazil: the Anatomy of an Alliance
Aline Fonseca, Murillo Dias and André Valle

Economic and Social Impact of Rising Prices: Case of Saudi Arabia
Tarik Tawfik Al Khateeb and Said Malki

E–Stress Monitor – An Effective System to Monitor and Manage Stress Among Software Quality Assurance Engineers
Venougi Bastian and Luxmy Vivekanandan

Application of Hybrid Product Design Methodology at an Indonesian Furniture Manufacturer
Rosnani Ginting and Suranta Sembiring

Nurturing Entrepreneurial Potential of Today & Future Workforce Amidst Economic Turmoil: A Challenge for Factor Driven and Efficiency Driven Economy
Syed Azharuddin

Crisis Drive Strategy: A Case of Xerox Corporation
Rajnandan Patnaik

The Impact of Revenue Management on Brand Equity: An Exploratory Study
Hiemer Martin, Remy Detlev and Gerstkamp Wolf Magnus

The Upsurge of Outsourcing Among Smes: The Perspective from an Emerging Country
Hasliza Abdul Halim, Noor Hazlina Ahmad, Haniruzila Hanifah and T Ramayah

Italy’s State Debt – Sustainable Financial Policy?
Per Halvor Vale, Cecilie Olsen and Kaja Julsrud

FDI Fluctuations Followed by GDP Fluctuations in Kosovo and Favoring Particular Sectors of the Economy
Kida Nakije

Employee Share Ownership in Latvia: Employees’ Perspective
Anzelika Berke-Berga

Different Willingness to Pay for Outsourcing of Advisory and Legal Services
Marek Habrnal

Consequences of the Internal Market Orientation of the Organization
Iulia Para and Remus Ionut Naghi

Cash Flow Statement and Analysis: An Application for Turkish Construction Sector
İclal Attila and Yaşar Kabataş

In Search of the Link Between Local Content (LC) and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in Petroleum Operations
Rabiu Ado

Towards a Regulatory Independence of the Nigerian Downstream Petroleum Sector. A Case of Petroleum Products Pricing Regulatory Agency (PPPRA)
Ghali Mustapha Tijjani

Which Strategic Initiatives are Associated with Higher Corporate Financial Performance? Case of the Czech Republic
Jana Pokorna

Gold Futures Contracts on Comparing Ordinary Least Squares and Bivariate Vector Autoregression on Hedging Effectiveness
Suppanunta Romprasert

Asme Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code Certification - Strategy for Success of the European Companies in the Field of Industrial Pressure Equipment Manufacturing
Krasimira Dimitrova

Unique Business Model in the Period of the People’s Republic of Poland: The Case of “Steatyt” – the Only Private Porcelain Factory
Marcin Komańda

Structural Break in Indonesian Macroeconomic Variables: Additive and Innovational Outlier Approach
Angelina Ika Rahutami

Analysis of the Factors Determining the Development of Social Entrepreneurship in Latvia
Lasma Dobele and Aina Dobele

Multinationals in a Small Open Economy – The Case of the Czech Republic (1997–2010)
Marek Vokoun

Tax Payers’ Response in Terms of Tax Evasion and Tax Non–Compliance Across Various Professions– A Bangladesh Perspective
Samia Tarannum Chowdhury and Md. Zakaria Masud

Higher Education Leadership: Pursuing 21st Century Funding
Lynne M. Celli and Nicholas D. Young

Public–Private Partnership Developing Sector of High Technology in Lithuania
Nikolaj Ambrusevič

Concerns about Privacy, Security and Usefulness When Using Facebook – An Exploratory Assessment Amongst Romanian Users
Calin Veghes, Mihai Orzan, Carmen Acatrinei and Diana Dugulan

Promoting Small and Medium Scale Enterprises in Post Conflict Sri Lanka: Challenges and Opportunities
Buddhika Niranjan Gamge

Best Climate and Regional Economic Development
Ige Akanfe Kolapo and Fadeyibi Isaac Olugbenga

Exploring Entrepreneurship and Smes in Oman: Opportunities, Challenges, Realities and Pitfalls
Faustino Taderera, Said Al-Nabhani and Godwell Karedza

Loan Loss Provisions and Capital Management in Asian Islamic Banks During the Pre and Post Financial Crisis
Hasni Abdullah, Ismail Ahmad and Imbarine Bujang

A Stochastic Frontier Determinant of Capital Structure Theory: An Application to Shariah Compliant Construction Firms in Malaysia
Zahariah Sahudin, Wan Mahmood, Wan Mansor and Zaidi Isa

Evidence of Islamic Banking Efficiency: A Cross Country Analysis
Nur Zahidah Bahrudin, Ismail Hj Ahmad and Imbarine Bujang

The Consumption Function of Rural Community’s Households in Northeastern, Thailand
Mongkon Donkwa

Communication in Project Teams; A Cross-Cultural Activity?
Elizabeth Christopher

Impact of Knowledge and Religiosity on ’Halal’ Product Compliance: a Financial Service Perspective
Zaimy Johana Johan, Lennora Putit and Sharifah Faigah Syed Alwi

The 2012 Flood Disaster in Nigeria: Impact on the Operations of Small Scale Business Women in Igboland
Lebechukwu Ojobor

Commercialization of University Research Products and its Outcome on University Performance
Lennora Putit, Hazmilah Hasan, Amirah Ahmad Suki and Faaizah Shahbodin

Changes and Developments in Email Usage and Overload During a 20 Year Period
Benjamin M Silverstone

The Effects of Perceived Organizational Support on Organizational Commitment: Evidence from the Hotel Industry
Asli Ersoy

The Impact of the Exchange Rate on the Trade Balance of Algeria
Serarma Abdelouahid

Teaching Materials: Three–Party Role Play Simulation on Gender and Generational Conflict Management – Brazilian Case
Maria Fernanda Rigotti, Murillo Dias and Andre Valle

Unlocking the Effects of University Image on Total Students’ Experience and Emotional Attachment
Rosidah Musa, Janiffa Saidon, Jamaliah Mohd Yusof, Rezian-na Muhammad Kassim and Zamani Ismail

Congruence of Service Positioning: Empirical Evidence from Ghana
Stanley Coffie

Franchising in Contemporary Russia: Peculiarities, Trends and Opportunities
Julia V. Kuznetsova

Social Networks Mediations in Developing Reading Skills in Undergraduate Students. University of Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico
Gabriela Grajales García and Yolanda López Santana

Exploring Leadership Challenges in an Emerging Market
Gillian McMahon, Nicolene Barkhuizen and Nico Schutte

Cost Calculation in Russian Railway Companies: Peculiarities, Trends and Areas of Improvement
Maria Shtefan

Business Response Patterns to Sustainable Development Issues: An Appraisal of Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives in Nigeria
Adeyinka Laninhun

Czech Republic - Real or Fictive Social Statistics Champion?
Karina Kubelková

Hedging or Speculation in Indian Derivative Markets: The Case of Pharmaceutical Sector
Jain Mathew, K. Srinivasan and Eby Jacob

Beta Stationary Test in Thai Stock Market
Vesarch Aumebooksuke and Nopphon Tangjitprom

Joint Goals and International Humanitarian Interests: An Islamic Perspective
Said Bin Rashid Al Sawafi